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Walk On With This Spring Playlist

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Credit: Nina Matthews Photography

Ahhh, glorious spring. That lovely season that karate chops the heck out of winter and ushers in rain, flowers and almost 12 hours of daylight. It’s the season we dump the gym and start pounding the pavement.

This spring I want to stop and smell more than the roses. I want to smell any old flower that blooms my way. I want to appreciate sunshine—without the crazy heat and recycled gym air that includes the byproducts of Butchy Bob—the one whose sweat smells like cat pee. In honor of this gratuitous goal, I put together a playlist for those who want to enjoy nature, Fit-Bottomed-Girls style! (Perfect for those taking the April challenge!)

Walking never really gets the credit it deserves. Not only is walking a great stress reliever, getting in three days of 30-minute strolls is a great way to help you get better sleep. Personally, I love some sleep, and I really love it when I can relieve myself of stress, so I’m all for that! Here’s a playlist that will definitely put a little spring in your steps.

Your Spring Walking Playlist

  1. (2:36) Rockin’ Robin, Jackson 5: Start your walk out on the right spring beat. This song will definitely put a spring in your step!
  2. (3:35) Changes, David Bowie: Ah, changes…Isn’t that what spring is really all about? We change where we work out and take it to the great outdoors. And if we follow the lyrics closely, we can even change paths and turn a new corner on our walk path. Be daring: Walk a half a mile farther than you normally would. Change it up!
  3. (4:13) Dog Days, Florence + The Machines: The dog days are most definitely over! That is unless you walk with your dog and then this track doesn’t really apply. This song has so much energy and pizazz. I swear by the time the walk is over you’ll look like the happiest walker in the world.
  4. (3:17) Gettin Up, Q-Tip: Q-Tip has a cute little walk he always does in his videos, so why not do the Q-Tip walk? Get lower to the ground and take larger steps. Stretch out those legs and feel the burn!
  5. (4:30) Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen: I threw in this song just to inspire. Walking is a fantastic way to baby step into running. If this is the spring you’re going to pick up the pace, just remember Springsteen told us we’re genetically programmed for some speed. Springsteen IS the boss, after all.
  6. (4:33) Umbrella, Rihanna: You HAVE to have a song about the rain on a spring playlist. It’s a requirement. I love this song because the girl put a song about rain to an upbeat track. Who doesn’t want to go stomping through puddles while bopping along to a song like this? Plus, jumping in puddles could be a great plyometric workout.
  7. (6:05) Spring, Ursula Rucker: I LOVE me some Ursula. I first heard her on the Roots’ album Things Fall Apart. She was the poet spittin’ some deep, dark lyrics. Luckily, she changes things up on her own album. Reflect on what spring means to you as you bop your head and swing your arms to this goodie.
  8. (6:09) Roses, Outkast: You can slow down your pace and get a little pimp lean (aka stretch) in.
  9. (2:38) Blue Orchid, The White Stripes: Making a walk unforgettable is the name of the game. Grooving to this White Stripes loveliness will definitely help you appreciate the flowers you pass without the need to stop and smell. We’re changing up what it means to walk!

What spring-licious tunes have you wanting to get out and enjoy Mama Nature’s pad? —Tish

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