Black Bean Hummus You Have to Try

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My husband is an amazing cook and is the BEST at putting things you have in your fridge together to make something fantastic. Like, you could have a squash, some cherry JELL-O, some leftover pork chops, and some seltzer and somehow he makes gourmet mac-n-cheese out of all of it. I do not lie. As proof, here is the recipe for one of his latest creations—Black Bean Hummus! You won’t be disappointed…


1 can black beans drained and rinsed
Half a medium-sized jalapeño
2 pinches of chunks of yellow onion
2 gurgles of olive oil out of a bottle
Dash of kosher salt
Dash of freshly ground black pepper
Juice of one lime, scrape a little pulp out, too


1. Put it all in your Magic Bullet or food processor, and turn it on. (Note: If you do not own a Magic Bullet, you are not living.)

2. Shake it a little.

3. Done and done. Delish.

I love when he makes this. It is SO good, so healthy and such a great vegetable dip (we put together small packs of fresh veggies for our lunches during the week and add a scoop of this to it) or chip dip. You can also spread the hummus on a sandwich, or eat it off of your finger. Not that we do that. —Stephanie Carroll

Stephanie Carroll is a mid-twenties, semi-newlywed, avid runner, Jillian Michaels enthusiast, loyal Fit Bottomed Girls reader, and a lover  of food. She lives in Houston with her husband and enjoys riding her bike (her husband is a stellar cyclist), running, traveling, cooking and trying new things. She blogs regularly at Life Shiny Side Up.

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  1. Tish says:

    I dig this recipe!!!

  2. Can I say YUMMMMMMMMMMMM! :o)

  3. Mary Simmons says:

    Sounds yummy! Will have to get a magic bullet and try it!

  4. Stacwy says:

    Yum! I added a clove of crushed garlic. Delicious both ways.