Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This About Birth Control?

birth-control-585I have a bone to pick. A big bone, and its name is birth control.

Yes, I know, I know. Birth control is awesome. It allowed me to get frisky and not get knocked up all through my high school and college years. It cleared up my skin, giving me confidence during those itchy teen years. It took my PMS from full-out raging to just mild, occasional raging. And the fact that I could anticipate my period and therefore not wear white in Mr. Older’s history class that time of the month? Priceless. But in the 13 years that I’ve been on the pill (I’ve taken various types over the years depending on insurance and what was recommended—generics, brand names, the Patch, so many), I’m more than miffed that not one person in my life—personal or medical professional or even someone on the street—ever told me that it could take months for your body and your cycle to reset after stopping birth control. A few weeks, sure, but months? Months of waiting around, just hoping that your body and your little eggies are ready to drop it like it’s hot? Torture.

It took my body just shy of four months to finally have a period. That’s a long time. In that time waiting, I’ll admit I became darn worried. What if BC had jacked me up permanently? What if I had a full-out case of post pill amenorrhea that would require treatment and YEARS of possible waiting? And perhaps most frustrating: What if all those years worrying about NOT getting pregnant weren’t even necessary at all?! Oh, that would be ironic. After two months of waiting, I stopped checking my ovulation temperature and reading discussion boards (wow, those can take you to crazy worry town sometimes) because it was just stressing me out. And then I’d stress about stressing because that can affect ovulation. Sigh. I wear myself out sometimes.

The day I got my period, my husband and I went out to dinner. I’d never been so psyched about having cramps. I called my mom and my best friends. I almost posted it as my Facebook status. Not that you can ever have control over anything in life really, but the confirmation that my husband and I were going to be able to try to have kids when we wanted to was and still is huge. I’d still like to get another cycle under my belt before trying to get our reproduction on, but we’ll see how the timeline all works out.

The positives to this whole thing? First, it’s given me more time to freak out about pregnancy, thereby making it seem less scary because I’ve had more time to learn about it and get comfy with the idea of becoming an alien-like host. (I’m in more amazement than freak-out mode now.) Second, through this process I’ve become quite the researcher when it comes to post-pill syndrome and coming off the pill, so you can expect another post or two on the logistics of that condition and how common (and uncommon) it is. Plus, some other freaktastic stuff that’ll make you go hmmm.

In the meantime, tell us about your experience coming off the pill. How long did it take you to have a cycle? And how long had you been on the pill? —Jenn

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  1. Laura says:

    I was on various kinds of the pill for 6 years. I stopped taking it on my 1st wedding anniversary and went SIX MONTHS without a period. When I finally went to the doctor I was diagnosed with insulin resistant Poly-cyctic ovarian syndrome. In the six months I’ve been on meds for the IR and pcos I’ve had a whopping 3 periods.
    Why did no one tell me anything! The pill was advertised as a miracle pill that would keep my from getting pregnant, but would let me get pregnant as soon as I stopped taking it.

  2. sherri says:

    I was on birth control for 7 years, with one year break for each of my kids. I used it to continuously to control pain from severe endometriosis. I had no problems getting pregnant with each of my children, surprisingly with the issues i had. One year ago i had a hysterectomy because they pain just kept getting worse, which was no fault of the birth control. I guess i was lucky. I have two handsome, intelligent boys, and no lasting health issues from the birth control.

  3. lori says:

    hey, it’s our bodies, know what meds you’re putting in it (and that goes for any kind of drugs), read the warnings … of course you have to put on the readers, even if you have 20/20 vision … never took the stuff, liked my body too much …

  4. Lani says:

    I was on the pill for only 9 months and got a blood clot. I started the pill after I finished basic training for the Army, when I was 19 years old, because it was extremely messed up and not on any type of cycle and I just wanted to regulate it. No joke, 9 months later, I’m in the hospital with a blood clot at the young age of 20. Now I can’t be on any type of hormonial birth control or I may be at the risk for another clot. When I went to the gynocologist she never told me that a blood clot could be a risk factor. Everyone that asks me now about birth control I tell them to really look into it before starting because I didn’t and it had a horrible affect on my life and career in the military.

  5. Nicolle says:

    I did not use the pill to be promiscuous but rather due to bleeding causing anemia. It has caused high bp, hypothyroid and possibly fibroadenoma. Off now and I have weight gain! It’s poison.

  6. Rachel says:

    I was on some form of birth control for almost 7 years. Did the progesterone shots that are supposed to make you stop having a period, and instead had a 9-month long period that was finally diagnosed as an ovarian cyst. Switched to the pill to get rid of the cyst. After stopping the pill to get pregnant, it took me 9 months to conceive.

    Reading the fine print of my birth control pill I was profoundly disturbed to discover that one of the ways that (and most) brand prevents pregnancy is to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting. I believe life begins at conception, and couldn’t believe I had never taken the time to read the fine print before. I don’t think I’ll ever use birth control again… it’s condoms and timing from now on!

  7. JJ says:

    I was on the pill for about 5 years in a 7 year time frame. I was having very irregular periods in my teens, so it was perfect for me when I started taking it in college. Not to mention, at the time I thought I would never have, nor ever want, kids. But, after a two year relationship/dating hiatus, I stopped taking them. I don’t think I had any problems starting my period after I stopped, but that does not mean I wasn’t ovulating. Three years ago, when I started dating again, I asked to be put back on the pill, but was then told to stop taking it because of my blood pressure. The doc then recommended the shot and I had a horrible reaction that I am positive lead me to gain over 60lbs in a year, tendonitis in both my feet, and an ever persistent state of exhaustion and fatigue…that I have even to this day. And, the sad thing is that I was such an active person, training to run my first 5K and then it was like being hit with a ton of bricks…to the face. Now, I am happily married and my husband and I want to get pregnant by my 30th birthday (next year). I have read countless forums and personal accounts that say it can take up to 18 months to conceive after the shot, but it hast been well over that 18 months and a year we have been “letting nature take its course.” I’m worried about the other underlying side effects of this birth control, the ones that I have read that say it was originally given to women to sterilize them in low-income/overpopulated areas. I just wish my doc at the time had discussed this with me beforehand or, at least, been a lot more informed about it. I wish you the best of luck!

  8. Mrs A says:

    I have been on countless forms of BC… pill, ring, patch, etc… now that I have 3 wonderful children and I dont think I want anymore but was not ready to make it a permanent decision… I have the IUD.. I have never had any problems with any of them… My problems were ME… I could not remember the pill… although I was not a fan of the patch (broke out under due to lack of air). I think the IUD has been the best for me! VERY simple, no period, no side affects!

  9. KMS says:

    My experience started a lot like yours. I was on the pill for 10 yrs (ages 18-28). Went off when my hubby and I were ready to make a baby. I had random periods for a year (and thought many times, I must be preggo!). Then came a lot of temp taking and waiting for another 6 months before I went to see a fertility specialist. I ended up needing Clomid to get pregnant. I now have two amazing kids (not twins), but am convinced that a decade of bcp’s ruined my fertility. If your periods don’t become regular in the next few months I say get a fertility work-up without delay! Good luck!

  10. TTC R says:

    Similar story here. I was on the pill from age 20-30, got married, went off the pill and now 5 months later no sign of a period. My doctor debated giving me provera to jumpstart my cycle, but didn’t think it would actually work. So, we are trying clomid. I am somewhat concerned about nothing happening even with the clomid since I was told the provera would probably not even make me get my period. Anyone been through this? Jenn – I could not agree with you more. The birth control lack of knowledge is outrageous. I know way too many people with abnormal periods/fertility issues as a result.

  11. TTC R says:

    Also, I was as regular as the day as long before the pill. Boo Ortho lo. I hate you.

  12. D says:

    I was on the pill from 20-27(now) stopped taking it July 1/11 and still no sign of a period… hopefully its nothing to be too concerned about.

  13. Simon says:

    I was on the pill (various brands) for 16 years. I went off in March and still nothing is going on down there. Before the pill, I was completely regular and normal. Now – I’m just freaked out. The pill was the best way to protect myself during my teenage and college years (or so I thought).

    At 32, I’m ready to have a child, but my body is asleep at the wheel. It’s scary to not have your own body working right.

    Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone.
    “If I knew then, what I know now..” – I’d have gone off of these chemicals years ago.

  14. LJ says:

    I have been on the pill for 9 years consistently. I went of the pill in July 2011 and it has been 5 months and I have not gotten my period. I went to the doctor in October and he prescribed me provera. My period came. I was so happy and hoped and prayed it would come every month. It has not. He also checked my hormones through a blood test that was sent to the lab. They all came back normal.

    I have been doing research on this topic b/c I want to have a baby now that I am 29 years old and married. I read that when you are on bc, it tells your pituitary gland what do do every month (something relating to ovulation). Then when you go off the pill, your pituitary gland has to send the message on its own. I am hoping that I get my period soon!! We weil see!

  15. Rose says:

    Your article is very reassuring to me–I’ve been going crazy looking at all of these discussion boards! It’s pretty easy to talk yourself into a doom and gloom situation, especially already being emotionally-fraught just about making the decision to go off the pill and have a baby! I went off the pill 8 weeks ago and am waiting for the big p to arrive…trying out acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and doing my best to stop obsessing. While I am admittedly drawn to the discussion boards and knowing that others are going through the same thing, I think I will make a pledge to take a break for a while for my own sanity!! Your other post with the info from Dr. Wood that the overall post-pill amenorrhea rate is only 1% is a very comforting tidbit of knowledge; based on peoples’ posts you’d think it was very very common! Here’s to positive thinking and taking a step back.

  16. Kate says:

    I was on birth control from 18-26 years old (18-22 the shot and 22-27 the pill). I stopped taking the pill in January 2012 and finally got my period 6 months later in July 2012. I am waiting to see if I will get another period in August. I am not trying for a baby yet, but it is very worrysome to know that my body is not working properly. My doctor told me not to use hormones to jumpstart my period because they are only effective for a limited amount of time (around 6 months). In addition, the hormones do not fix the problem of the ”message” not being sent. Let’s see if August brings another period.

    1. Amanda says:

      I am going through a very similar situation. So just curious… are your periods regular yet?

      1. Jenn says:

        Hi Amanda,

        Yes! Finally they are. It took my body a good year to get on track, but it finally found its way. 🙂


  17. alicja says:

    I was on the pill for about 10 years. At 27-28 years old, I stopped the pill wanting to get pregnant. No period for 3-4 months, then very irregular and long cycles after that. My OBGYN denied the pill being the problem and sent me for a fertility work-up where they said I had PCOS. I should mention I have never had a weight problem, if anything am skinny, so it is likely non-insulin-resistant PCOS (or Type II PCOS, sometimes also called post-pill PCOS.) I did have elevated testosterone as is typical in PCOS. I’m convinced the pill had all or most to do with this. Because of delayed ovulations, I took Clomid to get pregnant. Today I have three children (one is a set of twins), and cycles have FINALLY almost regulated after YEARS of natural/alternative treatment (mostly herbs/meds prescribed from alternative medicine doctors.)

  18. isabel says:

    Wow – this article, and the comments send me waves of relief.
    I was on BCP from 17-28 (11 years, eek!) and, I went off because my husband and I had nearly reached one year married, and thought it might be time to think about thinking about getting pregs. Sister literally was on BCP the same amount of time as I, and was ‘surprised’ when she was pregnant the month she got off of it. Everything’s great over there – she now has two kids, and regular periods, and it all was easy breezy. I thought it might be the same for me.
    It wasnt. It isn’t. I’ve been off for a year. I’ve had a small handful of periods. One of which was prompted by provera, and another that was technically not a period but a very early miscarriage. Debbie downer, right?
    Around new year, I had a period induced by Provera, because it had been about three months since the last naturally occuring period, and I then did my panel of bloodwork. It all came back normal. But my ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries. I am thin, and have no other symptoms of PCOS, so I still don’t really know whether I technically have the ‘syndrome.’
    I reached a point where the medical model would do nothing with me if I didn’t have that test where they pump the dye through your tubes. I’ve heard it’s pure hell, and decided that, still under 30, healthy, and at the time, less than a year out from BCP cessation, why not give the old bod one last shot to make good on her own.
    I have spent a small fortune on acupuncture. I have spent another small fortune on chinese herbal tonics. I won’t even mention the massages or spa services I indulge in to reduce that all important “stress level.”Still, periods come every 2-3 months if that. I cannot track ovulation because they cycles are so long and temps are all over the map. I’m keeping the dream alive at acupuncture, but at some point (soon) I think I have to give in and go for the dye test, as that’s the only way I can get Clomid prescribed to me, and I guess, have a fighting chance at the family my husband and I planned on.
    1)I feel like I am alone in this – no one else I know has routinely gone this long without periods
    2) I am probably not (thanks, gals)
    3) Someone really needs to counsel girls and women before they sign their reproductive life away for convenience, or regular cycles, clearer skin, or any other reason big pharma has convinced docs to push pills on us. I would have much rather dealt with any potential PCO issues when I was younger, than now.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Julie says:

      Isabel – I’m so curious as to what your status is now…it sounds like I’m headed down a similar path as you. I quit my BCP 7 months ago, tried Provera, tried Estrogen & Provera, and still no period. I’m 32, so I’m scared I waited too long to quit BCPs. My next step is to try acupuncture, and start talking to fertility specialists.
      And agreed – NOBODY warned me of post-pill amenorrhea…not my Ob/Gyns or my PCP. I had no idea it existed.

  19. Erin says:

    Um, I was on the pill for 2 years, got pregnant the month after I stopped, miscarried 2 or 3 months later, was back on the pill for 6 more months, got pregnant again the month after coming off, got back on the pill after an unsuccessful attempt at breastfeeding and the depo-pro shot, came off the pill again 2 years later, and was pregnant again in 4 months. Though our third pregnancy took longer to conceive, my cycle always came back with a vengeance immediately after stopping the pill.

  20. pamela says:

    I was on the pill for close to 7 years and came off in hopes of getting pregnant. I got my period a month after I stopped BC and thought I had it made. I got my period again the 2nd month and then skipped the third month. My doctor told me that was normal and she had me take provera. I got my period and then next month had it for a day if that and then the next month nothing.

    We are putting off ttc until the winter because my family surprised us with a huge family vacation in April so I don’t want to miss out, but I am worried that my cycle is going crazy! I am breaking out like I am 13 again. I think I am going to have to call my Dr. again…the joys of being a woman!

  21. Jennifer says:

    I was on various birth control pills for 11 years. When I stopped taking it to TTC, it took me 12 MONTHS to get a period on my own afterwards. I have now had 3 “normal” periods. I wish someone would have told me about this possible side effect….I was prepared for a few months but not a YEAR.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    How come no one has mentioned the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)??? Oh! Maybe because they don’t tell you about that either! I just learned about it when I wanted to get off of the BCP to get my body ready to conceive. Stopped taking the pill on May 4th, started withdraw bleeding on May 6th…. didn’t have another period and didn’t want to wait around for one so I ordered a fertility cleanse kit from http://www.naturalfertilityshop.com. I finally had a period on June 21st! In between ordering the kit, waiting for it to arrive and then using it I also ordered and read the MOST ENLIGHTENING and DETAILED and KNOWLEDGABLE book I have ever read on a women’s fertility cycle! I believe that EVERY woman should read it: “TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY”. Also in this book it tells you have to practice natural birth control with success! Also check out the website http://www.tcoyf.com
    Reply with any questions! I’ll gladly answer what I can from what I’ve learned!
    I’m so glad to have had a period and am still tracking temperatures and hope to try to conceive in the next month or two.

    1. Erin says:

      We are huge fans of that book! We’ve even written about it: https://fitbottomedgirls.com/2011/09/book-review-best-baby-making-books/

      Glad it’s helping you, too, and good luck!!


  23. Junie says:

    It is reassuring to read all your stories. I am experiencing the same; went off the pill 6 weeks ago thinking everything would be normal where not one or two but three doctors has told me within the past three years That going off the pill could mean pregnancy right away. NO ONE ever mentioned that it could take months or years to get my period back. Was also on pill on and off for ten years. I too am wondering if I have permanently harmed my body thaks to special interests in our government that keep harmful information from the hands of patients.

  24. Melanie Wilson says:

    I was also very unhappy to learn that birth control pills occasionally prevent implantation of a fertilized embryo. Even more likely, birth control pills increase your risk of breast cancer. I was not told either of these facts.

  25. Sarah says:

    What a relief to see I’m not alone!
    Went off the pill after taking it for 16 years (!!) continuously because we want to have kids and discovered how bad the pill was.
    I’m 36, no period at all for 11 months now.
    I was feeling very well on the pill, never felt any side effects. But 3 months after I stopped, I started to have lots of skin issues, probably candida overgrowth and other symptoms caused I think by a weaken immune system (because of hormonal change)
    – I tried 3 rounds of Provera for 10 days, no periods.
    – Tried weekly acupuncture sessions for 4 months + chinese herbs. Haven’t noticed any change (except for my wallet) but I’m convinced it would help in the longer term.
    – Tried Vitex supplements, and now taking a combo Vitex + Chaste tree berries. Does not seem to have any effects so far.
    – Eating a lot of good fats, I’m actually craving for avocados, tahini and nuts – which I eat in rather extreme high quantities (I don’t put on weight though), I just feel my body needs these fats.

    Recently found I have cysts in ovaries, but not really PCOS as my insulin is normal, and testosterone is even too low.
    I have a very healthy diet, exercise frequently but not too much.
    All my hormones levels came rather normal (slightly low), except testo very low.
    The only other symptom of PCOS is AMH a bit high. That makes my gyn thinks I have PCOS. But I’m convinced this has to do with the pill.
    It’s not supposed to be related, but latest smear showed cin3, i.e pre-cancerous cells and need urgent surgery.
    Previous smear the year before was totally fine. It’s apparently unusual.

    My gyn now thinks of putting me on Mirena to prevent endometriosis … whereas I want to have kids, and not another (painful) contraceptive for 5 years! And then what? I will be 41 and still under artificial hormones whereas I probably had 2 ovulations in my whole life (when I was teen)!!!

    Our conventional medicine really disappoints me. It’s just about putting a label on someone’s issues and giving the pharmaceutical product that will hide the symptoms the most. And not helping people to improve their health.

  26. alibar says:

    Well I know this is an old post but still, this is my experience. I had my daughter in 2009 and got the mirena fitted. Had it removed in jan 2011 and stuck to good ol’ condoms because hormones in bc send me crazy and i didnt have a regular partner then so it was fine for the odd time i did get lucky. April w013 i went on the combined pill and stopped taking it around a year later to have the non hormonal coil put in. Id had it before and it fell out and it fell out this time too and since it hurt to get it put in and obviously didnt like staying in my body i went back on the pill in mid 2014. Nov 2014 i had to switch to the mini pill because my blood pressure was high and they couldnt prescribe the combined pill when you have high bp. Anyway. April 2015 my partner and i decide to start ttc. 10 months later I still haven’t had a period. Ive been diagnosed with pcos now and im convinced the pill caused it as while i had no birth control or non hormonal birth control i had regukar periods. So from the coil falling out to stopping the pill it was about 9 months. 9 months on the pill has messed my vody up enough to not have periods for 10 months and counting. I’ll never take it again and am looking into the FAM for contraception if i need it in the future. Im beginning to feel i wont have to worry about it since even actively ttc doesnt appear to be possible!!

  27. Carolyn says:

    I was on the pill for 4 years. Went off at 24 years old and no period for two years. I had to see a fertility specialist and was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I had absolutely no trouble with monthly periods prior to pill. I had one doctor tell me after trying many fertility drugs that it was just not possible for me to have children. Well, I went to another doctor and many drugs later, pregnant with twins. About two years after they were born, my periods started up with a vengeance. Bled very heavy for many weeks,stop for a week, then start up again. I ended up needing a uterine ablation. I don’t know if the pill did this to my body, I will never know, but it seems suspicious to me

  28. trixie says:

    So, I just stopped BCP after 14ish years of tricyclic bcp. Majority was ortho tricyclen lo. I finally decided to stop and see what happens. So I’m 4 weeks in and, either suuuper light period or just spotting. Its somewhere in the middle and, having not read up on the subject before hand, was worried. I’m less worried having read all of your stories! Thanks! I now know this is fairly common and not a cause for concern (yet). My thyroid doc is happy I stopped and right now I’m not noticing any difference other than a weight loss of 4 pounds. (Yay!) so thank you all for your stories. Its always helpful to know you’re not alone. Good luck to all of you!

  29. Kaitlin says:

    I was on the pill for 12 years. Yasmin for 5 years, then Ortho-Tricyclin for a few months when I lost my insurance briefly, then back on Yasmin/Zarah for the last 6/7 years). I’m 28 now and my husband and I are ready to start trying to conceive. My doctor told me on avaerage it takes 3 months for your cycle to regulate after going off the pill, so I figured I’d go off the pill 3-4 months before we started trying. Before going on the pill I had regular 31 day cycles and I’m pretty healthy so I figured my cycles would be back to normal in 3 months. Not so.

    I stopped taking the pill on June 26th. I had my normal withdrawal bleed then started using ovulation test strips because I was curious if I would start ovulating again right away. I got positive tests on July 23rd & 24th (cycle day 27 & 28). I had some spotting on July 27 & 28th & freaked out that it was implantation bleeding & knew that my husband didn’t want to start trying until November so I stupidly started taking pills again. I had random spotting again on July 30, August 3rd & August 4th while on the pill. I thought that was odd & didn’t want to mess things up further so I stopped taking the pill after 9 days.

    I got my period the day after my last pill (August 6th). I bled for 8 days, almost twice as long as my usual withdrawal bleed. I had random spotting on August 16th & 17th then started using ovulation tests on August 20 (cycle day 15). I didn’t get a positive test until September 2nd. I had heavy spotting the next day (I’m thinking it may have been ovulation spotting). On September 10th I had spotting & wondered if it was implantation bleeding. But the spotting continued for 6 days! Then I finally got my period on September 16 but it was really light. So my first period off the pill ended up being a 41 day cycle.

    The next month I had a positive ovulation test on October 3rd. From the 12th to the 16th I spotted, then got my period on the 17th. Down to a 31 day cycle! I was so excited since that’s what my cycles were before going on the pill so I figured my body was regulating. But my period was really light & only lasted 3 days. I had spotting for 2 days afterward…

    I know right now you’re probably thinking, “ok, so what’s the problem?” The problem is that I haven’t had a positive ovulation test or period since then. I’m so confused because I thought my body was on track but clearly not as today is cycle day 68. It is so frustrating since my husband & I were planning to start trying to conceive in November but it’s obviously impossible without ovulation. It’s driving me crazy because I’m pretty sure I was ovulating before so I’m not sure if this is an annovulatory cycle or my body is taking extra long to build up my lining or what. I started taking prenatal vitamins in July & added a couple other supplements in September so I thought things would get better, not worse!

    I have a pre-conception appointment scheduled on January 4 so I’m hoping to get some answers then… I don’t have any symptoms of PCOS so I don’t think it’s that but I guess I won’t know for sure until I have some eats done. This is all so frustrating & exchausting & I also wish someone would have told me it could take longer to regulate. I’m approaching 5 months now & really hoping things are back on track by the 6 month mark, but I’m not too optimistic…

    I’m so glad there are other women that have gone through this that are willing to share their stories so I don’t feel so alone! Good luck to you all! <3

  30. Alice says:

    Hi Jenn and readers,
    I dont normally blog or respond to blogs but I really wanted to also add my voice to this. I’m one year post stopping birth control now (after 17 years on Diane 35ED for acne and birth control) and my cycle did not return. My fertility specialist thinks it never will. I’m now undergoing expensive IVF cycles to try to fall pregnant. And, even if we are lucky enough to have IVF children, I may never actually have a natural period again (and to be fair maybe that’s not all bad ha ha, but it’s damned expensive to try for kids until then).

    The reason I’m writing is that I had normal menstrual cycles from age 13 and I was also unaware that the pill could result in this. To be fair I do remember reading the fine print “side-effects” but I don’t recall if amenorrhoea was listed there. AND to be even more honest, I was so desperate to treat my acne that even knowing what I know now, I would have taken the pill anyway. It really worked absolute wonders for my acne and self esteem.

    However, had I realised this was possible for me I DO think I might have thought twice about taking the pill for so many years. I just want other women and girls to KNOW and be fully informed of this risk, even if it is very small.

    It also took a good friend of mine 9 months for her cycle to return. It really has made me wonder how accurately quantified the real rate of post pill ammenorhoea is in the population, and if age or time on the pill have more of an affect on this risk than is captured in studies. I also feel that information on HOW this happens is lacking; what is the usual pathology/underlying physiology or possible epigenetic contributors if any? How do other lifestyle factors contribute physiologically/molecularly to this (I’m a small person and love running, and I know too much exercise is contraindicated to fertility also)

    So overall my point is: the risk is there, in my case I may NEVER have a natural cycle again, so think ahead when planning to come off the pill to try for children (if that’s what you want) and if it takes longer than you’re comfortable with, just go to your doctor, and you’re not alone.