The Walkman: Updated (with Giveaway!)

SonyWalkmanMP3When I think of the Sony Walkman, I picture a portable cassette tape player. I should have known that the company has stayed with the times and kept innovation flowing, but in these times of the iPod, I  hadn’t given the Walkman much thought. However, my super-portable iPod shuffle bit the dust awhile back, and I’ve been in severe need of a more portable MP3 player ever since (the big iPod can be a bit cumbersome during a workout). So when Sony contacted us to try its new wire-free water-resistant MP3 player, for free, I signed right up.

The device was super easy to set up. You plug it into your computer and within minutes are transferring songs from your iTunes folder over to the MP3 player. With 2GB of capacity, the device can hold a whopping 470 songs—plenty for weeks of workout music variety. And in case you forget to charge it, a mere three minutes plugged in will earn you 90 minutes of play time. Score!

I was most excited about the fact that I wouldn’t have to deal with long wires connecting to headphones, but I was wary that the in-ear Bluetooth-style unit wouldn’t stay in my ears. As I’ve lamented previously, I have small ears and can never get earbuds to stay put. But the player came with three pairs of earbuds so you can find the ones that will stay put in your ears. Plus, the angle of the buds somehow miraculously kept them in place, although I did have a problem with the cord flipping out from behind my left ear, which drove me a little crazy. I remedied that sitch by putting my sunglasses over the cord, which helped it stay put. But because the buds stayed in my ears no matter what the cord was doing, it wasn’t a deal breaker.

The MP3 player allows you to shuffle songs or go through playlists. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the features before your workout; the last thing you want is to turn the volume way up when you’re really trying to skip forward a song or two. The cool ZAPPIN feature can be activated with one touch and will play short clips of songs. This works great if you’re on the search for a favorite tune or if you’re just feeling slightly crazy one day and want to listen to songs in short segments to spice up your routine. With a retail price of $60, it’s an affordable option should you not win our awesome giveaway. —Erin

Want to try the new Walkman? We know you do! Comment below with how the Sony would help you rock out your workout, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. Winners will be contacted in about a week via email. U.S. residents only, please!

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  1. I’m still lugging around an old iPod (you know those giant things…) for my workouts, so definitely in need of something smaller, and this sounds perfect!

  2. Did you say wireless?? Count me in! One of my chief annoyances with working out with headphones is the wires. The other one is ill-fitting earbuds. This sounds like it solves both problems.

  3. DUDE! PLEASE! I only have a big iPod, and I’ve been thinking about getting a Shuffle…but I don’t like the design of the current shuffle since all of the controls are on the earbud cords. Apple’s earbuds MURDER my ears, I hate them, so I definitely don’t want to be tied to using them just to use my iPod!

    This sounds awesome – perfect little MP3 player for the gym.

  4. My husband had a Zune and hasn’t replaced it since it broke a year and a half ago. This would definitely be used at my house!

  5. My husband and I have one iPod to share… and he’s taken it on deployment with him! And I have the same earbud problem. I’d love to have one of these to take to the gym!

  6. my little player bit the dust last week, sad 🙁 i’d LOVE a new one, and especially something so small and easy to “GO” woot i want I WANT (grabby hands) please pick me

  7. Need this!! The only ipod i have is my iphone which is great but so annoying to touch to change songs while i’m running. And I’m trying to zone of from calls and emails while I work out, not have my music turned down to hear them!!

  8. You know what’s bad? I never even purchased an ipod! This would be perfect, just started walking all “five” dogs again. Need to UP my step a bit to burn more calories and lift my butt!

  9. I agree that this seems like a great alternative. I love my I-pod touch, but often it is just too bulky. I also have tiny ears so I often run into a problem with the “normal” ear buds. I am glad some companies are learning to accommodate.

  10. I definitely need the Sony Walkman MP Player because I don’t have an IPod, MP3 Player, Zune, etc. to listen to while I workout. IF, and it’s a big IF, I do listen to anything at all, it’s the tv going on at the gym. This would definitely help my workouts MAJORLY! I love music, and I know I could use this Walkman!

  11. The wireless Sony walkman would be a great gift for my husband’s first Father’s day. He loves his exsisting Sony Walkman, but has problems finding earbuds that fit properly. He has really tiny ear canals. This seems like a perfect solution — I may have to purchase him one even if I do not win the giveaway.

  12. I have to admit that if I won this I would give it to my husband. I have an Ipod which he borrows sometimes but never to work out. I think he would love the wireless feature. I’m glad more companies are coming out with some reliable AND affordable options! I might steal the headphones though because mine are always falling out!

  13. This looks great! I have an Ipod shuffle right now which does the job, but the headphone cords are super annoying!

  14. It would be great to have these for running! It’s hard to stay focused when you’ve got an Ipod clunking on my side (or the strange suntan line on my arm!) Not to mention it would make it oh-so-much easier in the gym! No more cords to get tangled in the weights! Booya!

  15. i would love to have this because i just started getting serious about weight loss. i am trying to walk for an hour at least 5 times per week. an hour gets boring on those walks and i’d love to be able to use a product like this to upload interesting things to listen to…

  16. I run without my ipod precisely because i find the wires annoying. I would love to try this on my long runs!

  17. I just started working out at 44, I really enjoy FBG website. I’m looking for something when I run and these look like they would not be in the way of my workout and would help me stay focused.I don’t have a device to listen to currently but after reading other post, seems like I need one!

  18. I have nothing! No ipod. Nothing. I keep trying to do the Couch to 5K program without an ipod and it’s just not working. I need this desperately.

  19. All I listen to right now is my own breathing. I would love to have something that I could use to listen to some music for once, and maybe amp up my motivation.

  20. I would love this for myself. Unlike many of the other commentors that has posted here, i don’t have anything to listen to on my walks. I have bought these for my kids but, never could splurge and purchase one for myself.

  21. I just signed up for a gym membership yesterday and have committed to working out. I would LOVE to be able to take this to the gym with me. My iPod bit the dust a while back and I would love to be able to load my music on something!

  22. Oh I would love this, I currently have an Creative Zen that is seriosuly about the size of the the original Sony Walkman and when I do actually run with it, I have to hold it in my hand the entire time since its so big. It would also be great for yard work where I’m constanlty accidently unplugging myself.

  23. This looks great! I do like my iPod touch, but for working out it is a little too big and gets in the way. I do the strap to the arm, but find it hard to change settings or songs and don’t get me started on the cord from the ear buds! Amazing I haven’t broken something from trying to keep it clear of my arms and long enough to give my head room to move.

  24. I quit working out with music because I hated feeling like I was strapping a gazillion bits of technology to me (GPS watch, heartrate monitor, etc), but I miss it. I would love to give this a try!!

  25. Wireless is so cool! i would love to get rid of my workouts with my ipod and the cord. It just gets in the way and bothers me no matter the activity lately. These would be the perfect replacement!

  26. I am still in the stone age and do not own an MP3 player of any type! I’d love to see what one could do for my workouts!

  27. I would love to win the wireless walkman, BECAUSE I always get my ipod/headphone wires tangled when pushing a jogging stoller and walking my dogs. OR…my ipod slips out of my sports bra where it is stored for safe keeping and BECAUSE I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! ;0)

  28. That looks like a great option! I get really sick of having my headphone wires get caught when I’m lifting weights and such.

  29. Wow! This little gadget sounds pretty neat. I would totally love to win it and make a bunch of rockin’ playlists for every mood. That is, since I’ve yet to figure out how to use playlists on my non-ipod player…ahem. 😳

  30. OMG!This would be perfect for lifting! I’ve recently set off on an endeavor to put on some muscle, and my iPod cord drives me NUTS when i’m lifting – this would be perfect.

  31. I’d LOVE to try these out!! I to have super tiny ears and my ipod buds are always falling out. I spend more time fixing the buds than i do concentrating on my run. lol. These would def be helpful!! 🙂

  32. I would really luv to win this! It would be great for when I do my power work outs so I don’t have the distracting wire running down my arm. It would be great to feel like I’m not really wearing anything. Hope I get chosen! Thanks!

  33. I, too, have small ears, so I always have a problem with earbuds. I have a pair of over-ear studio headphones for my iPod touch when I’m not working out, but those are completely awful to workout in (not to mention the touch can be a bit awkward for working out with, too).
    The Sony Walkman sounds so perfect for workouts, I’ve been hitting group exercise classes and compromising my workouts because I cannot run on the treadmill or get on the elliptical without music, so these would really help me out! I would love to win!

  34. I’ve been using my iphone for workout music. It’s a little cumbersome, to say the least. This new walkman looks crazy, but I’d love to try it out!

  35. I haven’t the money to buy an MP3 player, though I’ve wanted one for the longest time. I’d use it when taking the dog for walks around the block (please note: our “block” is 3 miles long)! I’m game to be a guinea pig!

  36. I would love to have one to train for my first 1/2 marathon. I’ve lost my MP3 and running 13 miles demands some music playing! The cordless feature is super for exercising!

  37. This looks awesome, I run with my ipod and it is just a little big sometimes, I even had it fly out of my pocket once (because I’m too lame to buy one of those little cozy arm strap things, you know) This looks effortless so I can put all of my focus on the workout, not on the workout music!

  38. This would be perfect! I have been looking for something that I wouldn’t have to go on my arm or I would have to carry. (Other than the giant yellow headbank radio that my sister used to wear during her workouts.)

  39. This sounds like a really cool player. I love the wireless feature and I’m really excited that I can add my iTunes music. I hope I win this giveaway! 🙂

  40. I usually have to tuck the cord to my headphones through my workout tops so that it isn’t bouncing around and making my headphones fall out! I could definitely put this one to use!

  41. Reason #1 why I dont listen to music while running: I hate the wire.
    Reason #1 why I dont listen to music while running: I wear small hearing aids and the buds don’t fit, but I hear (no pun intended) that these do!!

  42. This would be AWESOME!!
    I’m getting back into working out and I would be much more motivated with some music! I don’t even own an iPod yet, so this would be a tremendous help!! It being wireless is a great added bonus also. 🙂

  43. No $30 dollar velcro band? No Long wires bothering your hand movement?… So I can carry my water in my hands??? Dude this is awesome! I could use one…My iPod took a swim when I accidently spilled my water inside my purse. Gotta keep hydrated!!!

  44. I would LOVE to try this. my only two options are my first generation ipod touch which is HUGE and my blackbery tour which is also bulky becasue it is a global phone. I really hate wearing anything strapped to my arm so I end up having to carry whichever device I choose to take with me and that’s no fun either. Hook me up… pretty please. 🙂

  45. I used to run with my iPhone until one day it died a slow, sizzling death. The geniuses popped it open and the inside was full of condensation from being near mah hot body! The Walkman could definitely help me get back in my groove on a long run – they’re killer when you have no tune-age to push you up the hills!

  46. Sony would help me rock out my workout because it would awesome to get rid of the cords and armband! I’d be dancing with joy as I run down the street!

  47. I’m a big fan of my iTouch but its hard to take with me on outdoor runs. I’d love to have something this small and convenient for the summertime!!!

  48. I would love love love to win this. I quit running with my ipod because the wires absolutely drive me nuts, but I miss my music.

  49. I would be so excited to win the Sony player. My MP3 player is currently on its last legs. I have to charge it for a whole day to run for 45 minutes, and if it doesn’t die on me I’m lucky. I love my iPod but it’s old and big, not appropriate for a short run! I would love the boost this would give my workouts.

  50. This would be great! I feel like I’m always getting tangled in cords with the jogging stroller handles so this would be perfect.

  51. OMG…just in the nick of time…my MP3 just took a dive!! MP3 with no cords, perfect for my 4:30 a.m. workouts! No more getting tangled up in my cords!

  52. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand the ear buds that come with the ipod. Plus I wind up catching the cord whe reach up to adjust the cap or sunglasses!!!!!!!
    I have an old 2nd Gen Ipod that I have to share with my son and daughter, so it is very annoying when I hit the wrong playlist sometimes on the road and hear the VeggieTales, Phineas and ferb, or Lori Berkner!!!!!
    Sony walkman products are the only ones that can compete with Apple IMO.

  53. I’d love to try this, I am running with my iPhone and earbuds, the cord gets in the way and this seems like it would be a great and easy way for me to listen to my music and run.

  54. I so need the Walkman! I don’t know how many times while running my hand has accidentally grabbed the earbud wires and the whole thing pulls off and goes flying! Not fun anytime and totally embarassing when at the gym!

  55. This looks like heaps of fun! I like listening to music from Indian (Bollywood) movies when I run, and if I could go cordless I’d have so much more fun practicing my fancy dance moves as I go without worrying about getting tangled.

  56. The Walkman would definitely help motivate me when I work out by myself! I think that people watch me work out (even though they probably don’t) and music would help me keep my mind focused on what is REALLY important!

    I really hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  57. It would come in handy on my daily walk/runs on my lunch break. I love my Ipod, but I always end up tangled in the cords and worrying about dropping the thing (even in the armband)

  58. i love to ride my spinning bike but i,m always ripping the earbuds right out of my ears. this would be awesome i could listen to my music with no cords, ps the same thing happens when i cut the grass lol

  59. I no longer have an iPod and I have been struggling to find a proper armband case for my Motorola Droid, which can be used as an MP3 player. I already made the switch to Sony’s Sweet Little Buds because I have a problem with the standard earbuds that come with the iPod. Anyway, this product sounds like it would serve as a solution to all my current issues. I’d love to try it out and get my groove on while getting my workout on!

  60. wireless would be wonderful! No more threading earbuds under my shirt and through my sports bra 🙂

  61. This would be very cool my son lets me use his ipod but I keep getting the headset cord stuck on things when I am working out. Would love this.

  62. I hate running with things attached to me, wires everywhere, but I must have MUSIC to inspire me! this new walkman looks like just the ticket!

  63. I would love a light weight solution and wire free solution! I use an iPod touch and it’s just too clunky!

  64. I am in desperate need of a new mp3 player, but all of my extra cash is going toward the 3 Day for the Cure (either donations or getting new gear). I am currently using an old MP3 player during my workouts that no longer seems to be able to hold a charge. I haven’t invested in an iPod – ever, but it is getting to the point where I need to something so I can continue to get in shape for this 60 mile walk.

    By the way, thanks for all of the healthy tips you ladies share. 🙂

  65. I would love to try this because my headphones are always falling out and it distracts me from my workout. Thanks for the great contest 🙂

  66. I’ve yet to find any mp3 player as durable as my old Sony Walkman Cassette Player, which is over two decades old and still works! I had no idea Sony made a Walkman mp3 player, especially one that looks so light and easy to carry. I’d love to see if this new generation of Walkman can compare with its most awesome ancestor.