Weight-Loss Supplements…Why, Bob, Why?

Since FBG’s inception, we’ve had a crush on Bob Harper. We’ve publicly declared our love for him quite often (including not once but twice directly to him, in which he kindly humored us) and are constantly going on and on about how cute he is, be it in his workout DVD or on The Biggest Loser. So you have no idea how much it pains us to say that we’re not only a little miffed at Bob, we’re also a little disappointed. This cute-patootie has spent YEARS of his life and all of his career practicing and teaching what we hold so dearly in our FBG hearts—that eating healthy foods and being active leads to weight-loss and feeling kick-A about yourself. So tell us, why…WHY…would this lovable man launch a weight-loss kit in the form of supplements?

*FBGs beat their heads against their favorite piece of cardio equipment.*

To tell both sides of the story, below is a quote from Bob himself that sorta-kinda addresses the absurdity we’re talking about.

“When I first started thinking about this project, it was important to me that my ongoing promotion of a healthy diet and active lifestyle remained at the forefront,” says Harper. “But I also know that, when taken as directed and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, supplements can help give people that extra boost to succeed. I also had a long list of requirements that needed to be met, including using clinically proven key ingredients for my weight-loss formula, as well as the entire line being gluten-free and dairy-free, just to name a few. I’m proud to say that my supplement line does meet all of my terms and fits with my philosophy on health.”

It’s like he gets it…yet has decided to either sell out (I believe this on most Mondays or other cruddy days I’m having) OR just finally give people the “magic pill” they want with the hope that they’ll also begin to eat right and work out (I believe this on most days, as I try to give people—especially Bob—the benefit of the doubt). But, really, did he not learn from Jillian’s supplement experience where she got sued?

For full disclosure, his PR company did send us the supplements to try, and while I did try one day of the Smart 7-Day Cleanse, which uses Senna to flush your system (my gas was strong enough to send my dog from the room and I had stomach cramps—oh, the things we do for our reviews to give you the real deal!), I drew the line at trying the Smart Weight Loss pills. Yes, it’s awesome that they’re gluten- and dairy-free and more natural than most supplements, containing naturally sourced caffeine, goji powder and horsemint extract, among other ingredients. It’s also awesome that there’s a study to back them up as effective (listed on the box), and I applaud the fact that Bob includes a workout DVD and weight-loss tips that don’t involve swallowing pills in the kit. Also, I have no doubt that Bob wouldn’t put his name on something unless it was quality.

So I’m not claiming that these pills don’t work. I’m just sad. Bob’s extremely PhotoShopped mug is now all over every Walmart and GNC in America, telling people, again, that the body of their dreams is just a few supplements away. When really, the real deal—both losing weight through proper diet and exercise and Bob’s face in real life—is always the way to go. Always. —Jenn

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  1. Andrea says:

    I saw the ad for this in the current issue of Women’s Health and was very disappointed in Bob. Just as Jillian has (or did), they always preached a no short cuts method of weight loss – it’s all calories in and calories out. Bob seems to be following in Jillian’s selling out. Maybe he’ll have a self help book, a cruise and a line of work out apparel soon.

  2. Lea says:

    I was so disappointed when I saw these! I knew if I just waited you’d write something about it. And I don’t think you’re out of line thinking it a “sell-out” I thought he might be the only “famous” trainer not encouraging people to waste money on supplements that are probably not necessary – until now. 🙁

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Jillian’s ways have obviously rubbed off on him. My crush on Bob and overall respect for his sexy azz is now tarnished.

  4. James says:

    Money talks, even your heroes will sell out eventually. Cool site, by the way.

  5. Daphne says:

    Wouldn’t these be just vitamins? Is there anything wrong with that? I suppose the word “supplement” needs to be better described so average readers know what’s so wrong with it.

  6. Alyssa says:

    I suppose it’s a case of “get it while you can.” He knows flame is fleeting, and TBL isn’t going to be on the air forever, so he probably wants to milk it a bit. I don’t blame him, necessarily, for that, but I think messing around with supplements is dangerous ground. He should’ve stuck to his workouts, IMHO.

  7. Denise says:

    I, too was sad when I heard that Bob was coming out with his own line of “supplements” ~ and am glad that others feel the same way…Bob was one of the only ones left that said it has to be a complete lifestyle change…I’ll never forget when he met with the winner of BL that had regained most, if not all, of the weight he had lost. He was so good with him, but firm that weight loss and maintenance HAD to be a day by day lifestyle change…there were NO magic pills to lose weight….I guess it’s true that they all sell out, but I just didn’t think Bob would go there….

  8. Melissa says:

    I was in the vitamin aisle at Walgreens last week and turned around to see that he had this whole supplement/weight loss product line. I was so disappointed. Not Bob! What happened to the “you have to do the hard work” and “there’s no magic pill” mantras? I didn’t think he’d take the same route as Jillian, but I guess money talks.

  9. Jen says:

    I was sad to see this too. I am IN LOVE WITH BOB!! I am a fit fanatic & vegetarian. I enjoy that he lives a kind life style too. I just can’t believe he would contradict his teachings…..Please Bob, don’t eat a cheeseburger for money too!!

  10. Leslie says:

    I never thought Bob was the real deal and this proves it. Another sell out trainer.

  11. Debbie says:

    They lose any credibility they had with me when they hawk supplements. I was a licensed nutritionist before becoming a RN with lots of finance/business work in between, so I get it–money talks. Ugh.

  12. missy says:

    Those saying you are shocked at the supplement and that it is looked at as a “magic Pill”, keep in mind that it clearning tells you that you have to eat a low calorie diet and exercise. So it isn’t magic. In my first week of trying these, I loss 4 lbs. I worked out everyday and ate as he suggested.

  13. cher says:

    the thing is, they are weight loss supplements. they don’t claim to make you lose weight, they just make sure that while you are eating less/exercising more that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

    i take supplements, and the average person that doesn’t know about nutrition is going to deplete and deprive their body, so i think supplements are a great tool.

  14. Jo says:

    I don’t see what’s so wrong with taking supplements. I think there are some people that need just a little help getting over the hump of the lifestyle change. If it were so easy to do, there would be no overweight and unfit people. If Bob thinks these are the thing to help people get over that hump and they don’t hurt you, why get down on it? It sounds more like the author has a problem of the “selling out” more than hoping people would actually succeed at getting fit. I’m sure they aren’t intended to be taken forever either. If they work, I say why not?

  15. JanicePres says:

    Have tried all the different regimens before and even got into the gym thing but its just a lot of work and you really need some good devotion to it to last but I am just to busy to focus even on my schedule, missed all of it and then goes back to my large weight. Until I found out the easier way with the 15 Day Cleanse Product from Dr Max Powers.

    I just started a couple of weeks ago and I already felt the light and clean feeling all over, and no side effects whatsoever. This cleanse is really great (only 15 days!) and I believe that this time it will be a success in truly dropping down my excess weight. This product is really so good, its worth the extra cash but you won’t regret it because you will definitely feel the healthy difference at once.

  16. Barbara says:

    HI have watched Bob Harper over the years loved his training program he gets result on the show but who has time to take of 3-6 months from a job to be on a show. I wish he had his only daily show like Dr Oz. I recently purchased his product Smart Weight Loss Followed the directions (I have seizures and a heat condition ALL NATURAL what could hurt) after 2 weeks of taking very cautionally I finally got up to taking 2 capsules before meals I found myself unable to sleep and I start back with having mini seizures lasted only a few minutes. Then today I start with the 3 capsules AM and then I didnt take it at lunch but at 5PM I took 3 capsules and in about 30-45 minutes my heart start racing and I had a moderate seizure lasting about 20-25 minutes. I then read the ingredigants COFFEE for a seizure patient this much caffine will mostlikely sent a person into a seizure I can have 2 cups coffee and I am already having issues with it. There should be a warning on this product IF YOU ARE A HEART OR SEIZURE PATIENT PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR What was the harm Bob Harper all nateral Product and it is it is the coffee amount that does.
    I will be returning this product back to the store.

  17. wylebilly says:

    You ‘ladies’ are brutal! Give the guy a break! People need help, people want help, people have to have some hope in their battle of the bulge. Bob is filling that need, and doing so in as healthy a way as possible. Sorry ladies, not everyone can stay home and play Biggest Loser while their hubbies bring home the ‘bacon’; you turn your nose up too. Who are any of you to judge and point your once portly little fingers? Anyway girls, I heard that Bob is Gay and wouldn’t give any of you a second look anyway no matter how much weight you shed.

  18. Helen says:

    I love-d- Bob, I actually tried all of his workouts and smiled every time he pushed me harded through my dvd, but this just sucks… My best friend is trying to lose weight and I always told her just to take care of her nutrition and exercise and she would see results. I thought people like Bob helped us keep healthy, not trying to make us as quickly as they can anorectic…
    Sorry Bob, everyone I know is disappointed..

  19. Jerica says:

    You all keep saying hes a sell out and that he was the only one that stuck to changing your diet and exercising and that was the only way to lose weight. He’s still doing that, just because he added supplements doesn’t mean anything. Heck, you said he sales workout DVD and a few other things with it that help along. He’s still sticking to his words, he just added that extra boost for people to feel as if they can do it. He’s not a sell out and he hasn’t left his “signature” saying. He’s one of the reasons why I have stuck to a diet and been trying my hardest to lose weight. I haven’t planned on buying the supplement but I’m sticking to his books and all that. Plus, just because he has the supplements out doesn’t mean you have to do it. You might be the kind that can do it and keep going without a problem but for the people that have a hard time, he added an extra boost along with DVD’s that help as well, to me, that’s not wrong and its even better because it shows that he wants to help his fans and people all around the world to lose weight in the best way possible. So if you’re a true Bob Harper fan, you wouldn’t complain but yet be happy for him. Plus, you never know, company could of pushed him into it, black mailed, companies do that. You don’t ever know the whole true story. Don’t stop liking him just because this came out, stay a true fan of Bob Harper. I know I am and always will be, I thank him for everything! 🙂

  20. Camille Chamomille says:

    Have tried all the different regimens before and even got into the gym thing but its just a lot of work and you really need some good devotion to it to last but I am just to busy to focus even on my schedule, missed all of it and then goes back to my large weight. My best friend referred me to the Dr Max Powers “15 Day Cleanse”.

    I just started a couple of weeks ago and I already felt the light and clean feeling all over, and no side effects whatsoever. The Dr Max 15 Day Cleanse is a natural product and I believe that this time it will be a success in truly dropping down my excess weight. This product is really so good, its worth the cash but you won’t regret it because you will definitely feel the healthy difference at once.

  21. kim says:

    what everer barara Seizure patient…..

    .you should really read the instructions 3 capsules really…..
    and if you have a seizure disorder you should really consult your nero doctor before taking and supplements expecially with caffeine in them. He states this product has caffeine…..check out the label , not bad stuff Goji , Pomegranite extra…

  22. Gwen says:

    Did anyone else notice that JanicePres and Camille Chamomille had the exact same comments word for word, teacher someone is cheating…lol

  23. lAURA says:

    Ive watched him on The biggest loser many of times with my husband wishing we could be there with him encouraging us and giving us the help we need My husband is diabetic, has had his aortic valve replaced 2 years ago and has eds disorder where his bones dislocate and break easily and cartilage deteriorates he is 320 pounds and has a very hard time finding any type of exercise that wont hurt him and i was thinking of getting these supplements to maybe help him out because i really dont think bob would put his name on a product he did not believe in. And if you believed in bob before not to harm you then why not now???????????????<3

  24. Bitty Jew says:

    Most of you should be ashamed of yourself for making such judgments!! How many of you take vitamins?? Did you know that is a dietary SUPPLEMENT?! Apparently most of you don’t know what a supplement is and those of you comparing him to Jullian is just wrong his product unlike hers is all natural! Plus some people need the help to boost them and help them get over that hump so keep your judgments to yourselves. Those who watch the biggest loser as I do should know that losing weight that fast is unrealistic for the average working mom or wife or whatever you maybe. Bob is the real deal and not a sell out in my eyes. I also read a post of someone ranting about having heart problems and seizers and that there is no warning on the label about consulting a doctor, it should be common sense to consult a doctor when you have health issues before you take almost anything or even before working out. Maybe that’s just yrs of working at fitness centers so don’t put your blame on BOB!! Sorry to be so blunt but passing judgment is just wrong and unnecessar

  25. deanna says:

    Its all about the fame and money

  26. MIA ismyalias says:

    I don’t see what’s all the fuss about. When i found out that he had supplements i was so happy. What is wrong with getting a little help. For a person like me who has to lose 200lbs, i need all the help I can get. Also in addition to ppl saying he is selling out, why should he do anything for free. I trust his judgement and his advice. I am not hungry or jittery and I still get to eat. Also i don’t have the money to join weight watchers or jenny craig. i have to find another website that promotes choices.

  27. AnnaLynn says:

    Most everyone seems to think Bob has sold out! Well, he might have, to some degree. However, if Bob believes he has created a supplement to help people achieve their goals and help motivate them in the time of need, then I say “Good Going Bob”. I am 63 years of age, and a long term athlete (30+ years), and I believe supplements can be a good thing. Ingredients, FDA approved guidelines as well as the manufacturer are key to its worthiness, which have all been attributed to Bob’s products. Supplements are designed to help the sometimes not-so-motivated athlete obtain that “edge” needed for a good workout. Additionally, if an overweight person needs a little help to conquer the urge to eat, or not to over eat, then I believe supplements can be good and are accomplishing what it’s designed to do. I understand the concept of willpower, dedication, perseverance, and a “can-do” attitude. (Are you kidding, – after 30+ years of being a dedicated fitness buff – I know what willpower and perseverance are about). But, getting down that long, lonesome road to success can be a friggin hard road. I believe Bob is trying to lend a helping hand. He’s dedicated to his work and the people he works with. Hats off to you Bob.
    Sincerely, AnnaLynn

  28. Kirston says:

    I watch the Bigest Loser all the time. When i went to WalMart January 2nd and seen his supplement i was supprised to see he put out a “diet pill”. I bought his product. I have full trust in this man and his supplements. Bob Harper would not put anything of the shelves that would one day harm his image or his success through people and thier health. I take his supplement as said on the box, Two AM in the morning 30 min before breakfast, Two AM 30 min before lunch and Two PM 30 min before dinner. I watch what i eat and drink, as well as exciersize daily. Its worked well for me, and i will continue to use this product. I completly see your point, but you gotta give him some what of a thumbs up. Maybe he also made this product for the people who “rely” on diet pills to give them an extra boost for confidence to get off thier butts and work out or watch what they are eating. Either way, i have gotten good results already.

  29. latak03 says:

    I really don’t see what’s all the fuss is about. Either u want to loose weight or not. I mean u can’t please everybody. SUPPLEMENTS does anyone know what that mean. It’s nothing wrong with it if it’s natural. It’s like taking vitamins. One would say just eat the right veggies. Also fish oil. You might say just eat fish. People take supplements because u get all u need with that one pill without having to worry about it. I feel like this. if you don’t like it just stick to the workouts alone and don’t take the natural pills. READ people READ and stop sitting so high upon the horse. You’re where you at because clearly you been ding something wrong. JUST TAKE THE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. I take it(Bob Harper’s smart weightloss pills). It’s great,and it works for me so well. It makes me so full it’s crazy. I thought only prescription drugs could do this. I was wrong all natural(Bob Harper)is the way too go.

  30. Sue says:

    I just bought the supplements and took two yesterday…I can’t believe the energy I experienced. Today I took two in the a.m. before my workout. I usually burn about 600 calories in one hour (35 min on the eliptical and 25 on the treadmill) Today I did 30 min on the eliptical and 20 on the treadmill and burned over 600 calories) The energy this supplement gives you is amazing. I did have a hard time falling asleep last night, but I took the supplement in the p.m. I think if I stick to taking it in the morning and try to get to the gym 5x a week I will definately see results.

    PS. I started taking this because I was feeling very lathargic (not like me) because of allergies. I just need an extra boost to feel good and this seems to be doing wonders.

  31. Vanessa says:

    I’m so mad I had to write a review on Bob Harper’s SMART WEIGHT LOSS I started taking the pills and my body and mind are acting bonkers. I’m feeling depressed and I’m crying a lot. Also, I’m feeling anxious and can not focus. Yesterday was the last day I took the pills and I’m hoping that I get back to my normal. Also, these pills made me sweat but it was more like hot flashes and oh I’m only 29. I hope this helps anyone that is feeling the same symptons to not doubt there opinions.

    Best of luck!!

  32. SMMAY says:

    I am not heavy by any means, but have been struggling to lose my last 10 lbs. I constantly felt hungry and the only thing I could think about was food. I had been thinking about using some kind of pill to kill my cravings or just give me that mental edge that was needed. I was looking in CVS and saw his product (I too trust Bob completely and have all his DVD’s) and it was 50% off. Only $12.00 What the heck, I thought, I’ll give it a try. I’ve been on it one week (I exercise 4-5 times/week and am careful with what I eat). I have already lost 3 lbs…it has given me the mental edge that I’ve needed. I don’t think about food all day and what I can or can’t eat. I don’t care if it’s water weight or whatever, the scale finally moved after at least a year and it gave me hope. I’m glad I gave it a try as it did just what I was looking for and it’s only been 1 week. Thank-you Bob Harper, I send no judgements your way:)

  33. tara says:

    I am trying out these pills, because like some other readers, I am going for the last 10 lbs. I have removed sugar of all kinds from my diet, I don’t drink soda, I don’t buy junk food, I prepare most of my food from scratch so that I know what’s in it, I don’t drink alcohol but maybe once every 2 months, but I can’t get the scale to move. I’m 5’9″ and hover around 165lbs. I have an athletic body, but still carry extra weight that makes me feel uncomfortable in my skin. I work out 4-5 times a week. When I saw that Bob had a pill, that could keep my progress going, I was willing to try it because he’s a name I trust. So far so good, it’s been a week and my cravings have subsided…could be psychological, could be the extra water I’m drinking, I don’t know but it’s working so far for me. The downside, I’m experiencing the same kind of gas that the writer experienced in the cleanse.

  34. Harry says:

    I think its not that bad after all, supplements are just there to help us, it doesn’t cut out eating of healthy food, it just provide some extra nutrients that we tend to lack during our diet right

  35. We use the term supplement too widely. The supplements that are bad for us are chemically engineered substances and synthetic vitamins. Herbs are technically “supplements” but herbs are good for us like the dried goji berry.

  36. loretta miranda says:

    where can i buy the pills at i have looked everywhere