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★FitStars: Biggest Loser Contestant Ada Wong

biggest-loser-adaEvery season it seems like there are at least one or two contestants on The Biggest Loser who just work their way into our hearts and make us want to make them a part of our family. They’re just so inspiring, and I love to see people build confidence, realize that they can get healthy and then do it. In BL season 10 that person was Ada Wong. The overwhelming fan favorite (especially on Twitter!) who made it into the final three, may not have taken home the title of The Biggest Loser 2010, but she sure as heck got her mojo back.

In preparation for tonight’s The Biggest Loser season 11 premiere (Eleven seasons—can you believe that?), we thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with Ms. Wong herself and get the nitty-gritty on what goes on behind the scenes, how she’s faring back at home with her family, and what it’s like starring in The Biggest Loser’s newest workout DVD: Cardio Max Weight-Loss.

Interview with The Biggest Loser 10 Contestant Ada Wong

  • FBG: What was it like recording a workout DVD? Did it take a long time to film?
  • AW: It was a lot of fun recording the workout DVD. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be a workout but it was! We were sweating by the end of it! It took about two days to film.
  • FBG: How does it feel to go from overweight to workout DVD star?
  • AW: It feels awesome! Who knew I would ever appear on a workout DVD? I used to be the one who needed to look to others for motivation to get to the gym, and now I’m standing on the other side. It’s great to be in a position to motivate others to get healthy.
  • FBG: What is your role in these DVDs? Did you have to practice?
  • AW: My role was one of the attendees following Bob Harper’s workout. We practiced the day before filming to make sure we got all of our steps down.
  • FBG: How does the workout in the DVDs compare to the workouts you did on the BL Campus?
  • AW: Certain parts of the DVD definitely included things we did at the BL campus, but overall, the duration of our workouts on campus were much longer.
  • FBG: What’s the most important thing you learned during BL?
  • AW: The most important thing I learned was staying committed and focused. I think, above anything else, you need those two things to reach your weight-loss goals.
  • FBG: How has it been at home on your own? Who do you lean on for support—and are your parents more supportive now that the show has aired?
  • biggest-loser-ada-wongAW: There was definitely an adjustment period when I got home. All the old distractions were back, and the strict routine of BL was gone. Having freedom meant more chances to slip up, but I definitely had a lot of support when I got back because everyone was aware that my weight-loss journey was not over. When I got home, I had a chance to talk to my parents and open up about all my feelings. They’ve been a lot more supportive since having that conversation.
  • FBG: If someone doesn’t have support at home, what tips or advice can you give for her to overcome that?
  • AW: Support exists somewhere. You just have to surround yourself with the right people. If you can’t get it from home, I would reach out to others. But before you give up on your family, I urge people to have a conversation with their family and open up about their feelings. Often times, it’s more about a lack of communication than anything else.
  • FBG: What was your favorite memory from your time on BL?
  • AW: I don’t have one favorite memory. I think the entire experience was memorable and unique. It’s hard to just pick one!
  • FBG: What does your workout routine look like now?
  • AW: Now that the show is over and I’m in maintenance-mode, my workouts have been reduced to 1.5 hours a day.
  • FBG: What’s next for you?
  • AW: I feel like the sky’s the limit! I now have the confidence to go out and pursue things I normally wouldn’t think to do. I want to finally do things I’m passionate about.
  • FBG: Any other thoughts or advice for our readers?
  • AW: I’m big on planning. You have to know what you want, and figure out what it takes to get to where you want to be. It’s important to stay focused and committed. You have to be conscious of the goal every day in order to stay on track.

A big thanks to Ada for talking with us. She totally rocks and has some great advice! To continue the BL fun, be sure to watch tonight’s premiere and Tweet live with us at 8/7 p.m. Central. Just be sure to use the hashtag #BL11. We can’t wait to see what inspiration the new season has in store for us—and the unveiling of the new Biggest Loser trainers! Oh, the drama! —Jenn

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    Ada is amazing! Her attitude and determination are so inspiring. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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