Add a Citrus Kick to Your Water (and Always Have a Dash of Lemon on Hand)

true lemonI used to be so good about meeting my daily water quota. Unfortunately, with the baby came a significant uptick in caffeinated beverages in my house—coffee, diet soda, anything that will give a much needed (if short-lived) boost when I’m freaking exhausted.

But I’m well aware that having an IV of caffeine going into my veins is not the best for me or anyone, really (try these tips for sleep deprivation instead!). So I’ve been actually trying to get my water on a bit more regularly. Luckily for me, True Citrus sent me some True Lemon products to fun-up my water and get a little more citrus in my life. They’re made from fruit, so there aren’t any scary ingredients to contend with here, and they’re even a good source of vitamin C.

First, the drink mixes. They come in lemon, lemonade, raspberry lemonade and orange. With just 5 calories for the lemonades and absolutely none for the lemon and orange, these drink mixes are an easy and almost-no-cal way to flavor up your water. The mixes are meant to add a citrus flavor to your 16-ounce water (or any beverage), not turn it into a sweetened drink, and they hit the mark. The lemon version is unsweetened and tastes like just a splash of the yellow fruit, while the orange had a super light hint of Tang. (Remember Tang? Is that stuff still around?) Both lemonades had a nice flavor; again, a hint of sweetness—not an overpowering powder-in-my-drink taste.

Also cool? The company has packets (and lemon and lime shakers!) of no-calorie crystallized lemon, lime and orange that can be used for cooking, baking and beverages. This is absolutely genius and is perfect to have on hand when a recipe calls for just a splash of lemon when you’ve, once again, forgotten that ingredient at the store.

Do you need a little citrus kick to get your water down? Ever forget that lemon or lime at the store? Or is that just me? —Erin

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  1. Carrie Butterwick says:

    Sounds yummy! I really do need to cut back on the diet soda thing! Are they available in Canada?

  2. Erin says:

    It appears they have limited distribution in Canada, so check here: http://www.truelemon.com/store-locator.html

    You can also order online!

  3. Erin says:

    Just picked some up at the store. Thanks for the suggestion!