What Do You Want to See on the new Fit Bottomed Mamas?

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Credit: Trace Meek

We know you Fit Bottomed Girl readers aren’t all mamas, but for those of you who are, we’re dying to know what you want to see on the new Fit Bottomed Mamas! We know you fit mamas are opinionated, so get your pointer finger warmed up and ready to click. We want to know why you like (or dislike) FBM, what content you’re loving (or hating!), what you’d like to see more of and what stage of mamahood you’re in. We know you’re busy, so we swear it’s super fast and painless. And if you respond, you’ll even be entered to win a free workout DVD!

Take the Fit Bottomed Mamas survey now!

If you’re rather not take a survey, head on over to Fit Bottomed Mamas to speak your mommy mind in the comments section! —Erin


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  1. I’d love to see more on how to help mamas get toned. I’ve got three kids, and I’m not overweight, I am so not tone. I don’t think my body will ever be exactly as it used to be before babies, but I’d like it if my four year old didn’t ask me if he can lay on my squishy tummy because it’s nice and soft. It would also be great if my kids didn’t say my tooshie was like a marshmallow. 🙁 They mean well, and obviously they don’t understand that sort of thing can break a mom’s heart.