Weight-Loss Supplements…Why, Bob, Why?

Since FBG’s inception, we’ve had a crush on Bob Harper. We’ve publicly declared our love for him quite often (including not once but twice directly to him, in which he kindly humored us) and are constantly going on and on about how cute he is, be it in his workout DVD or on The Biggest Loser. So you have no idea how much it pains us to say that we’re not only a little miffed at Bob, we’re also a little disappointed. This cute-patootie has spent YEARS of his life and all of his career practicing and teaching what we hold so dearly in our FBG hearts—that eating healthy foods and being active leads to weight-loss and feeling kick-A about yourself. So tell us, why…WHY…would this lovable man launch a weight-loss kit in the form of supplements?

*FBGs beat their heads against their favorite piece of cardio equipment.*

To tell both sides of the story, below is a quote from Bob himself that sorta-kinda addresses the absurdity we’re talking about.

“When I first started thinking about this project, it was important to me that my ongoing promotion of a healthy diet and active lifestyle remained at the forefront,” says Harper. “But I also know that, when taken as directed and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, supplements can help give people that extra boost to succeed. I also had a long list of requirements that needed to be met, including using clinically proven key ingredients for my weight-loss formula, as well as the entire line being gluten-free and dairy-free, just to name a few. I’m proud to say that my supplement line does meet all of my terms and fits with my philosophy on health.”

It’s like he gets it…yet has decided to either sell out (I believe this on most Mondays or other cruddy days I’m having) OR just finally give people the “magic pill” they want with the hope that they’ll also begin to eat right and work out (I believe this on most days, as I try to give people—especially Bob—the benefit of the doubt). But, really, did he not learn from Jillian’s supplement experience where she got sued?

For full disclosure, his PR company did send us the supplements to try, and while I did try one day of the Smart 7-Day Cleanse, which uses Senna to flush your system (my gas was strong enough to send my dog from the room and I had stomach cramps—oh, the things we do for our reviews to give you the real deal!), I drew the line at trying the Smart Weight Loss pills. Yes, it’s awesome that they’re gluten- and dairy-free and more natural than most supplements, containing naturally sourced caffeine, goji powder and horsemint extract, among other ingredients. It’s also awesome that there’s a study to back them up as effective (listed on the box), and I applaud the fact that Bob includes a workout DVD and weight-loss tips that don’t involve swallowing pills in the kit. Also, I have no doubt that Bob wouldn’t put his name on something unless it was quality.

So I’m not claiming that these pills don’t work. I’m just sad. Bob’s extremely PhotoShopped mug is now all over every Walmart and GNC in America, telling people, again, that the body of their dreams is just a few supplements away. When really, the real deal—both losing weight through proper diet and exercise and Bob’s face in real life—is always the way to go. Always. —Jenn

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