♪ FitHits: A Baby Playlist That Won’t Make You Cry

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Oh, how I LIVE for themes. For this playlist, we’re thinking baby, which shouldn’t be too hard for you moms and moms-to-be out there. After some intensive research, I found oodles of odes to the little ones with pinchable cheeks, as well as songs about boos, double–crossers and LUVAHS. Basically, people use the word “baby” for all kinds of situations. I’d like to think there’s a song out there where “baby” refers to the gym.  Hey, it could happen.

In honor of those who have babies, love babies, are babies, or act like babies, I give you a list of songs that sneak or shout the word. The beats, moods and sentiments are all over the map, but one thing remains the same: Passion rips through each one of them. And passion is something every good fit bottomed girl needs when it’s time to break a sweat!

A Baby Playlist

  1. (1:46) Baby Love, The Supremes: Remember, workout music doesn’t have to sound like you’re raving in a techno box of lights. This little gem can be found on my weightlifting playlist, as it lightens the mood when I’m lifting the heavy. However, it works really well as a warm-up, too, because the “baby love” gets your energy going and going!
  2. (3:37) Baby, Justin Bieber: I think I heard once that this song will pop up on YouTube before a video of an actual child will. That’s crazy. Never use this song for a drinking game. Instead, run to it! Hit the pavement instead of hitting the floor…with YO FACE!
  3. (4:11) I’m Your Baby Tonight, Whitney Houston: Belting out some Whitney is exercise in itself, but if you can muster singing and working out simultaneously, go for it, baby!
  4. (4:24) Baby I’m a Star, Prince: You should reward yourself for treating your body so well with some royal treatment. Sweat some purple rain while you work it out.
  5. (3:23) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Frankie Valli: Whenever I hear this song, I immediately want to flail about and move my body. I think you can do just about any kind of workout if you have a hypnotic “flail your arms” song to work out to. Let your inner crooner take control!
  6. (4:08) Tell Me Baby, Red Hot Chili Peppers: What can I say, I’m a Cali girl. It’s a rule that you must heart the Peppers, but this isn’t hard considering the band gives us awesome tunage like this. Maybe if we listen hard enough we can grab some abs like Anthony Kiedis’.
  7. (3:15) Got It, Goapele: Goapele keeps it cool like the Bay area, where she hails from. If you’re the kind of gal that likes to really go for it, this is the song for you. Her name means move forward. Keep that in mind as you propel yourself forward to the beat.
  8. (3:26) Hey Baby, No Doubt: I’ve heard this song in my cardio weight burn class a couple of times. It’s great for any hard-core cardio or bootcamp action like squats, lunges and killer ab workouts. The vibe’s so positive you forget you’re being tortured. Keep a consistent workout going and pretty soon you’ll have all the boys saying heyyy as you rock out.
  9. (4:10) River Deep Mountain High, Celine Dion: I’m a Celine fan and I’m not afraid to show it. Don’t judge—this song can give you serious mental boosts when you’re needing to push through an interval.
  10. (3:26) Bulletproof, La Roux: This lady had Jenn rockin’ out and then some. Strengthening the guns come to mind when I hear this. No matter your poison, it’s impossible not to pick up your pace when you hear this tune!
  11. (4:48) Tightrope, Janelle Monáe: Have you ever seen one of this girl’s videos!? She’s crazy, she’s zany, she rocks. Recently I became a big fan of hula hoop workouts. This song is perfect for that zany hip stuff the whipper snappers are doing nowadays or really any type of workout where you need a fun tune to pump you up!
  12. (5:15) Baby, Baby, Baby, TLC: Cool downs are nice aren’t they? If I neglect to take breaks, I pay for them dearly the next morning. Give your body some TLC and remember to stretch it out for about 10-15 minutes.
  13. (2:27) Baby of Mine, Bette Midler: Extra cool down time! (Are you catching on that I love me some cool down tunes?) This song is so precious. Embrace the precious and curl up in the fetal position. The baby pose feels oh so good after you’ve worked your lower back and abs.

Baby playlists are the best. Go bump your bump (or little one!) to the beat! —Tish

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