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Announcing the 2011 Fitties!

You know how when you really, really like something, you want to tell everyone you know (and even don’t know—like that guy in the grocery-store check-out line) about its awesomeness and life-changing abilities? Well, that’s kind of what the Fitties are like for us: Our shout-it-from-the-roof-tops we-love-this-ish-and-think-you-will-too declaration. So without further ado…the 2011 Fitties!


Best Workout Tops and Capris: Puma wins this Fittie for having our favorite sleeveless performance T, long-sleeved T and running capris.

Best workout pant that doesn’t make you feel like a sausage: Fila had us singing “halleluyeah” for this pant!

Best jacket: While partial to the Cyclone, all four of these Nike running jackets get the FBG-Fittie stamp of awesome!


Best post-workout hair product: No Frizz Restyling Spray really, really works. And we wouldn’t want to see our post-workout hair it!

Best product for warding off embarrassment: Not exactly a “beauty” product, but it’s certainly one that makes all of you more prepped for going out in public.

Best workout towel: We may have reviewed these for Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week but this towel is simply the best one we’ve ever tried—soft and it never gets stinky!





Best toning shoes: We can’t guarantee that they actually tone your butt, but we can say that the BodyTrain shoes are the cutest and most normal-looking toning shoe on the market. We wear ours allthetime.

Best all-around workout shoe: The FREE XT Quick Fit+ rocks our world, no matter if we’re doing box jumps, sprints or going to a BodyPump class.

Best casual kicks: With support, cuteness and eco-friendliness, we can’t get enough of Ahnu.


Best workout album: Yep, he’s an ass. But oh-my-goodness are Kanye’s songs perfect for a workout.

Best new faux workout trend: Three words: Hottie Body Humpilates.

Best affirmation/YouTube video: This little girl Jessica has it going on.
how to do a pull up

Fitness Buys

Best “toy” we wish we had as a kid: It’s a video game…it’s a workout. It’s a Kinect!

Best piece of equipment to make you feel like a bad ass: Anyone—and we mean anyone—can do a pull-up with this!

Best new way to train the core: In fact, we think this is the only true way to work the core. The Core Transformer is revolutionary!


Best read about the science behind emotional eating: This Bob Greene book is a permanent reference on our healthy living bookshelf.

Best book about running: Long May You Run is like a running romance novel.

Best motivational read: Oh, how we love Ali Vincent. This girl gets it—and her book will inspire you to get whatever it is you’re after, too.


Workout DVDs

Best new series of workout DVDs: Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method is off the chain. While all are good, the DVDs Bob’s Workout and Yoga for the Warrior are what really took the Fittie this year.

Best barre workout DVD: The Bar Method DVDs are almost as good as being in a real class. And they burn like a mother.

Best new HAWD workout DVD: Of course it goes to Jillian! Her new Ripped in 30 workout seriously delivers and will forever be in our fave workout-DVD rotation.

Other Stuff that Deserves a Fittie But Doesn’t Fit Neatly in a Category

Best bling: Every girl needs a little sparkle every now and again, so why not make it inspirational, too? We love this line from The Silver Maple so much, we routinely give them as gifts!

Best toilet paper: Hey, TP is important. And we like this brand best.

Best public health campaign: It’s like the piano from Big—but with a fitness twist. AWESOME.

Toughest and most rewarding workout in Kansas City: You’ll leave The Fit Pit feeling spent, yet totally empowered.

Best how-to illustration: Yes, we love the De Odor Works bar, but the instructions are what really won us over. We’ll just never grow up, I guess.


Want more great stuff? See last year’s Fitties and the 2009 Fitties. Three years of stuff to love! —Jenn

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