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Welcome to Fit Bottomed Mamas!

Final fbb logo with tagline 2Welcome to Fit Bottomed Mamas! Whether you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, already a proud mama or just know that you want a healthy and active family in the future, this is the spot for you!

When Fit Bottomed Girls was just beginning, Jenn and I knew that content to support healthy pregnancies and families would be a perfect extension of our “brand,” so once I was out of the pregnancy closet, we dove right into making Fit Bottomed Babies happen.

Like FBG, Fit Bottomed Babies will include the same lighthearted approach to health, wellness and fitness. We’ll include multiple weekday posts on topics important to pregnant women and moms everywhere—pregnancy and baby health news, pre- and post-natal workout DVD reviews, healthy eating content, tips on adjusting to this major life change, and balancing time for yourself with the demands of a growing family. I will, of course, also be offering up my first-hand experiences as I finish up my pregnancy and try to incorporate fitness and staying well into my new baby-centered life.

Are we just a touch crazy for launching a brand-new site right at the busiest time of my life? You betcha! Which is why you shouldn’t get sad if a day or two goes by between FBM posts. Just keep checking back for fresh content! At the beginning, you’ll also find more guest posts than we typically do; this is so we can stay sane while I adjust to my new life as a mom. Hooray for sanity!

New to both FBG and FBM? Click here to read back on some of my pregnancy trials and tribulations. Just want the vital stats on my pregnancy thus far? Here you go!

Due date: September 11, 2010

Weeks pregnant: 31

Baby’s gender: Unknown, and I have absolutely no gut instinct. A poll at my baby shower had girls ahead, but those guessing boy are way more vocal.


Jenn and me at my baby shower. And no, we didn't plan the purple.

Notable cravings: Early on, it was s’mores. Super healthy, I know. Now it’s spicy foods, all the time. And apples with peanut butter.

Worst side effects: Heartburn—Not helped by my current obsession with spicy foods. Clumsiness —I’m tired of tripping and breaking things. Constant urination—But I guess it prepares you for being up with the baby every couple of hours, eh?

Best part of pregnancy: Besides knowing you’re just months away from meeting your child, definitely feeling kicks. I love the baby acrobatics.

Fitness: I’ve been staying active with morning walks, prenatal workout DVDs and gardening. This is my first garden ever, and I’m amazed at how much of a workout it is planting, weeding and picking the fruits of my labor!

Thanks for joining in on the fun as my pregnancy winds down, and as I gear up for baby. It’s sure to be a fun—and hopefully healthy—ride! —Erin

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