Noodles, Noodles and More Delicious Noodles

japanese pan noodlesBack in graduate school, I stumbled across a small yet growing franchise called Noodles & Company. At the time, it was a pretty refreshing and cool concept—lots and lots of noodles from a variety of different cultures all on one menu. I happily gobbled up pad thai, Bangkok curry, spaghetti with tomato sauce and I even once tried their famed Wisconsin Mac and Cheese (no finger pointing—all good things in moderation!).

After grad school, I moved away from Minnesota and, sadly there were no convenientNoodles to be found. Until now! Noodles just moved into my ‘hood! (Originally started in Colorado, they are expanding across the country!) Can you tell I’m excited?

The good people at Noodles & Co. recently gave me a gift card to try some of their new dishes, and, while I tried to play it cool, I was geeking out hard core. Thankfully, the food at Noodles is as I remembered from years ago: healthy, fast and fresh. I tried a “Trio” which includes some type of noodle, a protein and a mini salad. My Trio concoction was as deliciously follows: Japanese Pan Noodles (pictured left) with tofu and a tossed green salad with a little fat-free Asian dressing. It was filling, and with just under 500 cals, it’s  the perfect dinner that will make you feel like you ate some good stuff but know you won’t regret it during that 6 a.m. run the next day.

My other Noodles faves? You can NEVER go wrong with the Med Salad, a tasty half-noodle half-salad dish with cheese or the Thai Curry Soup, which is super filling and only has 240 calories in a small serving (480 for large, but it’s a big-arse bowl).

Have you eaten at a Noodles & Company? Love it? Loathe it? Wish you had one in your town? Tell us about it! I’m obviously a fan…(and absolutely giving my honest-to-goodness unpaid opinion!) —Jenn

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  1. OMG.. I LOVE Noodles and Co!!! We are in there so much that the manager knows us and my husband orders the same thing every time so they even start punching it in without him saying anything!

    I go through phases as to what dishes are my favs… first it was Mac and Cheese (YUM!) and then it moved to pad thai. Now it’s been the japanese pan noodles. I can’t get enough of those things! Just enough spice to kick up your metabolism and SO flavorful! love, love, love noodles!!

    They do great fundraisers too, if you have a non-profit that needs some help. We used them for one Friday night and made over $250. And we didn’t do anything other than tell folks to go eat!

  2. Sadly there are no Noodles & Company here.
    However we do have a Schlotsky’s and my all time favorite sandwich is Fresh Veggie on Jalapeno Cheddar Bread.

  3. I just saw that there’s one fairly near to me, but I didn’t know anything about it. I of course assumed there would be little in the way of healthy choices, so I’m glad you wrote this up. Now I can give them a look!

  4. mmmmmm i am in love with noodles&co. haha. i have to admit the wisconsin mac and cheese is my favorite (maybe because i’m from wisconsin? we will never know). but the pad thai is a close second! i agree they have some great options and you can please just about anyone there. i am SUPER STOKED because the one in my town is a real pain to get to, right by the big mall and really small parking lot. but now they are opening a second location like 2 miles from my house!! september can’t get here soon enough!!! 🙂

  5. I love noodle and co! I like to get the Bangkok curry with whole wheat noodles or the pad thai. I think its funny that spagetti and meatballs is on the “american” menu haha

  6. We just got one about a year ago and I haven’t tried it yet. I also assumed there wouldn’t be much in the way of healthy, and friends who’d been just said it was so-so, so I wasn’t very eager to go. Maybe they were just ordering the wrong thing!

  7. I love Noodles and Company (we have a few here in MO)! I was under the impression that their stuff APPEARS healthy, but really isn’t (kind of like Panera and Chipotle), so I steer clear except for a treat here and there.

    I like their Penne Rosa with shrimp or chicken and the Mac and Cheese is to die for! Their Thai dish isn’t too shabby either.

  8. I love Noodles & Co, and luckily I’m in CO so they are everywhere. I love the Bankok Curry and Pad Thai, my son grew up on the Mac & Cheese and Chicken Noodle soup. There’s something for every taste, and you can special order just about anything. All the stats are listed at

  9. I’m sorry, but Noodles & Co. is not a healthy place to eat. Have you seen the amounts of carbs and sodium in their foods?? May be low cal or high in protein, but it completely is outweighted by the cons. I will not be eating there in the near future, probably never! This is no place to go when you want to lose weight.