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Taking a Stop at The Fit Pit


Don't let the super cute puppy fool you—this workout is tough!

We hadn’t done an FBG On the Scene bit in awhile and we thought it was high time we got out there again to show you some of the hottest and most fun exercise classes. After all, part of being an FBG is to always keep things fresh to keep you challenged, which was definitely the name of the game when I crashed a class at The Fit Pit in Shawnee, Kan. this past weekend. A mix of athletic drills, World’s Strongest Man-esque moves and running, jumping and pulling, the hour-long class was about what I would expect from a workout led by Bob or Jillian on The Biggest Loser Ranch. It was tough. After all, The Fit Pit’s motto is “Sweat, grunt, groan, spit, maybe bleed, but never quit!”

I expected it to be hard (check out the the owner Sheryl’s guns in the video below), but what I wasn’t totally prepared for? The camaraderie. I’ve never been to another group exercise class that was so incredibly team-focused. Not that BL isn’t all “go-team” and stuff, but in this class of 40 people I saw friendships, encouragement, focus and the drive by everyone to help each other go farther, faster and harder—no matter what their fitness level or background. It was seriously everything I love about exercise and working out: People helping others to be the best version of themselves and loving life. It simultaneously gave me warm fuzzies and made me want to go, as FBG Tish would say, “all diesel.” (Note the chicks in the video doing not just a few pull-ups, but 25 of them. Yes, 25!)

Watch the video below to learn more about The Fit Pit, including how it got started and what it’s all about straight from the owner’s mouth, along with what you can expect in a class (you can even see me sweating it out in a few shots!) and an interview with one vivacious member who you will swear is lying about her age (she isn’t!).

Can’t see the video? Click here to see what a workout at The Fit Pit is like!

Despite the fact that I still can’t pee without having flashbacks of those tire drills, I plan on going back to The Fit Pit for more. And those pull-ups? Oh, they will be mine… —Jenn

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