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3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination…Like Right Now

overcome-procrastination-585We’ve all done it before, whether it’s putting off getting started on that big project at work or waiting until the night of April 14 to sit down to do our taxes, procrastination is a way of life for many of us. However, procrastination has a few negative effects. Not only can it be stress-inducing, but it’s also not a very efficient way of spending your time. Just think how much you could have gotten done if you actually worked on what you were avoiding instead of thinking about and dreading it? Read on for three ways to stop the procrastination monster cold in its tracks!

Tips to Overcoming Procrastination

Get to the root. We never procrastinate without a reason. Maybe we already have too much on our plates and it’s time to start delegating other tasks to free up time or maybe we don’t think we have the skills to handle the big project our boss just handed to us. Sometimes, we’re just plain afraid of the results of our work—taxes come to mind there. No matter what it is that you’re putting off, take a few deep breaths, and check in with your emotions by asking “What’s the hold up here and why?” You might be surprised at the answer!

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