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Massage Plus Pain Relief: Oh Yeah.

bengay-massageI’m a little crazy (not that this is a surprise). See, I like soreness. Not the kind of soreness where you can’t walk or sit down without grunting in agony, but a little soreness here and there lets you know you did something new and that you pushed it. Problem is, sometimes when I work out, I don’t just kind of work hard trying something new. I give it my 110 percent…which equates to crazy soreness. (Mostly I blame/credit this place.) And when this happens, I hobble around like a gram-mama for two days, attempting some yoga to loosen up and begging my husband to rub the affected spot(s) o’ soreness (really trying to not make that sound overtly dirty). But sometimes yoga doesn’t do it, and occasionally my husband gives me that look that says, “Really, am I just here to serve you?” At which point I say, “yes,” and he ignores me.

So, really Bengay’s new Pain Relief + Massage product is kind of a godsend. The people at Bengay recently sent me some to try, and while it doesn’t cure the soreness (only proper rest does that!), it does give you a good 20 minutes of relief—and that super cool warm tingly sensation Bengay is famous for. Plus it has these little nubby nubs on it that allow you to massage the gel (which vanishes, thankfully) into your skin. Ya’ll know how much we like massage, right? Such a smart addition, Bengay. And while the gel still has that signature menthol scent, it does go away in about an hour, so you don’t spend the whole day hearing, “Hey, who has the Bengay on?”

While obviously a real massage is better, this isn’t too shabby. My husband sure thinks so. —Jenn

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  1. Tish says:

    Oh I want this on my knees…right now. She Runs LA…10K. Oh yeah!

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