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Did Kegels Work for You?

kegalstrengthWomen always hear about the importance of Kegels, especially during pregnancy. I did Kegels regularly, along with other prenatal exercises, and I still “peezed” myself once. (Peezing is my term for peeing when you sneeze.) Little did I know that that peezing incident was just a sign of things to come.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that Kegels weren’t the silver bullet I’d hoped they would be. A month or so after I had my baby, I had to pee…really bad. I was heading to the toilet and was almost there when…oh my gosh: Pee before I hit the toilet! Since then, I’ve been much more careful about emptying my bladder before I get desperate. Apparently this issue is totally normal, and I should regain my “strength” in a matter of months. But I’m slightly peeved at the Kegel for not being a cure-all (and now some are saying the squat, not the Kegel, is what works). And of course, I’m dying to know about the Kegel experiences of other Fit Bottomed Mamas out there!

Let me know your experiences with postpartum bladder control in the comments! What a fun topic! —Erin

Can’t see the poll? Weigh in on your Kegel experience here!

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  1. Jenn C says:

    I had a baby girl (gender was a surprise) last Wednesday! I’m a health conscious girl, and I knew I had to do kegels, but I have to admit….I probably did one set of kegels the whole nine months 😉 I’m no worse for wear. I’m having no problems. I did do a lot of kegels though, throughout the nine months and that probably helped me more than anything.

  2. Rachel says:

    yeah, I’m having a baby girl in January, and this is the first I’ve heard about this “peezing” thing. Alarming. This is the stuff that no one tells you about- so, thanks, I guess! I’m trying to make little routines to remind me to do my kegels. I work form home but spend a lot of time on the computer, so I do a set whenever I’m waiting for a site to load… that kind of thing.

    Jenn: I’m confused, you DID do kegels, or you DIDN’T? You wrote that you did one set… and also that you did them throughout the 9 months. ?? And many congrats!

  3. Jenn C says:

    In my comment above, I meant to type, instead of kegels, I did a lot of SQUATS and it seemed to help me more than anything 🙂

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