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I’m Totally Freaking Out About Getting Pregnant

Credit: Alyssa L. MillerEver since we started dating, my husband and I knew that we wanted kids. But it was always this far-off thing—like “Oh, yeah, we’ll name them Tobi and Sam, and they’ll have your eyes and my hair, and we’ll be this happy snuggly family that is perfect and happy and really freakin’ cute. Eventually.” Well, I’m 30 now, so that “far-off thing?” Much, much closer.

Cue panic attack.

We’d like to have more than one kid (I’m breathing in a paper bag now), so it’s time to get going or at least start to plan to get going. I’ve obviously already learned a lot from Erin’s pregnancy and birth experience, but I have a small family, and I didn’t grow up around babies. So while I want them and think they’re beyond adorable, I’m also a touch afraid of them, and I’m not really sure what the heck to do with them. Once they can start talking in mostly complete sentences, I’m golden. But before then? A lot of time with me being totally awkward and feeling incompetent.

And the really funny part is that it’s not even the having of the baby that freaks me out; it’s the pregnancy. TO HAVE SOMEONE GROWING INSIDE YOU? Both amazing and incredibly hard to comprehend. And I can barely grasp its insanity in other people—let alone myself. To know that you’ve created life, to have a human grow and move around inside you, to know that you are responsible for that little person for your entire life. Whoa. Maybe I’m not as 30-feeling as I thought.

Regardless, I know it’s time and I feel like the universe is pushing me in the direction to reproduce and bring another Fit Bottomed Girl or Dude into the world. As they say, the ol’ clock is ticking. So, I’m preparing to prepare now. I’m going off the pill, as my doctor said it was best to go off for a few months to get familiar with my cycle and get the drug out of my system. (Don’t worry, we’re using a backup method!) I’m popping prenatal vitamins (holy crap they’re the largest horse pills I’ve ever seen!), and we’re even finally renovating our guest bedroom to transform it into an eventual—deep breath—nursery.

It’s exciting and terrifying. Which I guess all major life changes are. You mamas and soon-to-be-mamas out there, did you freak before getting pregnant? Or after getting pregnant? Tell us about it—and please, any advice is welcome! —Jenn

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  1. Bug's Mom says:

    Better to freak out now. I figured it would take awhile to get pregnant so I didn’t worry about it. I went off the pill in mid-March. By the end of April, I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. That’s when I freaked out. I’m three weeks postpartum, and I’ve heard that this is one of the hardest times to be a mom. I’d say its much easier than being pregnant, but you survive. Best of luck!

  2. Buddahkitty says:

    I am freaking out about getting pregnant. I cringe at any mention of “clock ticking” really makes me wanna beat someone senseless with a blunt object when I hear someone saying it. When I say it’s my first (i’m in my late 30’s) people give me that awwwww look like my dog just died.

    Looking forward to doing it. Wouldn’t mind if the stork brought it to skip the fat part, but gotta do what ya gotta do.

  3. Ella says:

    I would be freaking out definitely if i found out i am pregnant. I am around 35 and unfortunately i know that i don’t have time but i amnot ready. we keep postponing the plan to another time and it makes me more nervous since it is like a to-do list that stays there and needs to be done!!! The most intimidating part for me is being pregnent and carry the bump for 9 months! what an embaressment!!!! I hate being a women for this…. oh my God i hate it….. i don’t want to sacrify my career, and myself for such a thing…. oh my God is this normal?!?! Probaly you think i am crazy that i wish all the time that i cannot get pregnent for real!!!!! I keep talking about my future baby and samll thing such choosing a name to make it normal for myself …. oh… God it never will be!!!!!

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