Have You Tried Kettlebells?


Credit: prettyflower

We’re all kettlebell up in here with today’s review of kettlebell DVDs. And while you obviously know that I tried incorporating kettlebells into my workout and Erin tried kettlebells two years ago (she’s so ahead of the game!), we want to know: Are kettlebells part of your workout regimen?

Feel restricted by a multiple-choice question? Elaborate on your kettlebell experiences in the comments below! —Jenn

Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us about your thoughts on kettlebell workouts!

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  1. Johanna B says:

    I love my kettlebell. It works out muscles I didn’t know I had. The first time I tried basic weight lifting moves using it I had the best sore muscles the next few days. Really felt like I got a workout. I plan to graduate to a heavier one soon.

  2. Kettlebells rock! They are just a tool, but they are a tool that works very well. Do get a lesson though. I think I see more people misusing them than any other implement at the gym.

  3. Theresa Thompson says:

    I consider myself a “beginning bodybuilder” For six months I did traditional bodybuilding with free weights. However, about three months ago I became incredibly pressed for time. I read an article in Muscle and Fitness Hers about a kettlebell circuit you repeat 3 times. I incorperated my own previous knowledge and developed my own circuit. What traditionally took me at least an hour now takes no more than 30 minutes, included are warm up, cool down and rest periods. Not only that, it works muscles traditional free weights don’t. It is truly the time crunched working mom’s gift. And there are so many more ways to “mix it up” and keep your bodybuilding on track than with free weights!

  4. alex says:

    I just started using kettle bells and they are my favorite tool to work with. this blog a talks about why kettle bells are the best training equipment