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The Mean Grean Smoothie

greend-drink-225x300Dr. Oz  has publicized his now-famous green drink ever since his first season on Oprah. Always the healthy diet advocate, he’s constantly pushing superfoods to save us from the dreaded world of junk food and preventable ills…not that I mind. He’s THE Dr. Oz, my health food guru, so if he tells me to stick strawberries up my nose, I’ll probably try it at least once. Given that, it was only a matter of time before I tried his green drink.

Truthfully, I was scared out of my mind to try the darn thing as I plopped green veggie after veggie into my blender. And then of course I took it upon myself to add more lime because that’s the stupid crap I do. The results: Two incredibly tarted out faces. My guy immediately sounded a “Wooooooo!” from the green punch it packs. I can’t look someone in the eye and say this is the most scrumptious drink I’ve ever consumed, but I will try it again—this time with the amount of lime it actually called for. Dr. Oz boasts it will improve skin and promote organic weight-loss. It’s low-calorie, high in fiber and packs enough iron to make you cackle like Popeye. I’ll gladly sacrifice my taste buds for some body TLC.

The Green Giant Smoothie Recipe

2 c spinach
2 c cucumber
1 stalk of celery
1/2 inch or tsp of ginger root
1 bunch of parsley
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1/2 lemon

1. Place ingredients in a blender.
2. Add 4 oz spring water or a handful of ice cubes.
3. Puree for one minute. Makes two glasses.

Have you tried the jolly green giant and felt the perks? —Tish

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  1. Aysha says:

    I haven’t tried this one yet but I have tried the green monster from greenmostermovement.com The “Green Monster” calls for 2 cups of spinach, a banana, 1-1.25 cups of milk (any type: soy,rice,almond), and a tablespoon of flax or chia seeds. Super easy and super delicious.

  2. Kelly says:

    A little honey, or small handful of berries can go a long way to help the taste!

  3. vicki says:

    This sounds good, and great that you don’t need a juicer just a blender. Thanks!

  4. FBG Tish says:

    @Kelly you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I can’t bring myself to alter THE Dr. Oz’s recipe…I just can’t lol. I’m trying it again following the recipe to a T…Wish me luck!

    @Vicki I was quite happy myself that the recipe was sans juicer. I’m not one of the lucky ones with sweet kitchen toys.

    @Aysha…Gonna have to try that. Thanks!

  5. Nicki says:

    I’ve made this a bunch since I got the recipe from FBG. Hubby and I call it “green slime drink” because it has a bright green pond-scum-like sheen. I usually add kiwi and honey, which both help a lot with taste and texture. We like to drink it in the morning to start the day or late afternoon to help us curb our tendency to over eat during dinner. It isn’t the tastiest smoothie I’ve ever had, but there is something about it that just tastes fresh and makes me feel good about drinking it.

  6. Tamara says:

    Well, I like all of the ingredients that are going into it so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? How much is a serving when you are finished making it? Is it chug-able? LOL And, have you ever just made 1/2 the amount? I don’t think I could convince anyone else in my house to drink it.

  7. FBG Tish says:

    You know I just make the two servings and have the next one the next day. It actually lasts. I just shake it good before chugging 🙂

    I’ll have to get back to you on calories…Doc Oz to the rescue!

  8. Christy says:

    I think you forgot the apples. I looked at Dr Oz’s website and he includes 2 apples in the recipe. Maybe that will help with the sweetness? And he says it makes 3-4 servings.

  9. Naomi says:

    I actually drink something very similar to this every afternoon, but I add a bit of frozen pineapple, unsweetened almond milk, and kale instead of spinach. NOM.

  10. i dunno, doesn’t sound too awesome for me…i like all the ingredients except the lemon and lime 🙁 ewww my face just puckered typing that too

  11. Patricia says:

    I usually throw spinach or broccoli in my smoothies because it’s a great way to sneak in my vegetables. I like Dr. Oz but I’ve yet to try this green smoothie. When I do, I’ll be the only one in my house chugging it.

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