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Best Songs of 2010 Workout Playlist

2010WorkoutsongsWhen it comes to working out, one of my favorite parts besides the happy endorphins is listening to music. It pumps you up—and because you’re doing something good for yourself, you get free reign to listen to whatever the heck you want (hellooo guilty pleasures!). And this past year? So many good songs to work out to! We, along with a little help from our Facebook friends, put together a list of the best workout songs of 2010. Enjoy this 40-minute Best-of-2010 Workout Playlist!

Best of 2010 Workout Songs

    1. (4:26) Nothin’ on You, B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars: Warm up with this feel-good jam that’s actually kinda romantic. Start moving that body nice and easy and feel like a beautiful girl!
    2. (3:36) Like a G6, Far East Movement featuring The Cataracs & Dev: This is by far the biggest techno and dance song of the year. Kick your workout off strong by picking up the pace and feeling like a G6. (Apparently a G6 is a plane. Had to Google it. That’s right—we’re uncool so that you don’t have to be.)
    3. (3:40) Telephone, Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé: Keep the energy pumping and up the intensity with this song that was one of our favorite music videos of 2010 (Warning: NSFW!). And now might be the time to go ahead and turn off that phone…
    4. (3:06) Your Love Is My Drug, Ke$ha: No matter how much I try to not like Ke$ha’s songs (and lyrics—oye!), her beats just get in my head and stick. Not to mention oodles of you listed Ke$ha songs as your 2010 workout faves. So we had to include it. For this one, keep that pace up!
    5. (3:47) Whataya Want from Me, Adam Lambert: Slow down your workout mojo a little with this hit from the former American Idol contestant. It’s the perfect recovery song pace, so take a quick breather before we pick up the intensity again.
    6. (3:25) Bulletproof, La Roux: I was totally obsessed with La Roux’s entire CD in 2010. LOVED IT! And this is the token song from the alum. Pick up your pace or increase your resistance every time she says “bulletproof.” You’ll be sweating—er—bullets before the song is over!
    7. (3:33) Cooler Than Me, Mike Posner: I thought this was an interesting and refreshing hit for 2010 as it’s more about being uncool than cool (and don’t a lot of songs these days focus on how cool the singer is?). Take a moderate intensity for this song and feel cool! Or uncool…you know what we mean.
    8. (3:52) I Like It by Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull: We had to get some Enrique in there! His big comeback song, this one is high energy and, we’ll be honest, a touch skeezy if you listen to the lyrics. But still, baby, we like it! So up that intensity to hard for this whole track!
    9. (3:42) Rude Boy, Rihanna: In what may be one of the dirtiest hits of 2010, ya’ll loved this one, and we can’t deny that it’s perf for working out. Take your pace down to a moderate intensity for this one and make it a quick recovery. Only one more “real” song to go and then it’s cool down time!
    10. (4:54) Bad Romance, Lady Gaga: What can I say? We went gaga for Gaga in 2010. (Not surprising since she’s also named after a Queen song.) And this song that starts off slow and builds into booty-shaking beats is the perfect way to end your workout. Bust up that incline or resistance and give this last song all the bad romance you got!
    11. (3:57) Just a Dream, Nelly: Being from the Show Me State myself, I’ve always had this odd soft-spot in my heart for Nelly. And with this sweet song? I wanna give the thug a bear hug. (Hey, that rhymed!) So cool it on down to this track and know that the workout you did was not a dream!

What was your favorite song to work out to in 2010? Can’t wait to see what new tracks 2011 brings! —Jenn

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  1. Leslie says:

    ugh. sorry, don’t like 98% of these songs at all.

  2. courtney says:

    I have about 60% of these on my run/spin playlist already 😀 Good taste!

  3. jon j says:

    This list is terrible. Most men would hate to have most of these songs on their workout list. Try other B.o.B or Kid Cudi. Don’t forget Eminem and Lil Wayne. Want some rock? Throw in Linkin Park or Breaking Benjamin. Not to be sexist or anything but that truely is a feminine playlist.

  4. alex says:

    notice the website named “fit bottomed GIRLS”

  5. Annie says:

    Just making my new running playlist! Thanks for the tips!

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