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No Uni-boobs Here: Functional Sports Bras

Ya know, I’m usually good with a normal, flattening, uni-boob type sports bra when running or doing hard-core cardio, but it’s always nice every once in awhile to girl it up a bit. After all, I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I had a little more padding and a nicer-cut sports bra when I’ve run to the grocery store after hitting the gym and am all sweaty, and because I’m in the freezer aisle, my, ahem, ladies are “at attention.” *Blush.* That’s why today FBG Tish and I are trying two bras that are both functional and fashionable…with separation of the uni-boob and some cushion to keep the unmentionables a little less noticeable.

nike rebel sports braNike Rebel Sports Bra

What I like most about this Nike sports bra is the back. It’s unique, gorgeous and totally supportive. Plus, it has adjustable shoulder and back straps so you can really customize the fit to you. It’s made of Dri-FIT, so it wicks sweat away, but it has a light-weight jersey feel to it so it’s still soft, comfortable and doesn’t chafe, even when running, playing soccer or tennis or doing other strenuous activities. And with a little bit of padding in the front, you’re less likely to need a jacket post-workout.

What I liked least about the bra though was the fit in the front. The back was a perfect fit, but as a medium with a broader chest but a normal B cup-size, I felt that the front area was a tad too big, and my boobs had way too much room to move around. I really wish that Nike offered different chest and cup sizes to better accommodate this as most ladies are rarely a uniform small, medium or large up-top. However, Nike has a pretty elaborate sports bra sizing chart with options for the kind of fit you want, so just be sure to measure yourself before ordering. The Rebel is pretty pricey at $60, but it’s nice enough quality that you know you’ll wear it for years.

Le Mystere 320 Energie Sport Bra

Like Jenn, I was delighted to try out a pretty sports bra that celebrated (and created) curves. It’s no secret that I’m a wee-tiny one on top. Sports bras and I have never really been friendly due to their evil flattening effects, but that all changed when Le Mystere sent me its 320 Energie Sport Bra. It looks and feels like a normal bra, but packs a sports-bra surprise. You wouldn’t think by looking at the picture, but the inner mesh-like fabric wicks. After a two-mile run and weight training I was still good to go.

There’s a rub, though. While I thought I’d love having actual curves in the gym, I felt super self-conscious. First of all, I’m not used to the girls looking like girls in the gym. Plus, I tried the white version of the bra so it felt like I was wearing a granny bra under my tank top. I caught myself at one point wondering if folks were trying to sneak a peak under my tank. I’m a weird freak about covering up, though.  (It all goes back to my mother’s rants about hussies showing their bra straps.) If you don’t give a hoot whether or not people think you’re rocking a normal bra or never grew up hearing the hussy bra strap theory, then this may be the posh for you.

At $62.00 a pop, I’m glad it’s a multi-purpose over-the-shoulder boulder holder. It’s definitely something you could wear from work to workout, which makes the price tag a little easier to swallow. Caveat emptor! (let the buyer beware) if your boobies are the first to shrink when you start shedding the pounds, this ain’t the one for you.

What’s your favorite sports bra and why? —Jenn & Tish

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