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Realistic Celeb Baby Weight-Loss


Credit: olliethebastard

Usually when I see anything involving celebs losing their baby weight, I groan. LOUDLY. And usually angrily. But this little snippet from Us Weekly is different. It actually talks about dietary changes and hard work and weight that didn’t just fall off the bone. GASP!

According to the mag, it took Law & Order’s Elisabeth Rohm a year to get her body back after putting on 70 pounds while pregnant with daughter. In fact, she was still wearing maternity clothes six months after the birth. So how did she get the weight off? She ran for 45 minutes, six days a week, and cut out sugar and dairy. She also did strength-training sessions four days a week. In other words, she worked HARD.

Similarly, Nicole Sullivan, of Scrubs and King of Queens fame, had to learn how to lose weight to get rid of the 35 pounds of baby weight. She took it to Jenny Craig and took 15 weeks to lose it all. While the 1,200-calorie diet is pretty hard core (especially if you’re working out), it did get the star to start eating her veggies. Plus, jogging 3 to 6 miles a day and lifting weights added to her desire to eat right. 

Now, while 1,200 calories a day would be torturous and impossible for me, at least this article shows the more realistic side of celebrity weight-loss. Do those stories annoy you as much as they annoy me? —Erin

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  1. Zarah says:

    Not only would 1200 calories be tortuous – that restrictive diet will totally kill your milk supply if you’re trying to nurse. As bad as I want to lose the baby weight, I know that keeping my baby fed has to come first.

  2. katrina m says:

    plus, how realistic is it for a new mom to run 3-6 miles every day of the week? maybe if you have a nanny or someone to care for you new little one, but i’m not planning on being able to devote that much time every day just to exercising.

    1200 calories a day sucks. i lost 85 pounds on sparkpeople, and the best part is the more you work out and the more calories you burn, the more you get to eat! your body actually NEEDS the fuel to burn! it works amazingly well…. i plan to return to sparkpeople after my baby is here!!

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