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Snacks to Fight a Sweet Tooth

Pretty sure I inherited my sweet tooth from my grandmother, because this Fit Bottomed Girl craves something sweet almost every day. Especially after dinner. I swear it’s hard-wired. Are you like me? Or do you just occasionally get a visit from the sweets monster? Either way, we tried three snacks that have just enough sweet to squash any craving—whether it’s for straight-up sugar, salty-sweet or plain ol’ delicious chocolate.

Sugar-Free Ring Pops

RingPopcherryWant to feel like a kid again but with a healthier vibe? Try the new sugar-free Ring Pop because nothing says childhood quite like edible jewelry! The rings come in blue raspberry, watermelon and strawberry, and are sweetened with Splenda instead of the real thing—also making it less likely to rot your teeth, according to the company.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a Ring Pop, so I never would have known these weren’t made with real sugar. At 30 calories a (ring) pop, it’s a sweet treat that won’t blow your diet. Plus, you’ll probably burn that many calories just lifting your hand to your mouth over and over. While not the most convenient candy to eat, it is a blast from your youthful past that you can enjoy. Or if your kids are obsessed with hard candy, it’d be a healthier substitute to the original. (See below to snag a few for yourself!)

Trail MixNutriFit’s Mighty Mind Mix

So, I’ve become a tad obsessed with these little packets of fun trail-mix goodness. At first I thought, trail mix, big whoop. And then I saw the ingredients: dried cherries, dates, almonds, dark chocolate—this is not your usual CostCo trail mix (although that’s tasty, too). And with 200 calories in a perfectly contained serving, it has been my go-to snack post runs on the Alter-G treadmill. I love that it’s crunchy, salty and sweet. Plus, it’s not a measly amount; It actually fills you up. And it’s made of ingredients that support brain health. Bonus!

I also had a chance to try NutriFit’s other mixes including Mighty Mom Mix, Mighty Munchy Mix and Mighty Man Mix. They all were tasty and unique with about 200ish calories, but the Mighty Mind Mix does get my vote for “best tasting” mix. Best name? Mighty Man Mix for sure. Makes me think that it was created for this mighty man, for he is mighty. And drool worthy.

Healthy IndulgenceHealthy Indulgence

I wish I didn’t like chocolate.It would be so much easier to stay away from temptation. Then again, chocolate is delicious, and I’m glad that it’s a part of my life. Plus, chocolate is healthy, right?

Right! Especially when it has vitamins in it. Which this Healthy Indulgence stuff does. Brought to you by the same peeps that made these gummi vitamins, this stuff turns boring supplements and multivitamins into something totally edible and kind of tasty. I tried all four varieties of the line of fortified chocolates, and they were good. Bone Wise (with vitamin D and calcium) and Tranquility (promises to reduce stress) were my faves. The flavor isn’t as decadent as real chocolate by any means, but it beats swallowing horse pills any day!

Tell us, whatare your favorite sweet snacks to get you through a craving? —Jenn & Erin

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