I Want to Ride My Bicycle (in Style)

When FBG Tish and I were cycling our little arses off in Mill Valley, Calif., for the Team Luna Chix event, we not only got to ride our bicycles alongside some gorgeous scenery, but we also got to sport some rocking gear. Since it was our first time really cycling, we may not have had any idea what we were doing out there, but we sure did look the part. Below are three of the Luna Sport pieces that we put to the test!

eclipse LS white Luna SportEclipse LS

Tish and I both got to rock this top, and we immediately ooohed and ahhhed over its cute design and functional pockets on the back in which we stuffed as many Clif Shot Bloks as we could carry. The back of the jacket also features a Japanese plum branch print, which I became a bit obsessed with. (I swear I was Japanese in a past life ’cause when I see Japanese-inspired pieces I swoon.) The top is stretchy and form-fitting, but in a slimming way, and it keeps you both warm and sweat-free on a moderately chilly day (hellooo San Fransisco weather).

I also appreciate the smoothness of its zipper. Yes, this is a weird thing to praise, but I have a few jackets that are just a pain in the rear to zip up. They get caught easily, or the zipping process is hard to even get started. This jacket’s zipper though? Smooth as a long ride with a great view.

Epiphany-Ebony Luna Sport
Epiphany Short

Oh, the clever ones that named this short the Epiphany. Besides all the bawdy humor that swirled around in my noggin concerning the name, the short itself had me smiling. You all know this was my first bike trip…EVER. I thought post-ride I’d be feeling inner thigh and butt hell, but I was good to go.

When I first put the shorts on, I was a little disgruntled with the padding. I felt like I had an elephant-sized pad in my pants, but I’ll take a pad any day if it prevents days of body revenge from biking. Which it did. I think we deserve riding gear that eliminates the sore and allows one to explore.

Ricicli short Luna Sport

Ricicli Short

While Tish was sporting the Epiphany (and how fitting! She actually did have an epiphany on the ride—see her tips!), I got to try the Ricicli short, which is made of 88 percent recycled nylon. In fact, the name Ricicli means recycled in Italian. Cool, right? This is also the fave training short of the Luna pros, so I’m in good company saying that they rock.

These shorts were just long enough to keep chafing to a minimum, and they were tight, but I didn’t feel like a sausage. And the padded bike seat? I know Tish said it above, but let me repeat it again: OMG, such a necessary feature.

While we love these pieces of clothing, there’s no doubt that they carry a high price tag. (One-hundred bucks and up!) But I think I’d rather invest in one of these bike shorts and have to do laundry all the time than have 10 pairs of shorts that don’t protect my bum during a long ride. What about you? —Jenn & Tish

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  1. Great timing FBGers, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day here in the Bay Area. No reason not to do it in style!

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  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the tips! It’s near impossible to look cute in cycling gear. Spandex is not our friend. 🙂

  3. I’m about to do my own very first bike trip and it’s time to buy gear. Thanks for the tips!

  4. vicki says:

    Ditto to what Lisa said. To Chelsea, take a small bottle of Febreze if you don’t have access to laundry facilities on your trip. Yes it sounds sort of gross to spray it rather than wash, but it might be better than nothing.

  5. Ew, yuk. I would disagree with Vicki. Febreze smells like crotch already. I would never spray that on my … anything!

    As for seating comfort on the ol’ bike, I use an extra gel seat cover because I’ll compete in triathlons. Can you imagine getting out of the water with a pair of shorts that have a giant pad and then hopping on a bike while water squirts out for 11 miles? tee hee hee

  6. Aubrey S. says:

    I just purchased my first bike since high school and haven’t even begun to get proper clothing. Thanks for the thoughts on these pieces. I may have to save up and invest in these as I start riding more often.

  7. Loved the review- now that you have your LUNA Sport duds, you must start riding your bikes more!


  8. Nice picks! Lisa makes a good point about it being nearly impossible to look your best in bike gear. I remember wearing a clunky blue helmet while riding my bike in 7th grade. It had a good two inches of foam padding on the inside, and the round shape made my head look like a mushroom. Another girl on her bike–without a helmet–caught a glimpse of my dorky riding gear and yelled, “Helmet patrol!” Ever since, I’ve made the extra effort to look my best on a bike!

  9. vicki says:

    yes it’s me again. do you have any reviews of cycling skirts/skorts?