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La Roux

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Every once in awhile a song comes alongthat just gets in your brain and gets comfy, staying there for weeks (if not months), and making you a tad obsessed with its beats and lyrics. A song that makes you hit repeat over and over again. A track that you shamelessly blare in your car and at home. For me, this recent obsession is the song “Bulletproof” by La Roux. And from the way ya’ll talk on Twitter, I’m not the only one. This song, with its 80s-tastic vibe, has made many of our readers psyched to work out and go a littler farther and a little harder while on the treadmill.

So today we’re reviewing the whole self-titled La Roux album. For those who love the CD, we’re preaching to the choir, but I’m hoping to also expose this new chick to those of you who haven’t stumbled upon her yet. ‘Cause seriously, if this was the workout CD of last summer, I might pick this one as this summer’s album.

The Track List: La Roux

  1. In for the Kill (4:08)—This starter track is the best way to start a workout. It’s lively, upbeat and everything you want in a warm-up song. Plus it talks all about going in “for the kill,” which I interpret as going in “for the killer workout.”
  2. Tigerlily (3:24)—I love the attitude and sass of this one. It’s got some serious girl power to it, so rock it out, yo. Bump up that incline or speed, find a good strong steady pace and focus on the lyrics. They’re fun. And feisty.
  3. Quicksand (3:05)—This isn’t my fave track on the album, but it ain’t bad. Again, it’s upbeat and will get you moving. So use it for the middle of your workout, when you’re in the groove and wanting to zone.
  4. Bulletproof (3:26)—This is the uber-catchyone that you know and love—or will love after you hear it. It’s best to use when you’re doing intervals and really need some musical help to push you. Plus you can imagine that your awesomeness is deflecting bullets. Fair warning though: It TOTALLY gets in your head and lives there.
  5. Colourless Colour (3:28)—If “Bulletproof” is the song to get you hyped for an interval, this is the song to recover to. It isn’t sleepy, but it’s relaxed. And with lyrics about feeling the “sun on my skin,” it’s perfect for an outdoor sweat-a-thon.
  6. I’m Not Your Toy (3:19)—This is another one of my faves on the album and it brings more girl power to your workout. If you’ve ever felt like a dude was using you or kept you hanging on for no reason other than his own enjoyment at watching you wonder what the heck is going on (almost every girl has at least one of those experiences), you will love this one. Smart lyrics, fun tempo—you can’t beat it. Another great recovery song or steady state song.
  7. Cover My Eyes (4:32)—This track starts off slow and tender and stays that way, making it ideal for a cool down, stretching or even yoga. It’s a heartfelt, emotional song that makes you want to hug poor, brokenhearted, mohawk-clad La Roux. Poor girl. Stretch it out.
  8. As If by Magic (3:51)—I can’t put my finger on why, but this song makes me think of my childhood. Something about capturing that innocence and wonder of the world. It also makes me think of love, just powerful, beautiful love. And who doesn’t love that? Use it as a steady state track for cardio and feel the magic.
  9. Fascination (3:41)—La Roux picks the pace up again with this one that’s both soothing and energizing. (Actually, I’d characterize the whole album like that, which is probably why I love it so much!) It’s a great song for thinking about past relationships, experiences and other random ish from the past. So find a good moderate-intensity level and get nostalgic.
  10. Reflections Are Protection (4:20)—I adore the opening beat on this one. Makes you want to strut. So use that ‘tude to have some fun and shake those hips a little. You’re an FBG, so shake that junk in the trunk! And if you’re in a more serious mood, listen to the lyrics. It’s deep, yo.
  11. Armour Love (5:52)—This quiet little song evokes a little Sinéad O’Connor feel, which I’m totally okay with. While I do love the track, it’s a bit of a downer for a workout, unless you’re feeling lonely and need to sympathize with someone. Then cool it down, girlfriend.
  12. Growing Pains (3:26)—You get one final fun and poppy track. It starts off pretty benign but becomes more high-energy as you go, so it’s a perfect go-get-’em song. Gradually pick up your pace, feel the song’s resentment, and work it out.
  13. Track 13 (4:20)—This untitled bonus track is fun and like “Growing Pains,” it builds. Also great for a cool down or recovery, it’s a techno-electronic track that has a message that can hilariously (and wrongly, I’m sure) be applied to working out: “Finally, my savior is here.”

Have you heard the album? Love it? Hate it? Wanna try it? Tell us what you think! —Jenn

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