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Review: Prego-fit & Fabulous

Prego-Fit-DVDJust because I’m no longer pregnant and Jenn isn’t yet pregnant doesn’t mean that we want prenatal workout DVD reviews to go by the wayside. Luckily, my cousin Leslie is almost in her third trimester and was more than willing to be a DVD guinea pig. Leslie is due in October and has kept up with working out during her pregnancy, crediting reformer Pilates as the reason she hasn’t gone overboard with weight gain. (She’s also a stellar photographer if you’re in the Kansas City area!) She tried out Jillian Moriarty’s Prego-fit & fabulous workout DVD, which blends yoga, Pilates and pregnancy-specific breath work to help moms-to-be work up a sweat while getting plenty of relaxation. Here, Leslie answered my questions so your inquiring minds would know if it’s worth a try. Here are her thoughts!

Reader Review: Prego-fit & Fabulous Workout DVD

What did you love about it?
The instructor. She was very sweet and knowledgeable. I also liked the reassurance that I wasn’t going to be in positions to harm my baby.

What did you hate about it, if anything?
I didn’t hate anything about it. I think I get somewhat bored with the easy yoga moves and stretching, which it started out with, but it got more into strength and Pilates moves shortly. It was also an hour long, all of it good material, but I get bored after a while no matter what I’m doing!

Any moves that were particularly hard? Or particularly soothing?
The leg lifts, pulses and planks were hard, but that’s the part I liked the best—you can tell they are working. All of the stretches were soothing.

Did it offer anything new/fun/fresh/unique?
The instructor definitely made it about you and your baby, and it was fun to think about your baby while working out!

How was the instructor—did she give variations for ability level or for various trimesters? Was it easy to follow?
Yes, she gave different variations and you could always make it harder. All of the instruction was suitable for all trimesters; you are just supposed to do what you are comfortable with (and physically able!).

Would you recommend it to a friend?
Yes, a nice relaxing video. Good strength moves, too.

Who would this be a good fit for? Someone in her first trimester? Someone who has never really worked out? Someone who needs to relax? Someone who wants to sweat? 
This video would be a good fit for any trimester. I feel anyone could follow her instruction, even though I do feel like my previous Pilates and yoga terminology helped. Great for someone who wants to tone up without getting their heart rate too high and to stretch for relaxation.

Did you need any equipment?
The instructor had a small workout ball to squeeze between your legs. I used a small throw pillow, and it worked just fine. A pillow or couch cushion can be used for added comfort when doing floor exercises, but I never needed it.

Will you work the DVD into your pregnancy-workout rotation?
Yes, I will definitely do this one again.

Sounds like a solid prenatal workout—a little toughness, a little relaxation and some baby-bonding time. Thanks to fit mama Leslie for testing this one out for pregnant mamas everywhere! —Erin

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