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An Everything-in-Moderation Wedding

Erineatingatwedding-300x204I didn’t really want to have a wedding. I wanted to get married to my dear hubby, of course, and knew it only a week or so after our first date. But I didn’t want the big crowd, the super-expensive wedding, the attention. I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of gal, which is one of the reasons why my FBG video appearances are few and far between.

When I’d decided who the groom was going to be and knew that he’d decided on me as well, I started spending a lot of time researching destination weddings. Not everyone can afford to come? HURRAY!

But alas, the groom in question was worried that I would regret not having a traditional wedding, so traditional wedding planning commenced. Funny enough, even though FBG wasn’t even an idea in my brain at the time , I ended up having an “everything-in-moderation” type of wedding that was fitting of the catch-phrase Jenn and I probably drive all of you guys crazy saying so often.

First order of business was limiting the guest list, which I did by picking a church that only sat 100 people. Nothing will make you cut-throat like that will. We invited a few extras to the reception, but having what I considered a “moderate”-sized wedding saved my sanity.

We preach about the importance of healthy eating here, and I was definitely not one of those brides who went diet and workout crazy pre-wedding. I kept working out, kept eating right, and as a result felt fabulous on the big day. And on a day like my wedding day, I wasn’t going to be one of those brides who didn’t have a chance to eat because she was so busy talking to guests. Honoring the importance of a good meal, I made eating a priority and even enjoyed drinks (in moderation) and my wedding cake. Now, when people comment about how good the food was (years later, they still do!) I don’t have to wonder if it’s true—I know!

And because not everything can go as planned, my new husband and I were thrown a curve ball at the end of the night. Even though we had booked a hotel for the night, the hotel wouldn’t honor our online reservation. While my hubby did give them the old what-for over the phone, we decided it wouldn’t be so bad to stay in our apartment after all. Everyone says that something is bound to go wrong on the big day. Even our setback was a moderate one that taught us that when life throws you lemons, you can always make lemonade when you’re with the one you love. (And no that is not a euphemism for wedding-night shenanigans, people.)

Now when I look back on the day, I wouldn’t change a thing. A moderate guest list, a good meal, a reminder to roll with the punches. I can’t promise I stuck with the everything-in-moderation plan when it came to the honeymoon in Mexico, but when else do you have the green light for too much food, too much drink, and too much fun? —Erin

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