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Ask the FBGs: What’s the Best Yoga DVD for Runners?

yoga for runners

Stretch it out with some yoga, runners! Credit: lululemon athletica

Today we’re featuring an Ask the FBGs post. This feature allows readers like you to ask the FBGs for advice. Nothing is off limits, although we do prefer that it’s fitness or nutrition related, so send your undying health questions to AsktheFBGs@fitbottomedgirls.com. You just might see them posted on the site in the future!

Hey FBG,

I am training again this summer for a half marathon in the fall. Last year I wanted to do yoga on my rest days and never made it happen. I’m looking for a good but short yoga DVD that I can do in the mornings.

I’m looking for stretching and more flexibility in the DVD. I tend to get very stiff on my rest days after all the running I’m doing. Last year by the end of training, I was doing around 6 to 8 miles for a regular run and 10 to 12 miles for a long run once a week, so something to help keep those muscles stretched out would be really nice.  Because I’m a working mom, the only time I have is early morning or late nights, so something that is under an hour is important, too. Any suggestions?



Dear Terra,

Oooh, good question. Yoga is such a great activity for those running long distances, and often, when you’re training for an event like a half marathon, your flexibility takes a backseat due to time, when really it’s the most important time for you to stay limber. (And I should know…I got injured!) So I commend you for being so proactive! We did some digging through our yoga workout DVD reviews and our own personal workout DVD collections to come up with a few titles that might fit the yoga-running bill!

1. Gentle Vinyasa Flow. This yoga DVD has two shorter sequences that consist of mainly stretching and are no-frills yoga routines that should be a nice complement to your running schedule.

2. Element: AM and PM Yoga for Beginners. Focused on stretching—with both a morning and evening option—this yoga DVD is also super-duper relaxing.

3. Hemalayaa Yoga for Everyone. This yoga DVD is relaxing, fun and a little goofy, which can be a nice break from all the long mileage!

4. Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Flexibility. We love Rodney Yee’s workout DVDs. Yes, you have to know a little about yoga before doing them, but once you know the yoga basics, you can’t go wrong with Rodney. Unfortunately, my favorite Rodney Yee DVD is no longer sold (it was 28 minutes of exactly what you’re looking for!), but this yoga DVD features 25 minutes of flowing power yoga and stretching that should be perfect in conjunction with running. It also features scenery of Joshua Tree National Park, so you can get some nature with your yoga.

5. element Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility. Both of the workouts in this DVD are pretty static (meaning you pretty much sit there most of the time) yet incredibly good for improving flexibility and de-stressing. With a 30-minute workout for stress relief and another for flexibility, you get two to chose from, too.

That definitely gives you a few titles to get started. Do let us know how it goes, and happy half-marathon training, Terra!

Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk (and a little stretch in the muscles, too!),


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