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A Digital Weight Scale That Isn’t Quite So Evil

quantum-scaleI can’t count the number of times we’ve said that your life and self worth shouldn’t be determined by the number on the bathroom scale. Besides the fact that we don’t even recommend that our Weight-Loss Challenge girlies weigh in regularly (we’re all about the inches lost!), we refuse to let a little number on an electronic device influence our mood for the day. Heck to the no. But then we heard about the Quantum Scale, which sort-of kind-of turns everything we believe about weight scales on its head.

See, this digital bathroom scale does have a number, but it never shows your actual weight—only the amount of weight you’ve lost or gained since you first stepped on and programmed the thing. Ingenious? Quite. And it totally pokes holes in our plea to not let one of these buggers live in your bathroom as a permanent fixture. (We prefer ours in the closet, coming out once a week to keep us on track without driving us nutters.)

The scale was created by a woman, who—like many of us—had an “ideal” weight number in mind and was constantly toiling and dieting to get to that magical number, despite the fact that she’d had three kids and that the number pretty much came from some weird societal norm she absorbed in her brain as fact when she was a kid. (Sound familiar?) When her husband suggested that she needed a scale that didn’t show her weight—just what she gained or lost—she was like BINGO!

Clearly this scale is less evil than the ones we rally against—and if you’re like the creator—it can seriously allow you to stop fixating on a number and instead focus on your progress. However, I know many ladies who claim that they stink at math yet are numerical geniuses when it comes tracking their weight. And I know they’d permanently remember their original weight (from another scale they undoubtedly own) and would always be adding and subtracting from that number. So, if that’s you, this scale may not do much good (but it’s certainly better)…and I encourage you to step away from the scale at least every other day. However, for the rest of you trying to lose weight yet can’t seem to get over a number, this scale is the bomb-diggity. (And, yes, I realize that phrase is way old.) To be honest, my only complaint with the scale is that you can only program it for one user. So, if you and someone else in your home wants to use it, you’re always comparing yourself to that one person.

So what do you think? Is this the best scale for healthy weight-loss? Is it just a marketing gimmick? Is it really that different from your usual digital weight scale? You’ve heard our thoughts; now share yours in the comments! —Jenn

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