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Today’s post is by our friends at Outblush, a delicious shopping blog for women that’s like having your own team of personal shoppers right at your mouse. They’re taking their fashion know-how and applying it to all things fitness!

We here at Outblush are devoted to our daily workouts. Why? They relieve stress, help offset those cookie and candy samples we keep getting to review, and keep us healthy overall. And—being obsessed with fashion—we try to make ourselves at least somewhat presentable at the gym, even when we’ve just dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:30 a.m. for a Spin class. But other people? Not so much. We’ve seen girls try to do the stairstepper in stilettos (a la Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion), guys in little more than a thong and tank top, and countless other fashion sins committed in the name of lookin’ fly at the gym. Herewith, our recommendations on what to wear and what not to wear to the gym.

Dos and Don’ts of Fitness Fashion

Do. Wear a top that’s comfortable enough to move around in, whether that’s form-fitting or loose—it really depends on the type of workout you’re doing. A great all-around sleeveless tank that we love for everything from running to yoga is this Athleta Sleeveless Twist Top ($49).

Do: Ask if your gym has a dress code. There are plenty that respectfully request no bare midriffs, no tank tops, etc., and they usually have a pretty good reason. It’s embarrassing to get kicked out of a Zumba class because you’re breaking the rules or making some little old granny uncomfortable!

Do: Get properly fitted for a sports bra. The bigger the boob, the bigger the bounce—and the bigger the stares you’ll get if those things are moving more than you are. (Oh, yeah, and it starts to hurt after awhile…) Go to a bra boutique to determine your true bra size, then shop around for a good brand that’ll keep those babies in check.

Don’t: Please, please, please, no more stringer tank tops—for men OR women! We’ll give you several reasons why: 1) We don’t especially want to see a guy’s hairy, sweaty armpits. 2) We’d rather not see the sweat flying from your pits and covering the machines…Especially since, in our experience, the wearers of stringers tend to “forget” to wipe off the machines when they’re done.

Don’t: Wear full makeup to work out. Why? It clogs your pores, trapping sweat and sebum and resulting in breakouts. Plus, who wants to have mascara and blush running down their face at the end of a particularly grueling session of Bikram yoga? Not a good look. Let your skin breathe! (Plus, a gym bunny look says you’re there to pick up a date for Friday night, not to work on your glutes.)

Don’t: Wear pants that are too loose. We’ve seen too many gals (and guys) bite it on the treadmill when they trip on their baggy sweatpants. A snug-hipped pair of Nike Be Strong Dri-Fit Pants will keep your legs cool thanks to the sweat-wicking fabric, but you won’t have to worry about biffing it in front of that cute guy on the elliptical. Conversely, pants tight enough to show off your camel toe are not advised...

Thanks to Outblush for the fab fashionable post! What are you fashion dos and don’ts at the gym? —Jenn

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  1. Note to men: when taking a Pilates class, especially on the reformer, pleaseohpleaseohplease wear bicycle shorts AND underwear! DO NOT wear jogging shorts and go commando! As much as we love you and love that you’re taking the class, we don’t want to see THAT.

  2. don’t wear see-through pants! you can’t just wear any old pair of leggings or even throw on lululemon pants and think you’re covered. if you’re stretching that spandex to the max, the row of treadmills behind you will get an eyeful, especially for gyms with lots of windows and natural light.

  3. I’m all for working out in my makeup! What’s the point in washing your face to go sweat and then wash your face again. To each their own but its quicker for me to not wash my makeup off and I’m definitely not there to pick up a date!

  4. All I can find is camel toe inducing womens work out pants :,(. I went to several sporting goods stores. Is it so wrong to be on a budget AND want to leave something to the imagination? In the end I gave up and bought a pair of mens running pants in XS, I have short legs. I personally wish that men would stop wearing tights in the gym. In advertantly checking out their packages makes me uncomfortable.

  5. I have made the mistake of working out in makeup after work, and it makes me break out! I carry make up removing towelettes with me all the time. That way I can at least remove foundation from my chin and T zone to avoid the breakouts…