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Stretchy Pants That Don’t Lie

Yoga-pantsEver since our pal Rita wrote this post, every time I put on yoga pants, I question why I’m reaching for the Spandex. Is it because I’m more comfortable? That I really think it’ll help me to be more active in the day (many times when I have on workout clothes I feel like working out more)? Or that my jeans are just a smidgen tighter than I’d like? Although the answer isn’t always the same, I think I have an answer for Rita’s astute declaration that “your stretchy pants are lying to you.” Let me introduce you to The Girls Faith’s Foldover Yoga Pant.

While this workout pant isn’t as tight as others we’ve tried, it isn’t loose either, and I wouldn’t exactly call it comfortable. Made of soft cotton and Spandex, it moves with you but it also hugs and sucks in a bit. With a slight flare at the bottom and an adjustable fold-over waistband, it smooths out any muffin top you might have. You can throw them in the washing machine after sweat sessions, and at $34.99, they won’t totally break the bank.

While I felt like I looked pretty good in them, for some reason they made me feel like a dork whenever I put them on. Which is totally weird since a few of the girls from The Hills are fond of them, as are fit celebs Ashley Tisdale and Amanda Seyfried. I should feel cool in them, right?

I know that a little of my self-perceived dorkiness is caused by them being about half an inch shorter than I’d like (the curse of being taller), but I think some of it is because of my overindulgence the past few weeks at holiday parties and gatherings. So, instead of beating the pants up or myself, I’m going to say thank you to this yoga pant—thanks for being stretchy pants that don’t lie! —Jenn

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  1. Hester says:

    I LOVE fitted stretch pants 🙂 I am absolutely in love (and living in) my fitted pants from Target! http://bit.ly/g7KnyU They come in the short, regular, long lengths as well as in capris as well as a semi-fitted style. They’re not Spandex, are super-uber-comfy, can be folded over at the waist, and look FAB-U-LOUS. I must say that they do hug your skin and show off the toned muscles and… hello booty!!! For $24.99, I think they’re an absolute steal and that’s why I had to get two of them 🙂 And plus, they’re the C9 by Champion brand and I’ve never gotten anything C9 that wasn’t up to snuff. I mean, really, I’ve got workout pants that I used in track practices and track meets from four years ago and they’re still wearing just peachy keen. Thanks for writing about stretchy pants, Jenn.

  2. I believe that the yoga pant needs to be a bit “dorky” as you mentioned. Case in fact, when I teach PIYO Strength with longer yoga pants I have actually stepped on them, slipped, and almost twisted my ankle! It’s all about comfort and safety for me 🙂

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