How Has Your Weight Changed Over the Years?


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On FBG we’re not big on obsessing about the scale, but we do believe that your weight is one way to track your health over the years. (Of course measuring your body-fat percentage is best, but if the scale keeps going up year after year, it’s a sign that you probably need to make some changes.) And the whole weighing-in thing got us thinking (as did this post on regaining weight) about our weight over the years. Mine has been pretty steady (within 5 to 10 pounds), despite in grad school when the Freshman 15 became the Grad School 20 (which took me a year-plus to get off). What about you?

Feel free to share the weighty details in the comments! —Jenn

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I voted clockwork, but that’s how it’s been for 13 years. All my life through college I was overweight, but in 1996-1997 I lost 26 pounds. Been maintaining it (within about 5 pounds) ever since!

  2. Ivori says:

    I weighed 275 pounds and now I am at 135 !
    I love to exercise everyday and now eating healthy is just how I roll 😉

  3. Marylou Hansen says:

    I lost 125lbs 36 years ago and have kept it off through diligence, eating healthy and exercising.. I stay right at 122lbs and I am 5’3 1/2″. shrunk 1/2″ when I turned 64yrs old.. When I read postings about how folks are having a difficult time losing weight I can tell they haven’t got a clue that the real struggle is keeping the weight off. It’s called living a healthy lifestyle☺

  4. Janeen says:

    Once I was done with college cheerleading, I immediately packed on the infamous “college 15” lbs. Over the next decade+, a co-dependent romantic relationship, jobs in the food-service industry, a break-up from aforementioned relationship, and numerous sedentary desk-jobs, I was my all-time heaviest on my 30th birthday in late 2008. I was single, with no romantic prospects, married to my career, and depressed. I vowed I would make a change. I started going to the gym and working with a personal trainer in early 2009, and am happy to say I’ve lost 60 lbs. since then, and maintained that weight the past 4 months. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in at least a decade! It’s a process, but I’m happy to keep plugging away 🙂 Thank you for your blog and all the great tips – and honest assessments of the weight-loss struggle!