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Fresh and Funky Feet

Get sick of wearing heels? Need some flats for running errands and carting the little ones around? Or wish you could wear socks while doing yoga? These three little products might be your solution!


AhnuParisShoesDuring FBG Tish and I’s sweet trip to San Fran, I became acquainted with a new brand of performance and casual footwear, Ahnu, and since then, I’ve become quite smitten with them. The name, pronounced “a new” (clever, right?), is actually derived from the goddess of balance and well-being in Celtic mythology. And the company makes everything from eco-friendly trail-runing shoes to sport sandals to sporty wedges.

I got to try the company’s Paris shoe, which is the casual (and cute!) ballet flat above. It is seriously one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn (minus having to break in the heels—but I have to do that with almost every shoe I own, darn sensitive heels), and it’s cute enough and stylish enough to wear to yoga, to the grocery store and to casual Friday at work. It’s a win-win. And the company supports some fantastic nonprofits, so your money isn’t just going to some CEO’s pocketbook.

Kushyfoot Flats To Go

KushyfootFlatstoGoI’m no slave to heels. As I’ve surely mentioned numerous times, I’m more of a laid-back flip-flop kinda gal. Especially now that I can’t manage to stand on my own two feet. But I have had days of wearing heels where I wanted nothing more than to slip them off and change into something more comfortable. And Kushyfoot has a solution for just that!

The company’s Flats To Go are perfect for keeping in your purse to use as a backup when your dogs are barking. The black flats are super lightweight and bendable, so they’re easy to keep in your purse. And trust me, they’d fit in a tiny purse. Or you can keep them in their clear plastic carrying case, which is super convenient.

I can definitely see how my feet would love these flats if they’d been in stilettos all day, but be warned: They aren’t the most supportive and rugged flats you’ve ever seen. I did some walking around my neighborhood in these guys to test them out. They’re perfect if you’re on smooth sidewalks and soft terrain, but the minute you have to navigate gravel or step on a rock (ouch!), you’ll be watching your step carefully. Overall, great if you’re aching from heels; not so great if you need arch support or aren’t just walking on smooth sidewalks.

Kushyfoot Yoga Socks

KushyfootYogaSocksWhen I was in college, I had a minor addiction to toe socks—the socks that are like gloves for your feet. And really, there is just something special about new socks, period. So when Kushyfoot offered up its open-toed toe socks, how could I refuse? I couldn’t! Plus, the socks are specifically yoga socks, so I especially couldn’t refuse.

The socks have anti-skid tread on the sole for a good grip on smooth floors, plus having free toes gives you even more stability if you wear them while doing yoga. They may not be the ideal warm-weather yoga accessory, but during the winter, when you want to get your downdog on and keep your socks on? These are the socks to get! One note: If you have super tiny feet, you might really have to scrunch the socks to expose your toes, otherwise you may have a toe or two that are kept under cover. I’m a size 7 and had no problem, but I could see how those with smaller feet might!

—Erin & Jenn

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