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If the Shoe Fits…

Today’s post is courtesy of Jasmine Jafferali, a maternal, child and family health educator. She writes over at the Chicago Family Health Examiner and works as an educational and wellness consultant who helps women, moms, children and families achieve healthier lifestyles. She’s also a seasoned mom with two kiddos and experience trying to dress for pregnancy fitness!

zoot shoeThere are a couple of things I will spend good money on: a cute sandal, a good workout shoe and an excellent bra (we’ll talk about bras another time). Almost every seasoned mom will tell you that her feet swelled and expanded during pregnancy—even if you want to sugarcoat the fact that your feet got bigger during pregnancy there’s no hiding it, they do.

I had some really cute shoes. Mary Janes, gym shoes, sandals, high heels, low heels—oh, how I loved my shoes. But then I got pregnant and my feet got bigger… and swollen. I bought a bigger workout shoe and was always determined to tie them in the middle instead of tying them on the inside part of the shoe when my feet became harder to reach. I learned some things the first time around (like not setting unrealistic shoe-tying expectations for myself). Then came baby number two. Smaller in size (yay me!), I still hated the thought of trying to jimmy my belly to tie my shoes. Finding the right slip-on shoes that were both cute and functional proved to be an issue.

Until one evening when I was in a local maternity fashion show, and a girl suggested that I try on the Zoot shoe. She had worn them every day while she was pregnant and the best part? “You don’t have to tie your shoes,” she said. Ah, music to my ears! I told her to lead me the way. The lights of heaven opened up when she showed me the shoes. Cute and functional, I had to try them. I wore them during the fashion show to test them out—and walked out wearing them. (After paying for them, of course.)

The great thing about the Zoot shoe is that it has a hole at the tongue and the heel of the shoe, so you use your fingers to help put on your shoes. The Zoot also has a compression component which helps increase circulation, muscle alignment and constriction, making it an ideal shoe for any fit bottomed mama. This compression reduces lactic acid buildup, swelling and fatigue, which keeps the athlete in all moms (raising kids does feel like an endurance event sometimes, after all!) performing better and recovering quicker. Zoot also offers compression in their socks, calf guards, tights and tops.

I received all kinds of compliments on my shoes—even my OB/GYN raved about my shoe (especially because she’s into fitness). When it comes to a shoe that offers support for your entire body, spend the extra money and buy this shoe. Unlike your maternity clothes, you’ll at least be able to wear them while showing off your new bundle. —Jasmine

Jasmine still continues to wear her Zoot shoes. She was not paid to promote the Zoot shoe. This post was solely based on her experience wearing them during her workouts in pregnancy and beyond. —Erin

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