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Looney for lululemon

I am a changed woman! I used to be the gal who could throw on a cotton shirt and some old yoga pants and hit the gym. I couldn’t figure out why girls had to look cute during sweat time, but then everything changed the moment I was given a “check yo self!” lesson from Jenn and Erin. Those cutesy tops you see popping up at the gym and those cute capri pants you see prancing around the grocery store are more than just eye candy for gym rats. Companies like lululemon athletica are really taking note of what makes a fit bottomed girl tick. Cute aside, we want to feel good during our workouts. That means both physically and mentally. To my delight, lululemon athletica asked me if I’d like to come check out their latest and greatest gear. I found Mecca and then some.

revitalize tech shirt, anti-stink, silverescent, silver thread, no stink, cute workout top, workout clothesRevitalize Tech Short Sleeve

I think a lulu girl out there loved me very much and made this shirt just for me. When I say I geeked hardcore over this shirt I mean I GEEKED! The drool wasn’t pretty. I’ve written previously about my disdain for smelly clothes, so when I learned these shirts are made of a patented lululemon technology called silverescent, I about came undone. In English, the company found out that silver has natural anti-bacterial properties so they stitched it into the fabric. It’s comfortable, it’s light and it doesn’t smell of funk. I wore the shirt for one week, making sure to keep it in my bag and it came out without the funk. Uncanny I say!!! Well worth the $62 price tag.

Ta-Ta Tamerta ta tamer bra, lululemon bra, d cup, c cup, sports bra, lululemon athletica

I’m flat as a board so this bra is obviously not one I personally played with, but I loved the name and the reasons behind it so much I just had to include it. My lucky Big-Busted Betties are always complaining to me about their girls during workouts. While some just don’t do anything that requires jumping, others strap on not one, but two bras to calm the girls down. For $58, one can add one more option to the list and actually tame the ta-tas without smashing them like pancakes. No more uni-boob!

stride jacket, lululemon athletica, hoodie, yoga jacket, poshStride Jacket II

I’m a bit of a jacket hussy. Putting on a soft and comfortable jacket is like butta, and putting on this lovely contraption is like butta with a side of a little sumthin’ sumthin’. The lulu girls definitely take their notes. Not only does the jacket have the oh-so-convenient thumb holes to keep your hands warm and your sleeves in check, it also has this handy-dandy little gizmo they call a zipper garage that gives you extra warmth without irritating the crap out of your chin. I think the design team knew if a fitty was going to shell out $108 dollars for a jacket it better make me feel like a natural woman…and it totally did! I cried when I had to put that one back on the rack. The lola purple one will make an appearance on my Christmas list for sure.

I think I want to marry the lululemon design team. After spending the afternoon playing in their Sherman Oaks, California, showroom I learned they are the perfect mates. When I say they listen…girl, do I mean it! They’re known for plucking Pilates and Yoga gurus from communities. They call them ambassadors and they give them clothes to work out in, critique and correct. The clothes are built around our needs and wants; a region we all need to be spoiled in. They also make sure you understand that they’ve gotten the message. All products in their stores and online have a tag or section that tells you what’s in it, why it’s in there, and what it does for you. I’m down on bended knee. —Tish

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