This Is How You Roll (a Toilet Paper Giveaway)

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This is the post I’ve been waiting to write all my life. When Erin and Jenn told me we’d each have the chance to share some of our bathroom basics, I about lost my damn mind…in front of a whole lot of people at my place of employment. You see, I’ve always thought women should be more open and free with their bathroom talk. I’ve trained many a friend to be more forthcoming regarding their bathroom adventures. It’s a liberating experience and totally takes us out of that suffocating prissy and perfect box guys love to shove us into. We’re athletes after all. We don’t exist in boxes. We lift boxes! Yes, we go to the bathroom, just like teachers, Santa and the Queen of England. Imagine that!

Remember dears, this is a kick-ass contest so you have to bring the creativity! Submit that bad boy to contact@fitbottomedgirls.com by December 20, wait and see if you’re the lucky one who gets a full-year supply of Quilted Northern toilet paper and a $50 Visa gift card. Not to mention you’ll become that awesome Bathroom Betty whose video will appear on the site. You could start a bathroom talk revolution!

Can’t view the video? Click here to see the bathroom confession!

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  1. Ronalee says:

    This was so well done and I am jealous. I do my bathroom videos best when my boyfriend is golfing and today is not a golf day. I would have loved to enter a video for the contest and now I am thinking that I may just have to create a video for my own satisfaction.
    Great job Tish.
    and props for the wipe and fold method..it’s the only way to roll

  2. FBG Tish says:

    YES Ronalee! I think you should totally do a video! We three can’t be the only girls out there brave enough to open up! Can’t wait to hear the answers you come up with…hee hee

  3. Cherron says:

    Tish you’re exactly why I tense up when going to the bathroom! I don’t want anyone paying attention to what I’mdoing in there! How many times are you wiping and folding with the same piece of tissue?

  4. FBG Tish says:

    I fold once…Although, I have just learned this is bad for bacteria monsters. Gonna have to re-potty train.

  5. Kasey says:

    lol this is awesome