Sneaky Sneakerinas and a Women’s World Cup Giveaway!

Besides the fact that Puma’s Sneakerinas include almost all of the syllables of one of my all-time favorite words (sneaky!), I’m way smitten with these new kicks. They’re bright, they’re comfortable, and they allow me to go from a yoga or Pilates class right on to the grocery store or out for a walk with the dog without a costume change (or looking like a dirty gym rat in public—besides the hair).

With a nice mix of synthetic leather and mesh that allows your tootsies to breathe, the Sneakerina (love the word-play on sneaker and ballerina flat for the name—genius!) has a moisture-wicking lining and an antimicrobial footbed that leaves your foot feeling totally cushiony without trying to beat your husband’s record for smelliest-foot-ever. (Ew.) With no tying required, I loved slipping  mine on to grab the mail, and with little nubbers on the bottom of the shoe, even if you decided to dart outside in an ice storm (which we don’t recommend, for the record), you’d have decent traction. My only small complaint is that sometimes the elastic band over the top of your foot gets too tight, but over the week or so that I’ve been wearing them, it’s loosened up. In a nutshell, they’re cute and allow you to go all fashionably Sporty Spice whenever you so choose.

Now that you know a little about this piece of Sneakerina heaven, we wanted to share another fun fact with you: The FIFA Women’s World Cup is coming in just a few weeks! To get you totally psyched for the girl-power soccer event, the makers of the Sneakerina are giving one lucky reader a Puma women’s soccer training prize pack with a bag full of sport and lifestyle gear from the new line (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it. SO. CUTE.) and a pair of Sneakerinas. To win, just leave a comment with what your favorite combo word is—real or totally made up (and let’s get more creative than Bennifer, ya’ll!)—and we’ll select one random U.S. commenter to win.

Seriously, this giveaway is so good we feel like we’re turning three all over again! —Jenn


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  1. Wow those shoes are super cute!
    This isn’t a new word, but I love yogalates! Good for the core as well as the soul!

  2. Oh, I love the look of these! I bet they’re pretty comfy too.

    I’m having trouble thinking of a good word combo off the top of my head right now. A buddy of mine is always calling things “awesomesauce” so maybe that counts?

  3. I like to think of myself as an insane genius, or an insanius…hehehe! Those sneakerinas are awesome!

  4. I’m going to have to go with fluffernutter! Not only a fun word, but a sandwich that can soothe the soul!

  5. Cute shoes! I’ve got to go check out how much they cost.

    I have to quote Tigger for my favorite word combos (though I doubt he originated it)… Absotively Posilutely!

  6. I love these shoes & I love bromances! Ha – my husband and his “bff” have a total bromance, I am always feeling left out.

  7. Jeez, so hard to pick. I’ll go with “Dotsicles,” which is a combination of “Dots,” our basset, and “popsicles.” Why do I combine my dog and a sweet frozen treat? No clue…

  8. My favorite made up word is frawesome (freaking awesome!), my little sis made it up and uses it all the time!

  9. Those shoes are awesome. Bromances is one word that is always floating around our house. Especially with my kids, they are trying to figure out what it is.

  10. Cute shoes.. I think they are “fantabulous” that’s fantastic and fabulous!!

  11. Since I’m focusing more on vegetarian meals (and losing a lot of weight b/c of it!), I’ve started using the word Veggielicious to describe my vegetarian concoctions!!

  12. I’m thinking old school – Skort! Who doesn’t love a skirt and shorts combo? Especially for youngsters.

  13. Those are adorable! My favorite combined word is guestimate. It takes the precision out of estimation, by guessing a bit!

  14. Oh! Sara, we think alike, I was going to say Skort also! Hmmm, how about “Frawsome” for Freakin’ Awesome. LOL.

    Would love to add these cuties to my shoe collection!

  15. Don’t know if it’s a real combo, but I am quite fond of “Ridonkulous” as in “I love those sneakerinas, they are ridonkulous!”

  16. One word combo I use a lot: ginormous! (gigantic + enormous)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! Super duper cute, would love to win them!

  17. Ever since your post the other day, I haven’t been able to get the word brinner out of my head. I love breakfast for dinner!

  18. You guys always give awesome stuff away! Courtney, my boyfriend has a bromance and I get made because sometimes he spends more time with his manfriend then he does with me! I totally know what you mean! But they’re both mechanics and I’m not! So they bond! I’m loving all of what you ladies have put! I wish I could come up with a fantabulous (fantasic and fabulous) word to use 😉

  19. The first word that comes to mind is Redonkulous but not sure that is a combo so I will go with Rockumentary! These shoes look awesome!

  20. Lewis Carrol called them “portmanteau words”, after the luggage style. So my favorite combo words are in his “Jabberwocky” poem- slithy for example…

  21. I like benefittal. Not so much of a word combination as much as it is benefittal to use it. :o)

  22. Lol Becky! I was totally going to write something else here and then you reminded me of ‘Fugly’
    It made me giggle- the best made up word in my opinion!

  23. Someone mentioned brinner, but I always end up having lunner. I never seem to eat both lunch and dinner so I have a combination.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  24. My daughter loves her ‘jeggings’ ( jean leggings)! I also consider myself a ‘flexitarian’ (flexible vegetarian). I’ve gotten a giggle out of lots of these comments! Love the sneakerinas, too

  25. Ha! I had my purple Puma shirt on even before I read this! Coinky-dink? I think not! Well my last name (except for the first letter) has the word “land” in it, so I use that a lot: Pumaland is where it’s at!

  26. Super cute shoes! My combo word of choice: sweatastic! For example: I got a great workout in that Zumba class, and it was fun! Totally sweatastic!

  27. Personally I’m going to try just about every word combination to try to win these multipurpose sneakerinas, so here’s what I came up with in the spirit of the giveaway:

    pumapower (in honor of Puma),

    sneakerinette (what I would describe as a girl who wears sneakerinas),

    and soccastuna (this is the name that I would give the female players that I will be watching during the FIFA Women’s World Cup)


  28. What a fantastic contest. I would so love to win the Puma Sneakerinas! I love all the combo dog breed names like the Labradoodle!

  29. My favorite combination word is ‘liger’ I got to see a liger at Miami’s Parrot Jungle Island and it was awesome!

  30. We like to have dunch at our house and we saw a beefalo at the the petting farm one time – buffalo and cow, but the best one was the zorse – had stripes like a zebra but the size of a horse.

  31. my word would be sweatyluscious- because that is how I feel after a great workout- sweaty and luscious

  32. My favorite combo word (to dislike) is gi-normous, a combination of gigantic and enormous. altern147 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  33. This is a toughy, but it has got to be a tie between bromance and hodyssey (the honda odyssey). I use bromance fairly often being mostly surrounded by guy friends and my mother (who has a dislike for all things honda) will actually roll down her window and yell “hodyssey!!” at a passing van every now and again. Priceless.

  34. sweataholic…what i’ve turned into now that im training for my first marathon and temps are in the high 90s–and its only early june!
    adding -aholic to anything always creates a fun word, though 🙂 same with -phobic!
    would love to get my hands (read: feeet) on those sneaks!

  35. When I was a kid I got so upset that mixed to words together and accidently came up with the word “angervated.” I was an angry and aggrivated child 🙂

  36. Shagulous: fabulous and a person you’d like to shag with 🙂

    Your BFF asks how she looks before a hot date: you look shagulous!! Lol

  37. Love the sneakerinas! My favorite combo words are: braterina (brat & ballerina lol) I often call my 5 yr old daughter that (jokingly of course) bc she is so prissy lol. I’m not sure if this counts as a combo word but I cal my 18 month old daughter monkey-butt bc she loves to climb on everything lol so those a re my 2 favorites lol 🙂