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Spice Up Your Life

In high school, I dressed up as Ginger Spice once. Okay, twice. (Hey, there aren’t many pop icons for a redheaded girl to dress up as for Halloween—and it always sucks to wear a costume only once…) And since then, whenever I use spices when cooking, I involuntarily start singing “Wannabe” followed by an even cheesier version of “2 Become 1.” So, when NutriFit sent us a sampling of its newest Spice Blends to review—a total of SIX fun blends like Rockin’ Moroccan, Calypso and French Riviera—you can only imagine the Spice Girls musical outbreak at FBG headquarters. Let’s just say I “spiced” up everyone’s life (and probably hurt some eardrums).

Anyways, these salt-free, sugar-free blends have way more lasting power than Spice World’s place in cinematic history.* And as someone who is always looking to make food taste delish with fewer calories and processed ingredients, these spice blends are seriously perking up my meals. I found Certainly Cinnamon perfect on top of oatmeal or in cookies, Rockin’ Moroccan was awesome in a low-fat tofu curry I made (spicy hot!), Calypso was a standout on the chicken in my beloved weekly taco salad and the French Riviera Blend made me wish I was in France, drinking wine and eating baguettes dipped in olive oil blended with the stuff. I’m not much for eating lamb (baby sheep are just too cute!), but I can imagine how good the Mediterranean blend would be on a rack of it. And the Lemon Garden blend was refreshing in a lemon vinaigrette or on roasted broccoli.

Each of the blends sells for $5.25 and you can get a sampler pack like the one I had for $24.95. If you’re concerned with getting less salt in your diet but not sacrificing flavor, we highly recommend you to—wait for it—spice up your life! —Jenn

*Yes, I dog a lot on the Spice Girls here, but know that every darn Spice Girls song is still on my iPod. Sheepish grin.

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