Happy Belly=Happy Weight

probioticsThere’s been a lot of hubbub about probiotics lately, huh? First it was research on what all the good live active cultures in your yogurt can do. Then it was research linking the bacteria in your gut to disease, immunity and obesity. The bottom line from everything I’ve read and seen: It’s time for us to love our bellies a bit more and not be so afraid of the “b” word: Bacteria.

While I do like the occasional snack of Greek yogurt, I have to admit that I’m not that great at making sure that I get some good bacteria in my diet each and every day. And because I do eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables—and eat according to my hunger—I’m not one for adding in more food if I don’t really feel like I’m hungry. And that’s where these probiotics supplements come in.

I’d toyed with the idea of trying some for awhile, and it’s almost like Vidazorb heard my thoughts, sending me a few bottles to try just days after my belly-health ponderings began. Although I’m not in weight-loss mode, the pills are touted by the manufacturer as the perfect complement to losing weight and getting in shape because the probiotics help your body absorb vital nutrients—without any additional calories.

For 30 days, I tried the Vidazorb +OPC Daily Age Defense Probiotic Chewable Tablets in Pomegranate Flavor, and for another 30 days I tried Vidazorb Super C Probiotic Chewable Tablets, Orange Pineapple Flavor. Three pills a day, taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They didn’t taste bad, albeit a tad chalky. They didn’t require refrigeration, which was super nice, too. And although they have a high price tag of $30-plus for a bottle (although they’re giving all FBG readers a whopping 50 percent off with the code “FBG50” now through the end of April!), I think the research behind probiotics is worth justifying the price—especially if you’re lactose intolerant or aren’t a big yogurt eater. While I didn’t notice huge benefits at first, after a month of taking these, my digestive track did start working like freakin’ clockwork (Oh, hello 8 a.m.!) and despite those around me getting colds, I’ve been darn healthy all season. So all in all, me likey!

Do you take probiotics? Eat yogurt regularly? Tell us about it in the comments, and you’ll be entered to win one of five bottles of these probiotics to try yourself! You know the drill: U.S. residents only, please, and winners will be notified directly by email. Love that happy belly! —Jenn



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  1. I’d love to try this product! I try to eat a yogurt a day for the good bacteria (and of course some tasty protein), but I definitely notice a difference in my belly when I don’t eat yogurt regularly!

  2. I have yogurt daily throughout the week for breakfast, but am bad about having them on the weekends. I do notice a bit of a difference when I am good about continuing on the weekends, but would love to try something like this for those days when I just don’t have yogurt, or am not in the “mood” to eat some.

  3. I just started taking some probiotics I bought at Vitamin World about 8 days ago. Too soon to really tell a difference. But, I have a friend who SWEARS by probiotics. She has been taking them for a year and hasn’t been sick either!! I would love to give these a shot!! Mine are not chewable, they are coated pills that don’t require refrigeration.

  4. I have 2 probiotic yogurts daily in my diet. Usually Greek yogurt or another of the low-fat variety. I always make sure to get my two daily yogurts in each day. I feel a lot better knowing I’m getting a dose of the good bacteria in my system and also to help keep me regular.

  5. We eat Chobani in our house. It is the best Greek Yogurt around. My hubby has been convinced to eat it. He historically has had a lot of stomach problems. No more, thanks to Cho. We love our Cho!

  6. I do take a probiotic and I eat a yoghurt a day, but it doesn’t feel like it’s made a difference to me. However it’s only been six weeks, so I’ll look again at the end of the bottle. I have recently lost a few pounds after a plateau, so who knows?

  7. Hey Ladies 🙂

    I LOVE White Mountain Foods Bulgarian Style Yogurt.

    1 cup has 90 billion live beneficial bacteria count; which is higher than pro-biotic supplement grade. Also, the company’s Bulgarian Yogurt supports over-all health through more efficient digestion and absorption of the nutrients in all the food you eat 😮

    BONUS ! The company has a 5 Day Challenge 😉

  8. I take pearl probiotics which are expensive but seem to help. I have a long, long history of digestive issues and have tried everything. Always up for something different but just have to hang in there sometimes.

  9. I would love to try this product! I make my own yogurt, and try to eat some everyday, but some days I just don’t feel like eating yogurt, so this would be so helpful for me!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I love freezing plain yogurt and making it taste like icecream. Lately I haven’t been eating as much but it’s my favorite Starbucks lunch: venti iced skinny vanilla latte & greek yogurt w/honey 🙂

  11. I have been taking a daily probiotic for a while now. I also love yogurt and eat it just about every day. I do think that all of this has helped with my digestive system and overall just makes me feel good!

  12. I’ve recently learned about the importance of having a healthy gut. I do eat yogurt, but I would love to try these-especially the ones with OPC (but any of the five would be great!).

  13. It would be interesting to see how these worked being someone who is lactose intolerant. This is an issue that it a fine line to walk when you cant have most things with lactose.

  14. I have so many tummy troubles it’s ridiculous. I’m lactose intolerant and vegan, so no dairy in this body. There are vegan yogurts, but they are expensive, and I frankly can’t fit them into my daily diet (even I could afford it). Plus, I have never noticed any difference from eating yogurt (dairy or otherwise). I definitely want to try these, I’ve heard lots of positive things about probiotics!

  15. I try to eat yogurt everyday, but sometimes I just don’t have time or want it. I would love to try this. Since I have been eating more protein, my digestive system is still not on track so maybe this would help?? Would love a chance to try it!

  16. I have tried to make yogurt a daily part of my diet, too, but I never stick to it. I would love to try the probiotics. It would be nice to be able to wake up every day and not feel bloated and gross.

  17. I too try to eat yogurt but don’t always get to it daily. I used to make my own soy yogurt regularly and loved that. It was easy, inexpensive but still used active cultures. Since time and schedules don’t always permit making the yogurt anymore, it’d be nice to try some bottled probiotics.

  18. I am a greek yogart eater & I love it! I try to eat it everyday, but I don’t always. I also think about the probiotics, but I just haven’t tried them yet. But, I would love too!!

  19. I would love to try probiotics because I have been taking antibiotics and afriad that I won’t have any good bacteria left in my system.

  20. I have Shakeology every day – it contains probiotics that really help your digestive system, as well as all of the vitamins and minerals I need for the day!

  21. I drink a half bottle of GT’s MultiGreen Kombucha a day. It tastes like vinegar and water and looks like it’s made from grass and alfalfa. It’s not that bad though, I find my body craves it now more than the Snickers bar or other sweets.

  22. I eat plain lowfat greek yogurt & drink plain lowfat kefir daily. I also enjoy Kombucha drinks to get my probiotics. For my daughter, I buy organic ‘go-gurt’ type products and freeze them for a nice treat! I think Lifeway is coming out with a Kefir frozen yogurt product as well that I can’t wait to try.

    I don’t believe in taking too many supplements, but probiotics is #1 on my list for myself & my daughter!

  23. I try to eat a little greek yogurt a least every other day, but definitely don’t get as many probiotics as a should. Can I count frozen yogurt?

  24. Having IBS I know its really important for me to watch the balance of my stomach and intestines, however, no matter how I try I just can’t stomach yogurt. Along with my IBS I have sensitivity to food smells and textures that can trigger an attack, and part of that is that I can’t tolerate most “mushy” type foods like yogurt, pudding, cereal w/milk, etc and most fruits. I’ve tried frozen yogurt but most of them don’t have the same probiotic levels as regular yogurt.

    I tried a sample sized probiotic supplement once, but its not something I can afford regularly so I didn’t continue taking it long enough to see if it truly helped me. I would love to win the contest and have a chance to see if helps because my IBS has been the worst its ever been these past few years and no doctor has been able to even remotely give me relief!

  25. i go through phases with eating yogurt, but now it’s even more important for me since i’m on a long-term antibiotic therapy. i’ve been looking into probiotic supplements for a little while & i’d love to try these!

  26. I go through phases of eating yogurt, almost daily, and of taking probiotics. I have always had a finicky stomach which is directly connected to my head, I believe lol! I take an over-the-counter acid reducer/heartburn aid daily as well. Just wish I had those better products to try…I’m sure they work and I’d probably be better equipped to notice a difference and therefore use regularly. Would love a healthy belly =o]

  27. I can’t eat yogurt due to lactose intolerance and do not take probiotics!!! I have a feeling it would really help my belly issues! I need to win this and try it out!

  28. I don’t take probiotics …..yet. But I love greek yogurt and tell all yogurt eaters to switch over to them. I come from a mother & aunt who deal with stomach issues often; so it’s no surprise I have aches once in a while. I also been sick for about a week and a half! I need a change in something.


  29. this is timely…i dont make a conscious effort to take probiotics or eat yogurt, but lately i’m noticing my pooch seems…looser. I don’t like it, considering I’ve upped my running game.
    would love to try!