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5 Fitness-Inspired Halloween Costumes


When you’re a Fit Bottomed Girl all year long, what better time is there to show it off than Halloween? And no, I don’t mean to say that you should turn every costume into a sexy one to show off your fit bod (unless, of course, you want to, but does anybody really find a “sexy mushroom” all that sexy?). Instead, show off your athletic side with a costume befitting your fitness level!

halloween boxer

FBG Kristen boxes it out!


What you need: Soft, satin-y shorts (go with little ones if you want to show off some leg, or longer, baggy shorts if you’d prefer to be a little more modest). Bare feet work for kickboxing or slim-fitting sneakers will do the trick. You can wear a sports bra or a ribbed tank top, and a hoodie or silky robe makes this an easy costume to layer. Hey, we’ve all done the freezing walk from the car to the costume party, haven’t we?

Extra points: Wrap your hands and carry a pair of gloves over your shoulder for added effect. Use costume makeup (or just some of your darker shades of eye shadow) to give yourself a black eye. And, you know, all the great fighters have great names, so come up with a fun nickname and put it on the back of your hoodie or robe! Just remember, no roundhouses to anybody who doesn’t give you a treat.

Basketball Player

What you need: A jersey or warm-up jacket, natch. If you have one of your own from high school, awesome; otherwise, you can make do by purchasing an inexpensive plain jersey and putting your name (or favorite player’s name) and number on the back. Super-long, extra-baggy shorts are great—if they come way below your knees, it’s even better. A headband, wristband and knee brace will add a little something more, as will a face mask if you happen to have one (and can handle wearing it all night). And make sure you’ve got your high-tops on!

Bonus points: I once attended a Halloween party where the host dressed as a trash-talking baller and wore extra-long tear-away pants over rented painter’s stilts, which made him a little over seven feet tall. It remains one of the best costumes I’ve ever seen.

80s aerobics instructor

FBG Jenn 80s it up.

80s Aerobics Instructor

What you need: Spandex, baby! You can make this really hot, really cheesy, or somewhere in between by wearing a leotard, spandex tights (the brighter and shinier, the better!), a loose-necked sweatshirt or tee, and, of course, legwarmers. Cover up more with a bigger, baggier top, or show off those hard-earned curves with a retro cropped top.

Bonus points: A headband, feathered bangs and bright blue eye shadow will help complete the look. And, of course, carrying a little pink boombox with rockin’ 80s tunes to get everyone motivated will really sell the costume!

Tennis or Golf Pro

What you need: If you’re a tennis player or golfer, just wear your most quintessential tennis or golf outfit—layer multiple pieces, like a collared golf shirt with a sweater vest and a golf jacket, if possible. Wear a visor, and make sure your hair is in a pony. Up the preppiness with a bright sweater tied over your shoulders. It gets cold in the country club, you know.

Bonus points: Carry a club or racket to make your costume even more clear. Yes, it’s a bit of a pain, but your other prop—a water bottle— is not! Yes, you can fill it with water and stay hydrated, or fill it with your party beverage of choice and sip away without having to stand in line for a refill!

Ski Bunny

What you need: This is the perfect costume for those dealing with freezing temps at the end of October! You can go all out with snow pants, goggles, a hat, gloves and ski boots, but you can also dress as the skier who prefers hanging by the fire in the lodge, wearing skinny jeans, a big, cozy wool sweater and Uggs. Carry around a Skiing for Dummies book to drive the point home. And, of course, you could bring your skis or snowboard with you, but let’s be honest, that’s a lot to carry around at a party!

Bonus points: Assuming you’re lucky enough to not currently have a broken leg, you can always make a fake cast or brace and pretend you busted your leg on a sweet Black Diamond trail. If you play the part well enough, you just might be able to get a cute fit bottomed boy to bring you drinks all night!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? —Kristen

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  1. While all the above mentioned fitness costumes are great, one that seems to have been forgotten is a Yoga instructor. This is a sexy outfit (body hugging Spandex) that is very affordable, even shoes aren’t required! There are many other Unique Costume Ideas such as Zumba teacher, Dance instructor and even a daring Fit Bottomed pole dancer.

  2. Kelly says:

    haha… I gotta borrow your 80’s theme costume idea… It Rocks! (pardon the pun)

  3. Chris says:

    I’m really proud of my 80’s aerobics’ instructor costume! I don’t even consider this a costume anymore, as I actually wear this to Jazzercise year round! Working out should be fun!

  4. Chris says:

    P.S. I’m still working on the head band! LOL!

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