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★FitStars: Ruby Gettinger and Her Trainer PJ Stahl

ruby-pjYep, we love Ruby. (For proof, she’s now the only celeb we’ve interviewed three times and given the title of FBG of the Year to!) So when we heard that her show Ruby would be on for another season and would feature a whole new side of fitness, we were stoked to check it out and hear all of the fun details straight from the horses’ mouth. I say “horses” because today’s interview doesn’t just feature hacky-wacky Ruby but also her new trainer in LA, PJ Stahl, who has been a fitness consultant for Reebok, GAIAM, Sport Shake and Core Performance.

From the exercises PJ is using to get Ruby to her goal weight to Ruby’s recent discovery of Spanx, read on for our interview with the twos of them!

ruby-trainer-pjInterview with Ruby’s Trainer PJ Stahl

  • FBG: What has it been like to work with Ruby?
  • PS: Working with Ruby has been amazing! Ruby is one of the most determined people I have ever worked with and it shows in every workout we do together. During our workouts she will push herself until she can “feel the burn,” as she puts it. From high-calorie-burning workouts in the gym to hiking Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, Ruby always challenges herself and surprises me at the end of the workout with a burst of energy. We are a dynamic team when we train together! With my experience and motivation and Ruby’s determination to lose the weight and succeed, we always have fun and effective workouts!
  • FBG: What sort of exercises do you have her doing and why?
  • PS: I have created a couple different types of workouts for Ruby, but all of our workouts are metabolic-based (high reps and low weight in a circuit with three to five exercises back to back) to burn the most calories possible. We will do a circuit training in the gym with the cable machines and dumbbells, outdoor workouts with bungees and a medicine ball, and hiking workouts at Runyon Canyon. It is extremely important that I watch all of Ruby’s lower-body movements and exercises. With an obese client, it is important to assess all biomechanical movement patterns to make sure that you will never injure the client. It is optimal to keep most lower-body exercises with a cardiovascular emphasis (treadmill, bike, walking, hiking, etc.) and keep her upper-body exercises metabolic-based. This format will ensure safety and burn an optimal amount of calories without overusing joints or injuring the body.
  • FBG: As Ruby continues her inspiring weight-loss journey, how have you seen her change?
  • PS: One of the biggest changes I have seen in Ruby as she continues her inspiring weight-loss journey is that she continues to learn more about herself every day. The hardest part about being obese and having a food addiction is learning about yourself and what triggers your behaviors. Ruby has made some amazing personal discoveries this season and with those has learned more about her journey to health and happiness. It is only through self-discovery and making realistic, sustainable lifestyle changes that anyone will succeed with a weight-loss goal. Ruby is on the journey to change her life, and I have seen her face her biggest fears to reach success!
  • FBG: What can we expect on the new season of Ruby?
  • PS: Expect to see some intense workouts and a new form of fitness and nutrition introduced to Ruby in Los Angeles. Ruby and I will be training, hiking and experiencing new feats like never before. You will see strong emotions, crying, self-discovery and successes that will inspire and motivate anyone to new levels. In one episode, Ruby and I go through an intense training session with another trainer and her physical limitations are tested. I always have Ruby’s health and safety as my No. 1 priority, and when another person puts her in a situation where her safety could be jeopardized, I will remove her from the situation for health reasons. It gets intense—so you will have to watch to find out more!
  • FBG: What’s the No. 1 tip you’d give to women who want to lose weight?
  • PS: There is no change that is too small to change your life. Making small choices EVERY DAY can lead to a life change that will last forever. From a short walk in the park to eliminating unhealthy snacks at work, any of these small lifestyle changes will add up to a weight-loss goal. It is important to start small and be consistent. I always tell my clients that if what you are doing is not sustainable, then you will probably gain the weight back. So, start with small daily challenges and work your way into a lifestyle that will make you happier and healthier than you have ever dreamed possible.

rubyInterview with Ruby Gettinger

  • FBG: What has it been like to work with PJ?
  • RG: PJ is an AMAZING friend/trainer! I only train with PJ while I am in LA. He reminds me a lot of my personal trainers Drew and Shazia Edmonds from Savannah, Georgia, because he knows how to listen to the client! There are many fitness trainers that do not know how to correctly work with an obese client and can really injure someone, especially their joints, back, etc. This is just why PJ and I were able to connect; he knows all about training obese clients.
  • FBG: What sort of exercise does PJ have you doing and how often?
  • RG: If I am in town for a week, we will train four times that week. We go to Runyon Canyon and OMG that works out every part of your body! If you live in LA, everyone needs to do that workout! We do intervals at the beach with the rubber bands, weights and a ball. We also weight train at the gym where he works, and everyone is so nice! Living in LA, you have so many workout and fitness options because it is always beautiful outside!
  • FBG: What have you learned while training with PJ?
  • RG: I’ve learned from Shazia, Drew and PJ how important it is for my health, joints, etc., to work out four to five times a week—and they all three always make it fun! Working out does not have to be a torturous thing if your trainers find out what you love to do and work it into your workouts! They all three do!
  • FBG: What can we expect on the new season of Ruby?
  • RG: This is the first time my friends have ever been SO honest with me (and I really hated them…for a week!), but now we’re fine; they probably saved my life by being so honest about my weight. [Ex-boyfriend] Denny and I go to couple’s therapy. I go on my first date ever with a guy in LA. And there’s a big kiss moment, but I can’t say who it’s with! Oh, and I show myself in Spanx. I didn’t know how amazing those things are. I put those Spanx on, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! You will see me training with PJ while visiting LA. I need someone I can trust and he makes me believe I can do the impossible and pushes me in a great way! MOST IMPORTANTLY, HE HEARS ME! You will see it unfold this season!
  • FBG: What’s the No. 1 tip you’d give to women who want to lose weight?
  • RG: Do not wait until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes! OR…It comes 10 years later, and before you realize it, you’ve wasted so much of your life! Fight for you! Never give up! Do not look back at all of your yesterdays, today is a new day! Today is the first day of your life! One day at a time! It is time for us to stop fearing. I tell everyone fear only keeps us frozen in time. It’s time to go to the edge and fly to your freedom.

You can follow along on Ruby’s weight-loss journey, which sounds hilarious, inspiring and dramatic (great TV there!) on Sunday nights at 8/7 central on the Style Network. We’re watching for sure! —Jenn

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