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★FitStars: Biggest Loser Contestants Sione and Brendan

Biggest Loser Sione


Have you ever wondered what The Biggest Loser alumni do to keep the weight off after they leave the ranch? Well, we did—and now we know. They do fun events like the Ragnar Relay in Southern California, that’s what!

We recently caught up with season 7 Biggest Loser alumni Sione Fa and season 10’s Brendan Donovan as they train for this intense relay that covers 200 total miles, with a team of 12 members each running 3- to 8-mile legs, three times. The race starts in Huntington Beach, Calif., on April 15 and ends April 16 in San Diego at the Coronado Island Hotel.

Sione and Brendan will be team captains of two separate teams of former Biggest Loser contestants—and will compete against each other for supreme bragging rights. Read on for more on the race, who their favorite trainer is on the show and how you—yes, YOU!—can join their relay teams!

Interview with The Biggest Loser 10 Contestants Sione Fa and Brendan Donovan

  • FBG: Who had the idea to do this relay and offer a spot on their team to someone outside of The Biggest Loser?



  • SF: We came up with this collectively to pay it forward.
  • BD: Sione and the Ragnar team. I think it’s a great idea.
  • FBG: Have you ever done this race before? Why do you choose this race?
  • SF: No, I have not, but I was at the Wasatch Relay, and it was awesome!
  • BD: I have never done a Ragnar, but I am so excited. I want to beat Sione!
  • FBG: Who else will be on your team? What other contestants?
  • SF: Tara Costa, Filipe Fa, Ed Brantley, Heba Salama, Jessica Delfs, Jesse Atkins, Coleen Skeabeck, Erik Chopin and SunShine Hampton.
  • BD: Mark Kruger, Jay Kruger, Hollie Self, Stacey Capers, Dane Patterson, Chris Blackburn, Vicky Vilcan, Brady Vilcan, Kai Hibbard.
  • FBG: Since you’re both captains of a team, will a winner be selected? Will it get competitive?
  • SF: Yeah, but you can go ahead and give me the prize! Hehe.
  • BD: Of course it will be competitive. I am going to propose that the winning team makes dinner for the losers.
  • FBG: Because you two are from different seasons, how well have you two gotten to know each other?
  • SF: We filmed the new Biggest Loser workout DVDs together, so we first met back then, and just became instant family.
  • BD: Sione and I have a connection. We met during season 10 and have spoken several times. I consider him a great friend.
  • FBG: How will you train for this event? How is training different from your usual workouts and workouts on the BL campus?
  • SF: Run. Sweat. Sleep. Repeat.
  • BD: I am training for a marathon in April, so I’m going to add three-a-day runs every two weeks.
  • FBG: Best trainer: Bob or Jillian?
  • SF: Bob. I love Bob because he wants you to make life your finale and not just a date.
  • BD: Bob!!!
  • FBG: Do you wear: Boxers or briefs?
  • SF: Actually, I wear boxer briefs.
  • BD: Boxers.
  • FBG: When running: Music or no music?
  • SF: Music is a must. There are times that silence is good but not very often.
  • BD: Music.
  • FBG: Best piece of advice someone ever gave you?
  • SF: “Be the man your family thinks you are.” —Bob Harper
  • BD: Marry someone you can talk to because looks fade.
  • FBG: Any other thoughts or advice for our readers?
  • SF: Consistency is the key. Being consistent is what will produce results.
  • BD: I would say that I am sooo excited to be a part of this. Grab the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride. Most people stop exercising because they get bored. Make this fun and enjoy everything.

Pretty fun guys, huh? And we love how much they love Bob.

We also love the contest they have going on: Sione and Brendan are asking  people across the country to submit entries on why they should get a chance to run with one of these Biggest Loser teams. Two chosen winners will get airfare, hotel accommodations in California and get to do the race with Biggest Loser alumni. To apply, go to the Ragnar Relay website. Awesome, right?  —Jenn

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