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5 Tips to Feel More Comfortable and Confident in the Gym

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Interior view of a gym with equipment and weights.

It is easy to let insecurities get the best of you at the gym—many people have the misconception that gyms are large, sweaty places filled only with the healthy and fit. In truth, local gyms cater to all community members who want to get fit and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips from the exercise experts at Life Fitness to learn that you don’t have to let your gym fears get in the way!

5 Ways to Defeat Gym Intimidation

1. Assess your state of mind. Before you open the gym doors, have an honest conversation with yourself about the lifestyle changes you want to make. Unless a gym membership is part of your personal fitness goal, long-term attendance isn’t likely. When you make exercise a physical and psychological commitment, success at the gym is much more likely.

2. Forget about other people. New gym-goers occasionally think other members are watching them and making judgments. Truthfully, most exercisers are focused on their own routines and personal goals, so don’t be distracted by the person on the treadmill or yoga mat next to you. Focus your thoughts and energy on your own workout, and you’ll feel more satisfied with the work you’ve done.

3. Schedule an orientation. Whether you frequent the gym or are a new member, take advantage of free training sessions offered at your fitness center—these are great resources that will help you learn more about the equipment, classes and amenities your gym has to offer. Knowledge of the equipment and what’s available to you will make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.

4. Trust the professionals. As with anything new, it’s natural to feel insecure in an unfamiliar environment. However, gym staff and personal trainers will support your goals and offer valuable guidance if you ask for help. A trainer can guide you through a fitness routine that feels comfortable and will give you the confidence to check out all of your exercise choices.

5. Change your perspective on size and weight. When you go to the gym, stop obsessing over the scale and concentrate more on better health and increased energy levels. Give your ego a rest and enjoy your experiences at the gym—you’ll be much more likely to go back.

How do you feel more comfortable at the gym? —Life Fitness

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  1. Jamie says:

    As someone who is often one of the heaviest people at the gym, I’ve found two ways to be more comfortable: one is to buy workout clothes that fit and are comfortable. If you’re not pulling on your shirt or embarrassed when you catch yourself in the mirror, you’ll feel much better during your workout. My second strategy is to take workout classes. Often times I’m so focused on following the instructor and/or trying to keep up that I don’t feel self-conscious.

  2. As a Weight Loss Consultant/Health Coach I find that when my clients first come to me they are embarrassed to be seen when they go to the gym or yoga/pilates studio so often times they avoid it entirely. Thanks for posting some nice tips for people to use to get over their gym fears.

  3. Debbie says:

    I finally went to the gym over the weekend to pay my annual dues. It’s so inexpensive to renew ($49/yr) but I haven’t been going because I’ve been self conscious of my weight. I’m pretty underweight and people at the gym have commented. So I finally went on a late Sunday afternoon, when there were hardly any people there and it wasn’t bad at all. I love going to the gym, so I decided to just get over it. I am sore today (yay)!

    I really need to go more often because I have bone issues and walking on the treadmill and lifting weights is so good for my bones. Thanks for posting this. I need to get over myself and just go for my health! So if you can, try to get more comfortable at the gym by going at a less busy time (if at all possible, sometimes it’s always busy, right?)

  4. Krista says:

    I was very much intimidated by others in the gym. I was mostly unsure of what to do and how to do stuff. Bought books, magazines, and used the internet to research what exercise worked what muscle group. Armed w/all the info, I slowly gained the confidence to work out in the gym. Now I’m all about getting my workout on! I don’t pay attention to others, just so focused on what I’m doing.

  5. Jo says:

    I’m lucky in that I have everything I need at home, but there probably will be a time where I’d like to go to a gym to get support from other people. I do think I’d be self-conscious but it’s certainly about not thinking about what others are doing and focus on yourself.

  6. Yes, it is necessary to have some level of confidence and feel comfortable in the gym. Apart from these, we should also require some kind of motivation and inspiration to develop our physical fitness while hitting the gym regularly. Most of the occasion people are facing problems in gym regarding their fitness problems and due to lack of confidence and never give attitude they can’t even give their full dedication. I would like to follow these essential tips present in this article regarding gym confidence and comfortable. Thanks for highlighting such wonderful topics.

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