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September FBG Challenge Announced!

Credit: futureatlas.com

It’s almost the start of another month and you know what that means—time for a new FBG challenge! As you might have guessed from the photo, September’s challenge is all about cutting back on the time you spend in front of the old boob tube.

Last month we ran a post about new research that is finding a link between TV time and obesity. Now we all know that the obesity epidemic is being caused by a myriad of things (food, inactivity, environment, chemicals, the list goes on and on!), but one thing is true: While watching TV may be fun (especially in a social setting or while at the gym), too much of it can interfere with other things that make us feel more connected, such as talking to a friend one-on-one, going for a walk and talking to neighbors, or even reading a book outside and enjoying a cool fall evening.

So, the challenge for all you FBGers is to cut your TV time in half and replace the time with an activity that is more nourishing to the body and soul. If you’re not much of a TV watcher, this challenge will be pretty easy, but for those of you who are addicted to reality TV (Real Housewives, anyone?) cutting your time in half might be a bit more interesting. I, for one, have stopped watching as much TV, but once The Biggest Loser is on in a few weeks, I’ll definitely have to cut out the mindless channel surfing to make time for those two-hour Bob-filled TV evenings.

So who’s in? Commit here—totally free!Jenn

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