Putting Your Sexy Socks On—and a Giveaway!

reflexology-sockLooking for a fun yet not overly slutty gift for Valentine’s Day for yourself or your honey? May we suggest the Sexy Love Sox, which not only has a name that makes us giggle like a fifth grader whose science teacher just accidentally said “orgasm” instead of “organism” (pretty sure that’s happened to everyone in school at least once), is also less than $20 and is guaranteed to give you a good time (or at least make your feet feel really good).

Based on the ancient Chinese technique of reflexology, these unisex, one-size-fits-all, easy-to-use socks show exactly where to press to stimulate the body’s erogenous zones, boost sex drive and improve sexual performance. The idea is that by pressing on specific reflex areas, you can actually stimulate that organ of the body and encourage your partner’s sexual arousal and excitement. And singles, you aren’t left out of the fun either: The socks can also be used by ladies who want to boost their own sex lives without a partner. Ooh-la-la!

Similar to this other pair of reflexology socks and this baby-massage shirt (remember to use protection when using the Sexy Love Sox unless you’d like to have a baby to massage) that we reviewed last year, this pair of socks comes with a detailed guide of information on reflexology and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use them on men and women. I won’t get into too many personal details on how these affected my sex life, but let’s just say that they’re definitely fun and definitely worth packing for a weekend getaway.

Want to try a pair of Sexy Love Sox? Leave a comment telling us about your PG-rated Valentine’s Day plans, and we’ll select one lucky U.S. commenter in a week to win a pair! As usual, the winner will be notified by email. Whose feet are feeling sexy? —Jenn


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  1. Me and my girlfriends are going to a cute restaurant that has a V-Day theme. Lots of laughing, wine, gossiping, and chocolate will ensue of course!

  2. 😉 Well Ladies, since V-Day is on a Monday, my BF of 8 years will most likely give me a card and I’ll buy him Dr. Pepper 😮

    :-/ We could use those socks …

  3. My husband & I are going to dinner at the restaurant we went to the night we got engaged. I also have a scavenger hunt planned for him to find his gift and the chocolate covered strawberries that I will be making… Shhh… It’s a secret!

  4. PG – how about G rated. Going to spend weekend moving into new house. Kids will help us move. For V-day itself we will shower the kids with love and time. They love their candy but always want mama & daddy time.

  5. probably stay home and hang out with our toddler. husband has to get up super early the next morning for a trade show.

  6. We bought a Groupon for a really nice restaurant but turns out it’s not good on Valentine’s Day, so we are cooking dinner at home (linguine with clams). And then using the Groupon next weekend!

  7. My Valentine’s Day will be spent with my sweetie watching movies and eating a good meal. That’s the g-rated version. The rest of the evening will remain unsaid. A good foot massage sounds nice though.

  8. Hoping to get my new Zumba DVDs and showing my heart some love! Can’t get too crazy, it’s a Monday!

  9. For our first Valentine’s Day, he baked me a pie and I photoshopped a picture of himself and one of his favorite musicians. Each of us have requested the same thing this year! (I can’t WAIT for the pie!!!)

  10. Well, being a couple of old F***s, I think I’ll make his favorite desert—lemon bars and babysit the granddaughters.

  11. When our relationship was new, my now hubby and I lived in different states. One of my visits out to spend a weekend with him we stopped at a rest area in Colorado in the dead of winter so I could look at the stars. He asked me to marry him under those stars, so we are going back there and lay under the stars again.

  12. omg! these are sooo cute, perfect for me because I love shoes, but these would be an eye catcher for around the house.

  13. My absolutely amazing boyfriend and I are taking a Valentine’s weekend trip to San Francisco – crazy nights out, the beach and winery tours. I’m so excited! It’s so cold and snowy in the Midwest. I met this amazing man through eHarmony.com after breaking up a 6-year relationship with my ex, who took me to buy a ring three years into our relationship and then never gave it to me. Of course, now I am SO happy that life has worked out this way. I’m positive that I am going to marry my new man! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. I’m going to visit my boyfriend who’s in flight school for the Marines. Super excited to see him! Long distance is tough, but we’re both so busy, we make it work! These sexy love sox could definitely come in handy on a future visit. 😉 haha

  15. We are planning to go out for a nice dinner and long overdo couple time. It’s hard to make that a priority when you have young kids, but we never regret it! I’ll make heart-shaped pancakes for the kids on Sunday and celebrate with them by spending some good quality family time! The best of both worlds!

  16. With our anniversary a week before Christmas and then my birthday a week before Valentine’s Day, by the time the romantic holiday gets here we’ve already bought plenty of gifts and eaten out enough. We usually make a nice meal at home and get a good bottle of wine to go with it. I do believe those socks are one way I could get my husband to massage my feet!

  17. I have a test and a paper due and three meetings followed by an interview and a evening presentation to go to for valentines day. clearly I am in need of some reflexology socks? haha thanks college for another holiday in the dust

  18. Currently our plans are not only PG but G rated. We’ll be hanging with the kids, though I might throw some wine in there. If we get adventurous we’ll go out for sushi the night before. Those socks look great!

  19. Well if I win these socks then I could say that a foot massage is on the books! Other than that I guess dinner at home with the family. Hoping hubby will pick up some ridiculous dessert becase there is no reason you cna’t splurge every now and then!!!!

  20. I created a stock pile of my hubby’s favorite computer side snacks, took him out to dinner, and to a movie. 🙂 Those are really cool socks.