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★FitStars: Bob Harper (And He Totally Loves Us Back)!

Bob Harper...swoon!Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that we’re a tad obsessed with Bob Harper, who is best known as one of the personal trainers on The Biggest Loser. We blog about him, Tweet him, send him birthday gifts (FBG boxers and I heart FBG T-shirts, anyone?), have his DVDs in heavy rotation…again, we heart him. So it should come as no surprise that when we heard he had a new line of DVDs coming out, we did a happy dance. And then we asked for an interview. Because, yes, we need to talk to Bob again. We need a fix.

Thankfully, Bob is awesome enough to find us amusing and maybe a bit flattering, so he indulged us. Below is our verbatim Q&A with him—hugs and kisses and all. He loves us. He really loves us!

  • FBG: Why did you decide to do your own branded set of workout DVDs?
  • BH: I have been doing The Biggest Loser DVDs since Season 1, and I figured that now was as good a time as any to throw my hat into the ring. I am so excited about this series because I have put all of me into them and wanted to show people what it really takes to make a change.
  • FBG: How did you come up with the mix of DVDs? From yoga to cardio to weights to possibly the hardest workout we’ve ever done (the “Bob’s Workout” DVD), it’s very diverse!
  • BH: When I put the DVDs together I wanted to basically do what I do for my workouts and what I do with my clients. I think it is important to do strength training for building lean muscle mass, cardio to burn fat, and yoga for flexibility. “My Workout” was something extra that I wanted to throw in and it is BRUTAL!!
  • FBG: Some of the people who are in the video with you are uber buff yet still struggle with the moves. Are these friends, clients you train, or just fitness models? And do you think this DVD is too hard for exercise beginners?
  • BH: I wanted the DVD to be shot in real time with real sweat. It is extremely challenging but I also incorporated beginner sections in the series, which is very important. The people I used are fitness models and I wanted to give them a run for their money….(insert evil grin).
  • FBG: Whose DVDs are better: Yours or Jillian’s?
  • BH: HAHA!! I love Jillian’s DVDS and I LOVE mine. Remember, it’s always good to mix it up so if you have been doing Jill’s for a while, it is time to mix things up and what better way than with my DVD series.
  • FBG: Who would win in an arm wrestling match—you or Jillian? Be honest!
  • BH: I would….hands down.
  • FBG: After years of being a vegetarian, you recently went vegan. Why? And can you give any tips to our vegan and vegetarian readers for what they should be eating to lose weight and fuel their workouts?
  • BH: It is a very challenging and rewarding eating plan but you have to plan ahead when it comes to eating. It drives me crazy when I see vegetarians eating high processed, high sugar foods. I am all about eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Protein is essential, as is calcium, Vitamin D and B. There are great all-natural fortified cereals out there that will help to meet your daily requirements. You just have to read to get the right info. I recommend The New Becoming a Vegetarian and also, The China Study.
  • FBG: For reals, what is the best workout for when you only have 10 minutes?
  • BH: For reals, the 15-minute yoga abs on my yoga DVD….;)
  • FBG: On The Biggest Loser, we’ve seen you use one of FBG’s favorite products, the TRX. When it comes to suspension training versus weights, which do you prefer for yourself and for clients?
  • BH: I love the suspension trainer that Go Fit makes. You can hook it up to your door at home or a hotel room.
  • FBG: With how tough you train people on The Biggest Loser, those contestants have to be incredibly sore. How do they work through that soreness? Do they have harder days and easier days?
  • BH: They definitely get run through the ringer and their bodies are so sore but we stretch, they ice after workouts, and we have a PT that really helps them with their soreness. Also, we keep them very hydrated.
  • FBG: A lot of our readers—and the Fit Bottomed Girls!—are totally smitten with you. How the heck do you stay looking so good and staying so sweet and humble after years of being one of the most well-known fitness professionals in the world? The world!
  • BH: Okay, I am blushing right now……. I have to say that I love what I do and I practice what I preach. I really do believe that you can turn back the hands of time with eating right and exercising. BTW, I love you guys!!!
  • FBG: Any final tips for our readers? Anything you’d like to see Fit Bottomed Girls try or write about? You know we’re game to try!
  • BH: I have been posting challenges a lot lately on my websites so I encourage you to try them. They will GET YOU!!!!
  • FBG: And what new can we expect from you? More DVDs? Books? Other fun stuff?
  • BH: I just shot a kettle bell workout DVD that was fun. I’m writing my second book and I have a couple of other BIG things in the works that I will keep you posted….xoxoxox

We die! Stay tuned to FBG tomorrow for when we review his new line of workout DVDs (whee!) and be sure to check out FBG Tish’s experience meeting the man in person.  —Jenn

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