Want That “Fit Bottom,” Girls?

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Hey FBG fans!

First, please let me give a big thank you to Erin, Jenn and all the team for welcoming me on here! This is a real treat for me to share ideas with such fitness specialists and be amongst a community of like-minded people.

Second, a quick introduction, if I may! My name is Charlie Rawes, a personal trainer, but the title is unimportant—it’s what I do that I hope will be of interest! I specialize in “body transformation.” The difference between that and “weight- loss” is all down to shape! It is an often-neglected fact that most women (and men for that matter) wouldn’t care what they weighed on the scale if they had the body of their dreams. Here lies the importance of shape rather than weight, hence the old saying in fitness “lose waist, not weight.” With that in mind, let me shed some light on what types of exercise go into creating the envied shape of a Fit Bottomed Girl!

Over the years I have witnessed resistance-training change as many minds as bodies! At long last, the myths surrounding weight training are steadily being quashed by the reality—it is the only way to reshape the body. So for anyone wishing to tone their thighs, the backs of the legs and the butt (and who doesn’t?) weight training is a true blessing! As if the prospect of firmer, toned thighs was not enough, there is also a wonderful bonus to all that sculpting and shaping: fat burning! Oh yes, weight training will tone and strengthen your muscles and those muscles will keep your metabolism running faster and burning calories long after your weight-training session ends!

online-trainingI’m not sure if you are suffering the same epidemic as we are across the pond, but here in the U.K. we are sadly witnessing the side effects of neglecting resistance training….and as a consequence, round, peachy butts are becoming extinct! I know it may sound like scare-mongering, but think about it for a second: Did you think it was just fashion that causes young people to have their pants hanging so far down? Nope! That’s where their butt would be if they had one! Instead, there is nothing to keep their pants up! Now we see the emergence of the “muffin top” to make the look fashionable! Well, perhaps it’s too much to ask for a revolution to start from one article, but I know firsthand the dramatic changes that can result to one’s own body when action is taken!

I hope your next question may be “What weight-training exercises should I do?” Well, there are plenty of choices but exercise prescription always depends upon personal factors (medical history, injuries, etc). For anyone unrestricted by such issues and wishing to achieve the goals I’ve mentioned, I would strongly recommend two exercises in particular: squats and lunges! Master the technique and incorporate these tried-and-tested toners just twice a week into your routine and the effort you invest will be rewarded with prodigious results!

Having heard the unrivaled benefits of weight training, I hope you won’t be tempted to neglect your cardio exercise in the quest for a shapely figure! Let’s not underestimate the value of cardio for fitness and calorie burning, as well as a fantastic warm-up prior to your resistance training!

We are just scratching the surface here and there is SO much more that I’d love to tell you. If you want to know everything you will ever need to transform your figure, it’s just a click away on www.iwantrealresults.com. See you there soon. —Charlie Rawes, Connection Personal Training

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