The Pet Obesity Epidemic?

Credit: Beth Rankin

We all love our pets. Those four-legged furry ‘nimals have a serious place in our hearts. But are we too good to them? According to the latest stats from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study, we definitely spoil them too much in the food department.

The study found that 45 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats are now overweight or obese. In fact, pet obesity is now the biggest health threat to pets in the U.S. And because pets are getting larger over time, many owners aren’t even realizing that their pets are overweight and facing health risks. Sad face. Remember to feed and exercise your pet as well as you do yourself!

Brings a whole new meaning to a “fat cat”…


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  1. JavaChick says:

    The last time we had our cats in for a check up our Vet made a big deal of the fact that we have 8 year old cats that are healthy and not overweight. Apparently it’s not something she sees often. We don’t limit their food, we make sure there is always food available. But we have an outdoor enclosure with a pet door that allows them to get more exercise than the average house cat. Definitely makes a difference!

  2. winstonsuz says:

    My yorkie Indy weighed 23 pounds when he was diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t realize almost every snack I gave him was LOADED with sugar!!! Now he weighs 12 pounds but he still has to take insulin shots twice a day and eat a special diabetic food that costs me $50 for 25lb bag. I learned at my son’s health what being overweight can do.