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Your and Our Top 10 Posts From the Past Year!

fbg three year birthdayBesides giving a bunch of fun stuff away to help you live a healthier and more fabulous life, we love that this week allows us to look back at some of the content we’ve created over the past year. We write A LOT, and while some posts get a ton of play and discussion, other gems sometimes go a little unnoticed. Which is what today is all about. Putting the gems out front and center. However, because this site is obviously not just about what we like—it’s really about ya’ll!—we compare/contrast our fave list to the top five posts you read the most. We wonder if any made both lists. Let’s take a look-see! (Oh, and if you’re a new reader, you are in for a reading treat!)

shay Biggest LoserYour Top 10 Favorite Posts

1. The Tracy Anderson Method Workout DVDs. This workout DVD review is more than two years old, but ya’ll love reading it. And we still stand behind our tough and unbiased rating.

2. The 25 Best Workout Songs EVER. Yep, we love this one, too. Everyone loves good workout music—and most of this list came from suggestions from you!

3. 15 Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories. While we’re not about counting calories, we agree that the advice in this post is solid and totally easy!

4. 3 Secrets to Craving a Healthy Diet. Eating a healthy diet is one thing, but craving it? That’s another story. Here’s the secret to make that story your own!

5. ★FitStars: Shay Sorrells from The Biggest Loser. Awww! You love Shay and so do we!

6. Top 10 Hardest Workout DVDs. So ya’ll like it hard. Teehee. (And, no worries. This link is perfectly suitable for work despite our 8th-grade humor.)

7. Five Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Weight-Loss. Honest, informative and insightful, this is one of our favorite guest posts, too!

8. Dr. Oz’s 5 Tricks to Overcome Food Cravings. No surprise here. Dr. Oz is the shiznet.

9. 3 Yoga Moves that Target the Heck Out of Your Abs. A solid post choice again, readers. A strong core is important for overall fitness, and yoga is awesome.

10. The 10 Best Dance Workout DVDs. From the popularity of this dance workout DVD post, we’re going to assume that ya’ll love to get your groove on! Or at least attempt to get your groove on. Our readers are the best!



This little one tops our list for obvious reasons (Oh, the cuteness!).

Our Top 10 Favorite Posts

  1. Erin Had Her Baby!!! It’s short, but sweet. And oh-so life changing.
  2. My Wellness Coach Changed My Life. A lesson that sometimes you just need the right person and the right push at the right time.
  3. Fixing a Fit Funk. Even the FBGs get in a workout rut or downright stall occasionally. The difference? We don’t stay down.
  4. I Did It: St. Anthony’s Triathlon! We could not be any more proud of FBG Kristen for this “Olympic” accomplishment!
  5. Exercise Is My Easy Button. Simply put, exercise can make the crappiest of days better. And the best of days even more awesome.
  6. Baby-Stepping Back Into Fitness. When priorities and sleep patterns change, so does a fitness routine. And that’s okay.
  7. This Is Why You’re Fat Sparks the F-word Debate. Is it okay to say the word “fat?” Soap box time!
  8. FitWit: Putting Your Best (and Most Hilarious) Face Forward. We can’t guarantee that this video will diminish wrinkles, but we can guarantee it’ll make you laugh.
  9. Do You Take This FBG to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife? FBG is truly a family affair. Even the boys get the message…
  10. So Fresh. So Dry. So Many Ball Jokes. We always love a good ball joke. Or 20.

So did we miss anything? Did you find some new gems to read? Feel free to tell us what your favorite post on FBG was from the last year! —Jenn

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