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Coachella Music Festival 2011 Workout Playlist


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A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure of attending the Coachella Music Festival. If you’ve never heard of it, I’ll give you the key facts: It’s in a California dessert, it lasts three days, it’s full of amazing bands (some you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t), it’s hotter than Hades during the day and cold like the mountains at night, and it has the best people watching—ever.

This was my first time at a multi-day music festival, and while we didn’t do the camping thing, we did get our full-out music binge on, which inspired the heck out of me creatively and just gave me time to sit back, reflect and appreciate the overall awesomeness of life. I also had the chance to go with two awesome ladies, FBG Tish (read her personal blog Luv and Kiwi!) and her friend (and now my friend) Nicole. So. Much. Fun.

We spent a lot of time dancing, and while I usually lean towards the more pop-side when it comes to workout music, there were a number of tracks heard at Coachella that made me go, “Hmmm…this would be good for FBG.” Hence the below 45-minute playlist that is good for any cardio you love to do. (And note to the young-uns out there, not all are appropriate for PG-aged ears!)

Coachella 2011 Playlist


There we be!

  1. (2:16) U.R.A. Fever, The Kills: Get your sexy, rocker-self ready because this track will get you feeling saucy. Do some fast walking or rhythmic stretching to get you warmed up like a, well, fever!
  2. (4:02) Ready to Start, Arcade Fire: Now that you’re ready to start (Get it? Har har!), begin slowly picking your pace up during this song that builds in intensity as it goes. And for the record, this band was AMAZING live.
  3. (3:43) Start Wearing Purple, Gogol Bordello: No matter if you’re a purple fan or not, this high-energy song will get you going. And if you’ve never heard of this band, Google them. Oh, so fun. Pick up your pace a bit for this one!
  4. (4:38) Fuego, Bomba Estéreo: Oh, girl you are on fire! Pump up the intensity a little bit more while you jam out to the funky beats of Bomba Estéreo.
  5. (3:47) Filthy/Gorgeous, Scissor Sisters: Oh, so gay, and oh so fabulous, we loved seeing the Scissor Sisters at Coachella. Slow your pace back down a little on this track, but definitely feel how gorgeous you are.
  6. (2:42) Your Touch, The Black Keys: Another sexy band. Pick up your pace again, this time trying to go as hard as you can for the full almost three minutes. You got this, girl!
  7. (4:53) Everything is Everything, Lauryn Hill: This is an older track but Lauryn Hill is still Lauryn Hill, and the wiseness she has (say like Yoda). Ponder the meaning of this song as you recover from that sprint.
  8. (3:35) Fembot, Robyn: Do you remember Robyn from the 90s? Well, she’s back and totally techno-fantastic. Rock out to this girl-power song as you start to pick your pace up again.
  9. (6:19) Monster, Kanye: Okay, so we weren’t actually there to hear Kanye on the final night of the show, but this is hands-down one of my favorite Kanye songs. It’s visceral, thumping and will definitely get you moving. For this one, sprint for 30 seconds every time a new rapper comes in the song.
  10. (2:56) Can’t Stop Now, Ozomatli: Get your world music on with this song that tells you what you need to hear at the end of your workout: Can’t stop!
  11. (2:58) When We Swam, Thao With Get Down Stay Down: So…I’m a little obsessed with this song and this band after seeing them. With sweet, flirtatious lyrics, cool it on down with this one.
  12. (3:35) The Cave, Mumford & Sons: It wouldn’t be a Coachella playlist without Mumford! Keep on cooling down and do some light stretches with this popular song.

So much good music—a lot of which, looking back on, was pretty sexy. Growl. What’s your favorite band of the moment for workouts? And we totally plan on going back to Coachella next year… —Jenn

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